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[Such impudence.]

Michael called out a new weapon and grasped onto it tightly. Although its origins were unknown, the spear was made from an ancient metal. Just looking at it was enough for anyone to tell that it was a God-ranked artifact.

[The light that clads you. It is a mere coating that will peel off with a few scratches!]
"That's an interesting claim."

But what was more interesting was the God ranked artifact he was holding. It wasn't like he only had one God-ranked artifact despite being the God's deputy, and he was also the de-facto leader of the Four Great Archangels… Though, he did have to be cautious about the God ranked artifact's power…….

"Whoops. Why are you in such a rush…"

A spear of flames and a spear of metal clashed in midair. Like how Michael's fire didn't work against Yu IlHan, Yu IlHan's own fire was not 100% effective against an angel that manipulated fire. As a result, the first clash was a draw…… or so it seemed.

Michael was about to step back after exchanging light blows, but he found himself unable to take a step back, leading to a look of confusion. His could not withdraw his spear after the clash.

"What's wrong?"

From the outside, it looked like they were having a friendly conversation. Michael's expression stiffened fearfully.

[What did you do?]
"You think I'll tell you?"

When Yu IlHan pulled his flaming spear towards him, the metallic spear slid to his hands as well. This was not just any Epic or Chaos rank, but a God-ranked one! Michael couldn't let it be stolen and desperately pulled on it, and as a result, even his body was flung forward. Yu IlHan's cold and sharp kick hit him squarely on the chest.

[Critical Hit!]

[Lord Michael!]

If it was the lower existence Yu IlHan of before, he couldn't possibly deal any damage to Michael with a light kick, but right now he was a ruler-class being with a level that surpassed 500. With a single kick containing God Force, Michael's body was pushed across the air, and the God-ranked spear fell into Yu IlHan's hands.

[Do you think physically taking it away will make it yours?!!]
"Oh, this is a splendid spear. It inflicts the enemy with a wound that cannot be cured, and the wounds caused by this will never stop bleeding…… and the one that is acknowledged as master of this weapon can heal himself by injuring others. Isn't this quite the vicious weapon for an angel?"

Yu IlHan swung it a few times to read the records from it, and struck it into the Flamesoul Dragon body without hesitation. Was he trying to harm himself?
Michael was shocked at the scene, but became speechless the next moment. The God-ranked artifact was sucked into the armor while giving rise to ripples, as if it was being thrown into a pond.

[Yu, IlHan……?]

The next moment, the spear he was holding slightly changed in shape. The spear body became a little longer, and a special insignia was engraved on the blade. Michael immediately realized what this meant. He subconsciously groaned.

[No way…… it's not true. That cannot possibly happen.]


This time, it was Yu IlHan's turn. Without having to speak anything, Yumir roared out and flapped his wings,  giving rise to a volley of flames! The moment Yu IlHan 'wished' to be in front of the enemy, he appeared in front of the enemy.


With firm movements, Yu IlHan lashed out with his spear. Michael proved that he wasn't God's deputy for nothing and dodged before Yu IlHan could even reach him, but Yu IlHan's spear wasn't just a simple physical attack.


[The skill, Transcendent Trajectory, has become level 9.]

With numerous techniques fusing into one with the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory and the Great Cosmos-severing Spear as the foundation, it had reborn into a trajectory that surpassed cause and effect, space, and fate. That was why the name was 'Transcendent Trajectory'.
It was not avoidable by dodging, nor was it defensible by blocking, undetectable by sight, nor could it be heard by listening.

[Critical Hit!]
[Kuu…… Kugh!?]

The moment a line that only the Supreme can make, was drawn, A burst of white blood scattered from Michael's chest even though he was far away from Yu Ilhan.


[Don't tell me, you really copied the artifact…… It was what the LORD gave me!]
[Lord Michael!]

Raphael couldn't just stay still and used his power on him. The unparalleled ability of healing shrouded Michael. However, Yu IlHan only laughed.

[It's not stopping. Lord Michael's blood is…….]
[…… Kugh, obviously. The power of a God ranked artifact cannot be ignored by you, Raphael, or even me.]

Yu IlHan once again rushed towards Michael and swung his spear. Michael knew that it was useless to dodge, instead summoning another artifact to meet it head on, but the artifact was instantly crushed and another injury appeared on his body. Michael held back his groan, but Raphael couldn't endure anymore. A spear of wind appeared in his hands.

[Impudent being. How dare you covet the authority of Heaven just because you became a little stronger!]


Yumir cried along with Yu IlHan's intent. The wind generated from his body made the fire burning on Yu IlHan's armor stronger. The resonance between the two deepened, and the already gigantic spear became even more threatening.

[Raphael! Do not let your guard down!]


A devil, eh. It finally came to that. Yu IlHan made a bitter smile while watching Raphael who was flying with the help of wind and with his partially ripped wings. He really looked like a holy angel on God's orders, making him feel like he really was playing the role of a devil.

However, if he had to acquire the title of devil just because he wanted to become strong in order to survive.

He'll gladly take it.

[O Father, bless my every steps! Bestow me the power to defeat the devil!]

This was no time to think about anything. Yu IlHan gripped onto his spear in order to strike back.


However, someone appeared behind him just before he clashed with Raphael. It was none other than Keshein, the 1st Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army. However, Yu IlHan only slashed once. Though, in fact, he just didn't have the time to attack both forward and back.


Raphael clenched his teeth to block it, but Keshein made a smile of victory. It was worth it to come here! Weakening the Heaven's Army, and he shall become stronger! He felt like he could see the future filled with destruction and bliss.

[Critical Hit!]
[Critical Hit!]

It was a very precise moment, and everyone here knew of Keshein's strength, so it was no wonder that the higher existences there thought that Yu IlHan's rampage will finally come to a stop. However, the results betrayed all of their imaginations.

[K, ugh…….]

Even though there was only a single strike that swept through the air, there were two wounds. Raphael couldn't block Yu IlHan's spear and was shot away while spurting blood from his chest, while Keshein fell down before his claws could reach Yu IlHan's head as his neck was perforated multiple times before he could reach him. Yu IlHan's slash and piercing attacks were realized in two different directions at once.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have become level 525. 10 Strength, 5 Agility, 5 Health, 10 Magic increases.]
[The skill, Transcendent Trajectory, has become level 13.]

[Aah, how can-]

Yu IlHan didn't even listen to Raphael's final words and mercilessly struck his spear into his forehead. The spear pierced through his brain and that was it.

[You have earned experience.]

[You have become level 530. 8 Strength, 7 Agility, 5 Health, 5 Magic increases.]
[The skill, Declaration, has become level 19.]

The numerous higher existences residing in that world were momentarily awestruck, they didn't understand what had happened and just watched on with dumbfounded expressions. However, after Keshein and Raphael's corpses were sucked into Yu IlHan's inventory, they finally realized that the two had met their deaths.


"Well done, Mir."

The father and son exchanged smiles that didn't fit in this situation and praised each other, and this scene looked very out-of-place to the onlookers. In fact, it looked very vicious and fearful as well. They felt as if the entire world had been frozen and was broken into pieces.

[Even Keshein and Raphael were……]

[The 1st Battalion Commander of the Destruction Demon Army, was so easily…….]

Yu IlHan raised his head. While everyone retreated a step back in fear, only Michael, who had to witness the death of Raphael right in front of his eyes, despaired.

[It's as if, that being is…….]

Everyone was paying attention to Yu IlHan. However, their gazes were now fundamentally different from how they viewed him before.
Hostility from the angels and wrath from fallen angels, desire from the Destruction Demon Army and pleasure from the Garden of Sunset. The four specific emotions before had now changed to just one.

[We cannot do anything about that being.]
[We need to run. Run!]

It was a sense of admiration and a deep, overwhelming wave of horror.


[Why is Lord Satan only watching?]

[Retreat. We cannot get in his way.]

The Garden of Sunset and the Army of Brilliant Light were the first to move. The Garden of Sunset didn't participate in this seriously in the first place, and the Army of Brilliant Light immediately opted to retreat after seeing that Satan didn't react to this.

[Lord Michael.]
[Lord Michael!]

Michael raised his head a little after that. The angels scattered around the world had all come back and were looking at him. Yu IlHan was just watching him without attacking for some reason, and Michael knew precisely why he did so, which made him more angry.

However, despite that.

[……We will retreat.]
[Yes, sir.]

The angels all started disappearing as if they had waited for that order to come down. Even those fanatics realized the difference in power.
Michael watched as they all returned, and when he was the only one left, he finally raised his head to glare at Yu IlHan. Feeling the boiling mana inside him, Yu IlHan leaked out a laugh.

[The LORD shall punish you for your sins.]

[If such is the will of God. And according to the same will, you shall definitely die.]


Michael disappeared without giving an answer. Then, the ones left were Yu IlHan, Yumir and the remnants of the Destruction Demon Army forces.

"Why are you guys still here? Wanna fight even though you know you'll die? Well, I guess that's your raison d'être."

It was the next moment that a completely unexpected answer was given to him.

[Our boss wants to meet you!]


Yu IlHan had just finished off their 1st Battalion Commander Keshein, and a little before that, he had killed and revived Helièna into one of his subordinates. The leader of Destruction Demon Army shouldn't really like him that much. However, they did some really interesting things.

[He won't kill you! He won't fight you either!]

[He wants to play with you! He wants to play!]

Even though Yu IlHan had just awakened and became a transcender not long ago, the enemy was a super strong being who had surpassed the boundaries of a higher existence and transcended god knows how long ago before he did. If he just followed their invitation blindly like a lost sheep, he didn't know what sort of situation he would end up in. However, Yu IlHan just laughed and replied.

"Okay, let's go then!"

Yu IlHan was no idiot. He was thinking about just one thing right now.

-What kind of artifacts are there in Elo Katra?

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Now he can fight against the Four Great Archangels now! I'm emotional about IlHan's growth now!

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