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When enough time passed for the three of them to calm down, Kim YeSeul finally asked about her husband.

"And you couldn't find him?"

"That man, he even hid from his son. I had such a painful time while we were dating too……"

Kim YeSeul spoke in longing. Even though it was not an optimistic situation, she made Yu IlHan nervous as well.

"It should be fine. That man isn't one that would die somewhere unknown. He'll appear like nothing had happened once the seal on Earth is dispelled, so don't worry."

"Yes, let's do that. Though, I'm quite amazed that you can just return with me like that."

She had heard about the long period of time he had to spend on Earth, she had heard about the things he had experienced as well. However, despite that, she still could not believe the realm Yu IlHan was currently at. Kim YeSeul thought that that was the difference in talent.

"IlHan will open his way to being a higher existence soon, so you…… um, mother can also join the faction then!"
"It'll be great if that were so."

At that time, Yu IlHan looked back at Kim YeSeul and spoke.

"Mom, I do not think that there is a need for you to fight as well. Not all strong people have to fight, and I also became this strong while I fought for survival……"
"IlHan, mom can judge that much."

Kim YeSeul gave a smack on his forehead and spoke playfully.

"How can this mom be left out when her son is suffering? Son, you do your own thing. I'll just follow you all by myself."

Kim YeSeul's stubbornness was quite strong - to the point that Yu IlHan's own stubbornness could be said to come from her as well. He felt stifled because he couldn't express all his emotions that he wanted to put across to his mother, but Kim YeSeul even understood those feelings of his as well.

"I heard you've got a lot of friends now? I want to see them soon."
"Yes, they're all 'friends'."

Spoke Liera as if to declare. However, where did Yu IlHan's quick-wittedness come from? Kim YeSeul immediately realized the things Liera wanted to hide and her eyes glistened.

"Really? So there are more 'girls' that are 'still' 'friends' 'for now'?"

"My new child. My son is going to become an amazing man, and amazing people need more people to support him. Let's go see them. Quickly."

Liera became dejected and Kim YeSeul became delusional, while Yu IlHan put the three inside his range of his skill and activated Warp. As if they noticed their leaving, the spirits appeared by crossing through space.

[Our precious friend YeSeul. May you never come to this place again.]

[The movements of the Garden of Sunset are strange. They are those that can become allies, or enemies. However, they are more dangerous when they're allies than when they're enemies. Remember this.]
"My precious friends, I shall not forget you."

Kim YeSeul nodded her head deeply to the ones that were with her for perpetuity. The next moment, Yu IlHan's skill activated and moved the three to Earth.

"Ah, he's back!"
"Mr. IlHaaan!"

The ones that were waiting for Yu IlHan to come back reacted all at once. The most surprising was Na Yuna's, and the moment she noticed Kim YeSeul was with him, she immediately ran into her arms.

"Mother, I wanted to see you~!"

"Yes, I'm the second~!"

Kim YeSeul's forehead was filled with cold sweat after hearing Na YuNa's reply that contained not the slightest bit of hesitation.

"I didn't know that you'd admit it so openly without considering pride or whatnot. My son is really blessed."
"It's because he is capable!"

Na Yuna's body emitted a charming fragrance as she smiled flawlessly. It was not a perfume, but was a fragrance from condensed mana. Yu IlHan immediately realized.

"It seems like you really did get your 4th class in that short amount of time."
"Hehe, aren't I good?"

Na YuNa was currently filled with confidence. With acquiring 4th class, her status and skills would have changed dramatically, so it was not strange that she felt so high. Yu IlHan asked lightly to Na YuNa who was looking straight up to him after leaving Kim YeSeul's arm.

"Then what's your current level?"


The one with the most contribution after Yu IlHan in this war in Dareu was neither Liera nor Yumir but Na YuNa. She managed the two holy regions in the two fortresses and gave blessings to all the ones in the region - wide-area buff - and she was also the only one that was in a party with every one of those members.
The amount of experience she had earned was naturally the second largest after Yu IlHan, and now that she had acquired 4th class, she was now very close to level 280. She had not only acquire her subclass, but had an 80 level increase as well and the mana in her possession increased drastically, and her already strong holy power was now capable of surprising even higher existences.

"The people of Earth really aren't normal. The probability of IlHan and Na YuNa being born within the sme world must be absurd."

"But now, I'm going to deliver the punishment."

Na YuNa was bullied by Liera after exposing her desires. Everyone left the two alone. Liera's punishment was truly evil in the sense that the ones punished were in for an extreme amount of pain, but the two looked very close on the outside.

"I'm Erta. I have greeted you in another form once before, but right now, I'm a human as well."

"I don't get what you're saying."

Meanwhile, Erta properly introduced herself to Kim YeSeul. Unlike the foolish-looking Na YuNa, she acted very composed, but she could not deceive Kim YeSeul. She made a smile while looking at Erta's thick green eyes.

"Yes, please take care of me from now on."

"But I think I saw another angel before. Where is she now?"

Kim YeSeul's words made the atmosphere freeze for a little. Erta looked at Yu IlHan for a moment, and he nodded his head without hesitation. He could not hide things from his mother.

"She has died. She had different views from us, and after a fight…… Yu IlHan killed her."
"Oh my."

Erta's honest reply made Kim YeSeul unable to speak for a little. An otherwise insignificant
question had given her the worst possible answer.

"You may experience this a lot if you are with us. Yu IlHan is not the pure and naïve little child you think once he was. I think I should tell you this beforehand."
"……I know that much. He couldn't have saved all of these people if he lived so kindly."

Kim YeSeul looked at her son. She licked her lips as if to say something, and she ended up nodding her head.

"You cannot return to your current self once you die, son. Please remember that."

"Yes, that's fine."

The two ended their conversation here. In the world that was transformed into a mess, they could not live with the thoughts of a 21st century person. Right now, this should be fine.

"G, greetings! I'm master's loyal servant Ericia."

Ericia appeared as soon as the conversation ended. The silver ears on her head was folded politely, and looking at her, Kim YeSeul's eyes widened once again.

"Oh my, I'm not such a great person for all this politeness…"
"I'm His Majesty's……"

With Ericia as the beginning, Yu IlHan's companions and subordinates all nodded towards Kim YeSeul's head. Kim YeSeul could finally feel that her loner son had actually changed a lot. Of course, what surprised her the most was the Dragon's Army lead by Yumir.


"It's a pretty noona."

"My, my. So many cute little kids……"

Kim YeSeul knew that these were the last survivors of the children who were born after the Great Cataclysm, also known as newtypes, as she heard from Yu IlHan. So, she couldn't honestly be happy about this situation.
How many lives had been lost for them to stand here currently? How much pain and suffering was there? Just imagining it made her heart ache.

"Come here. Let me give you all a hug once."


However, she couldn't really cry when the children were in front of her were all smiling brightly. She hugged each and every one of the children that neared 8,000 in number, with a smile.

"Everyone is strong and feeling confident. Mir has tried his best."

"Of course, you did. As expected of my grandson."


The children rejoiced when they heard that she had the same blood as him and was embraced by Kim YeSeul. Yu IlHan watched that scene and was relieved on the inside.

Although they followed Yu IlHan and Yumir, the emotional qualities of the two could not be considered normal. Perhaps Kim YeSeul would be able to fill the void which was left in the children's hearts. He honestly wished that it would become as such.

"Sir Yu IlHan."

Leaving them to their touching moments, Kang HaJin checked with Yu IlHan.

"What are you planning to do now?"

"Uh…… I'm sorry to sound like I'm urging you to."
"It's fine. She's my friend as well. Though, I do want to make some equipment since I have a lot of materials to use……"

Yu IlHan checked the status of the Hourglass of Eternity in his inventory. Although a lot of things happened and felt like three months had passed since he last left the barrier, it hadn't even been ten days.

"I'll have plenty of time to do that in the Hourglass of Eternity. I now know that something disastrous may happen if I slack around, I'm planning to focus on the people now."

"I'm also thankful. You are the only conscient person in our team."
"So you do know that… Though, the 'sole conscience' does sound pretty sad……"

The two exchanged bitter smiles. Then, he turned around.

"Then should we depart then."
"I'm looking forward to MiRae's surprised face when we she sees us."

Yu IlHan headed to the mansion with big steps, but suddenly stopped midway. Liera, Na Yuna, Kang HaJin, the elves, the wolfkin, as well as the Dragon's Army and Kim YeSeul all focused their attention on him.

He spoke.

Before that, should we have a meal?"

Lanpas prospered with the development of magic, which was overwhelming compared to numerous other worlds. And at the center, Palladia, something that could be called landscape-changing was happening.

[You have achieved a miracle that all beings in the world cannot believe. You have pioneered a new realm of the Akashic Record, and has earned the qualifications to become a mage of the 4th class.]
[From now, you will pioneer the realm of mystery, unknown to anyone. No one knows what kind of place you will arrive at after you experience countless trials and difficulties. The god of magic bestows a blessing on you. All mana used in magic decreases by half, and once a month, you may recover all your consumed mana.]

"M, MiRae."

The empress of the empire, Irma An Ill'ta, spoke with a trembling voice. Despite her age nearing thirties, her face was flawless without a wrinkle, and was currently colored in shock, and looked as if she was ten years older.

"Just what did you do?"

A faint blue gate was floating on one side of the room. The one that made it, Kang MiRae, had glistening eyes as she let out a smile while speaking.

"It looks like I can go meet Mr. IlHan now."

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