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Na YuNa woke up in a great mood. The fatigue that had haunted her mind and body had completely disappeared, and as such, she was feeling very comfortable now.

Then, her mood rapidly dropped after seeing the woman next to her bed.

"Are you still feeling bad?"

The two pairs of wings which she used to be so proud of were nowhere to be seen, and she was wearing a light pink dress that glistened with a mysterious glow.

Na YuNa realized and accepted that Liera had become a lower existence.

"No, I took care of some intruders mid way."

"To beat up the Destruction Demon Army. He'll probably take care of the imperial army while he's at it."

"He said to protect me, didn't he?"

"How is Mr. IlHan in bed?"

Liera covered her mouth, but Na YuNa had already acquired the information she needed. She sighed while muttering.

"…….You really think fast."

"Then you still took his fir… first kiss even while knowing that!""

"Y, you….."

"I'm a lower existence now…… if you dare, I can beat you up."

As Na YuNa really had tears in her eyes, Liera became silent. However, Na YuNa realized that Liera was being considerate of her, so she wiped the tears off and laughed.



"It's a joke. I also don't like people who hate me. In fact, it hurts my pride too. So I'll stay still for now."

"I have something to do from now so please get out for a little. I'm going to pray to Lady Leytna to make you and Mr. IlHan break up."

[You guys get along well.]

"We're never going to break up so stop dreaming."

"You are so dead!"

If she could read the minds of Liera and Na YuNa who were playing around, she wouldn't think to that extent, but unfortunately, Mystic wasn't so mature yet.

"Oh, Miss YuNa. You were up."

"Mr. IlHan…….."

"Looks like your fatigue has been relieved. So the blessing of the goddess of beauty is OP after all."

He really was handsome. Perhaps the lense on her eyes had become thicker after longing for him so much, or perhaps Yu IlHan had really become handsome, but he really looked handsome right now.


"Hing~, you won't even let me look at him!"

"You and your nonsense again."

"Mr. IlHan, what is that in your hand?"

Yu IlHan nonchalantly replied and put his arm forward. There was a massive sword stuck on the chest, his two legs were

No, wait.


Due to the sudden present, Na YuNa became speechless, but Yu IlHan continued as if it was nothing.

The people of Elforce had to bid farewell to countless allies while fighting against the empire. Most of the civilians suffered and many died. Even if the war ended like this, they wouldn't be able to quench the thirst of the people. To quench their thirst, something at the level of the blood of the emperor would suffice.

Seeing Yu IlHan nonchalantly saying that, Na YuNa once again became speechless. The fact that he treated an emperor in charge of half the world, like he was nothing, gave her a feeling that he was seeing things beyond a lower existences' view.

"If the emperor is here, then what of the imperial army?"

Replied Yu IlHan. Na YuNa didn't dare to ask the details as she was afraid of the meaning behind 'taken care of'. Of course, Yu IlHan wouldn't have obliterated a million strong army… right? But if you thought back to his overwhelming appearance……

"I tied them all up so go check later."

Yu IlHan left the mansion with Na YuNa and Liera. On the perimeter of the Flying fortress, where the ground could be seen, Na YuNa did indeed find that the millions of soldiers belonging to the imperial army were all tied up and lined up in a long line. The one that was watching over them, was of course, Yumir in dragon form.

"This will be a historical moment in Breya."

Yu IlHan simply cancelled his concealment, broke through the imperial army, found the emperor, and beat the guy up senseless. During the entire process, no one could touch Yu IlHan, nor could anyone interfere with him.

"And after that, I told them to do as I say if they didn't want to die, and here we are."


"Pf, pfffffft."

"Do I have to do anything else for you? Miss Yuna?"

"There's a lot!?"

She really had the urge to pour kisses on Yu IlHan with all of her current emotions, but that was impossible with Liera here, so it was only unfortunate. She could even see Liera's arm muscles twitching, prepared to stop her at any moment.

"Shut up." (Liera)

[Humans really are interesting.]

Like that, the war that encompassed the entire world of Breya, had finished. The war did not end in the victory of Li Catriana, the country that caused this war, or Elforce, that stood up under the protection of the goddess of beauty, Leytna, but in the victory of a loner that intruded mid way in order to save a single woman.

The Flying fortress as well as Yu IlHan, who had appeared after Na YuNa had shown a miracle in the holy region, were acknowledged as a part of Leytna's power, or her avatar, or something else on that line to the believers of the church. This was no exception even to the imperial army that had lost, and now the entire continent was united under her name.

The problem was about who would take the throne of the united empire.

"Only you are worthy to take this crown in this world right now, YuNa."

"Even while passing on the chance to become the master of a world?"

The core personnel of Elforce, including the pope, judged that only Na YuNa, who caused the miracle of the holy region, as well as the one that called Yu IlHan here, was worthy of being the emperor, but Na YuNa didn't have any plans to stay in Breya any longer.

"No, IlHan doesn't need you either."


Na YuNa's blessing is very strong. The only one that could make Yu IlHan even stronger, when he had already escaped the limits of a lower existence, was Na YuNa. Now that Yu IlHan didn't know who he might fight against in the future, he would honestly have to beg her to come with him if she decided to stay as the empress.

"But I can't lie to her."

"But what are we supposed to do? Who else in this world can represent Lady Leytna other than you?"

"Your Holiness can do it."

"You were young last time."

Yu IlHan, who was listening this whole time, took out some 4th class magic stones out of the mountains he kept in his inventory, and made around 5 accessories on the spot and gave them to her.

"Thank you. But this should……. hm?"

"I think my body cells are recovering by the minute……"


Na YuNa smiled in satisfaction, and Liera also made a bitter smile, as if saying this was nothing new.

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