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"Why would she send a signal after 3 years? Does she know that there was progress between me and IlHan!? Phew, it's good that I've settled everything before it was too late….."
"Please cut your nonsense."

Yu IlHan ignored Liera who was wholeheartedly relieved, and spoke to Yumir and the 9,300 members of the Dragon's army.

"We're now going over to a world called Bretya. You guys may be able to fight there, or you can just rest the entire time."

"We can do anything!"

Yu IlHan thought that the children were too naïve. Of course, he was thankful that they obediently followed him, but there was a need to teach them logical decisions as well.

"Mir, tell them that they shouldn't follow other's words so obediently."

"It would be good if that were the case….."

If possible, he wanted to take action after equipping all of these children meticulously, and wanted to check up on their parents first……
But if Na YuNa had signalled him after all this time, then it had to be a big matter. There was no time for him to decide on priorities.

He just let Liera cling to him and spoke to the Dragon's army.

"The skill will soon activate. I'll have to do something to you guys beforehand so don't reject it."


In fact, he had already activated warp. That was because he remembered that it took a long time to activate when he used it once before. Since the skill's powers were very great, this kind of drawback was nothing.

Thanks to the Record skill, he had plenty of records in order to warp to Breya. So, the only problem was the magic stones needed to go travel between dimensions….

"I'm now going to accept you all as the members of my fleet."
"What's a fleet?"

Disregarding the Flying fortress that could leap dimensions with him as it was treated like his equipment, he would have to consume an astronomical number of magic stone to transfer all these members, but right now, that wasn't exactly the case. The 'Fleet command' skill he acquired by getting the Dimensional Traveller class enabled him to use no additional resources in leaping dimensions with his fleet members!

"Okay, I don't know what it is, but I'll do it!"

"But what do we call hero's dad?"
"Hero is our hero and master!"

The children's loyalty to Mir was at the level of faith. Yu IlHan also did not plan to control them in any way. Yumir was wise and was very thoughtful, so he would be able to lead the army well without his interference. He only needed to give an order to him.

And so, there was a perfect name for now.

"You can call me…… Captain!"

"Okay, Captain!"

As he had just acquired the class, it was impossible to accept all 9,300 members of the army as the fleet members. However, he somehow could accept 5,000 which was more than half of that, and this basically proved what kind of ridiculous class Dimensional traveller was.

"It looks like I'll have to spend magic stones for the remaining 4,300….."

"Yeah, not only does the cost go down massively thanks to the Dimensional Traveller effects…… I have loads of magic stones at hand."

Yu IlHan replied while letting Liera peek at the contents of the inventory. For a moment, Liera almost mistook that there was another world in his inventory. There was that much mana crammed inside it!"

"Quite a lot, no?"

Combining the magic stones he had gathered during the past three years on Earth, and the magic stones Yumir gave him, the number of magic stone he had acquired with Vanguard in total seemed to be insignificant. This was another side of the abnormal development speed of Earth.

"Well, it's nothing surprising when you think about it has given birth to a 6th class."
"I can see your legs trembling."

Liera had not seen so many magic stones in one place even when she was an angel. What if Yu IlHan really started to go to war with the higher existences? She became very afraid. Of course, that didn't mean she would back out!

"Wow, the castle is trembling!"
"Look at that, the outside is becoming foggy!"

At that time, the warp skill was finally completed. Yu IlHan checked that everyone on the Flying fortress was ready for the warp, and 'leaped' with a short shout.

"We're going!"

[Kugh, it really is an absurd power…….!]

At that moment, the Flying fortress, Liera, Yumir, the 5,000 members of the fleet, as well as the remaining 4,300 that took part in the warp by consuming magic stones all leaped dimensions with him!

Na YuNa decided to acknowledge that she was cornered.

"I should have realized when the priests start looking at me with eyes that became more lewd."

As she had expected, the emperor of Li Catriana, had immediately advanced his army to invade Elforce as soon as she rejected his proposal. Na YuNa, the pope, and Kang HaJin defended with their own army, and as Breya was a world where the Church of Leytna had the most power in, it was possible to block them somehow.

However, from some time onwards, the power of the church started stumbling. Rumors about the Holy maiden, Na YuNa, started spreading, and their faith in Leytna started shaking. They were prepared for the drop in faith as the war dragged out, but the drop felt too fast.

With their faith wavering, the army became weaker, and soon after, they were being pushed back by the imperial military. Numerous lands were conquered, and citizens that could not flee in time experienced difficulties. Na YuNa clenched her teeth and commanded the army, but the flag of victory had already gone over to Li Catriana's side.

Traitors emerged rapidly, and some of them even tried to ambush Na YuNa. As she didn't easily believe in anyone, she was able to prepare countermeasures, but if not for that, the war would have ended in the worst way possible.

The final strike was the 4th Great Cataclysm. The terrain of the continent changed, and countless new monsters emerged. Li Catriana controlled those exact monsters to wipe out the lands. It was at that point that she realized that the Destruction Demon Army was behind them.

With that, matters became clear. Wasn't there a history of the Destruction Demon Army joining hands with the Army of Brilliant Light just in order to acquire Na YuNa alone? This was merely an extension of that.

Na YuNa was isolated in Breya without being able to go back to Earth. The contract between the Heaven's Army and each of the worlds had lost its effect as well, and now that the people of Earth could be harmed by the residents, the Destruction Demon Army joined hands with the ruler of the empire.
The probably acted as if they would listen to any wishes of the emperor of Li Catriana…… but they would probably throw him out the moment they procured Na YuNa. To put things simply, the empire, Elforce, and Na YuNa too, were all playing on top of the Destruction Demon Army's palms. It really was a sigh-inducing matter.

"Sheesh, men are all perverts. Just how many worlds are being dragged into my matter? Why did God have to make me so pretty? Sheesh."
"YuNa. You really are as haughty as ever."

The army that believed in the goddess of beauty, Leytna, had currently retreated to the holy region that Yu IlHan had done reconstructions on before. It was also unknown how long the army could hold out for.

The number in the army had also decreased a lot as well. They had all betrayed her. The Destruction Demon Army shook their faiths and destroyed them, surfacing the deep desires of the people. If Elforce was destroyed like this, then this continent would really come to an era of chaos and destruction.

"And they'll do all sorts of lewd and dirty things to me. Like that ero-doujinshi, or that other ero-doujinshi!"
"A girl shouldn't say that."

The one that smacked her on the forehead while saying that was not Kang HaJin but an old lady.

"Hing, Your Holiness, even so….."

She was no ordinary old lady. Above her white hair was a crown made of holy stones that had red light floating around it. That was the symbol of the supreme authority, the pope, of the Church of Leytna. She was also a legendary beauty of the continent once, and also the one that saw Na YuNa's potential and made her into the next maiden.

Na YuNa asked while pouting at the pope that still had her calm in this situation.

"Is Your Holiness alright?"
"Well, I've lived as long as I need to. I'm just worried about you."

The pope's expression turned dark. She stroked Na YuNa's cheeks with her wrinkled hands, and asked in a small voice.

"YuNa, are you thinking of dying?"

She was seen through. Na YuNa tried to laugh it over, but that did not work on the pope. She spoke as if consoling her, in a worried voice.

"Although the things you will experience in the future will be very harsh and difficult…… you have to live on to do something. Survive, survive and endure, and you maybe able to meet the person you love someday."
"…….Your Holiness. I want to live my own life~."

Na YuNa barely responded after checking that there was no one around. Outside the tent, Kang HaJin and her bodyguards would be guarding them, but they would not be able to hear him.

"I do not want to give myself to them. My life would be over the moment I do. Even if I regain my freedom after a long time, I would probably not be the same me at that time…. I…… hate this. Thinking about how I'll meet Mr. IlHan at that time….. I'd rather die here and now."

So young. She was that pure, but that weak at the same time. However, the resolve in her eyes was unshakably strong, and the pope realized that the worst case scenario had arrived.

"Aren't you thinking about death too easily?"
"No, I've already thought over this. Now that I feel the power of god, I know that that's not the end. Although, although I won't be able to meet Mr. IlHan for a while if I die……"

The name that always popped out from her mouth from sometime onwards. Just hearing her voice that got slightly excited when mentioning her name, her feelings towards that person could be easily estimated.

"Even when you know that, you would……"
"However, I'm still going to kill even one more of those damned piggies if I have to!"

At that time, Na YuNa raised the tension and shouted. She realized that the enemy had arrived.
An aura of pink enveloped her body. The holy power was overwhelming as if the goddess of beauty, Leytna, had descended herself!

The tent opened, and the army centered around the holy region could be seen. Although the army of Elforce was less than 10,000 strong right now. They were all elites of at least 3rd class!

"HaJin-oppa, prepare to fight! Let's go kill them all!"
"Kugh, I'm preparing!"

Na YuNa's power that filled the region heightened the battle senses of all other paladins as well. Even though they were at an overwhelming disadvantage now, the reason why the army of Elforce could still endure was because of this.

"The Holy maiden is here! WE! SHALL NOT LOSE TO THOSE IMBECILES!!"

Unless Na YuNa stopped her holy powers, the paladins would not retreat. They all shouted courageously while holding their shields and spears against the army of the empire that proceeded to the region.

The pope exclaimed while looking at that scene. Even though she had easily lived over 200 years after she had become 4th class, Na YuNa's holy power eclipsed hers, despite being only 3rd class.

If she could become 4th class, or a higher existence?
Yes. She could not sacrifice her in a place like this. She placed her resolve.

"YuNa, run."

The pope stepped up. She was also emitting the holy power of Leytna, and amazingly, she was becoming younger as if she was turning back time, as she used her powers. She was emitting all the mana that she had stored using a special method for the past tens of years.

"I'll block all of them, so you run to a place where they cannot influence you."
"Your Holiness……?'

Seeing the figure that she had never seen before, Na YuNa became absent-minded. She, who already regained the figure of her mid twenties, had a younger voice as well.

"I'll show them that my beauty still hasn't died yet. They will probably be fooled too."

The pope placed the crown on her head on Na Yuna's head. The crown represented the church itself, at the same time being the best artifact within the church. The transference of possession happened naturally according to her intentions. The pope, who felt Na YuNa's eyes trembling, stepped forward with a small smile.

"Well, then, go on, YuNa!"

And at the moment the pope's words ended.
The final war for the Holy Maiden commenced.

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