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"Dad, Liera-noona looks like she likes you alot."
"Yeah, I know that too."

Hearing Yumir facing up to him, Yu IlHan touched his lips to check whether they were bloated right now. Yumir added with a bright smile.

"So dad likes Liera-noona too."

"So you don't like it, dad?"

"Un, okay."

The person in question, Liera had gone to sleep in satisfaction after the one-hour punishment. She looked like the king of beasts going to sleep after a satisfying hunt.

"So let's make your equipment first."

Yumir was now 4th class and was able to take dragon form. Of course, he was still a small dragon 20m in stature, and 7m in height, he would become bigger as time goes and as he levelled up. Making an equipment he could use while in dragon form would require a great deal of pondering.

"However, fortunately, we have the body of Chaos Will."

"In fact, it's not important whether this material stretches or shrinks. What's important about this material is not the physical interference, but the will and mana inside it, you only need to remember this."

Yu IlHan split the corpse of Chaos Will in exactly a half and put one half into his inventory and lifted up the other half. The scene of Yu IlHan's hands grabbing a shadow without a specific form was very marvelous to look at.

"This is a material that implements the will using mana as the medium."

The shadow was still minutely vibrating as if it was alive, and was constantly changing its appearance by receiving Yu IlHan's will, and Yu IlHan wielded that ability as if he was born with it. Yumir also vaguely grasped how to do it after looking at him using it.

"I think I'll be able to use it like my body if I get used to ti!"


If there was one unfortunate thing, it was that they were not in possession of a 5th class magic stone right now. However, with Yu IlHan's magic engineering ability, it was plenty possible for Yu IlHan to make it so that he would enhance it with a 4th class magic stone for now, and use a 5th class magic stone later to upgrade, so it wasn't really a problem at all.

"Eternal Flame."

The flame sleeping inside the Infernal dragon body awoke and flared up. Although Chaos Will was neither metal, or any other kind of material, fire was necessary in order to process it. To be exact, it needed the Eternal Flame which possesses its own sentience, unattainable through whatever means, and forever burning; to process it.

"You need to clean out all the impurities from here. You can do it, right?"

Eternal Flame burned up as if acknowledging. Then, it enlarged its size and enveloped the shadow. The shadow twisted as if resisting, but that did not last long. Everything fell quiet soon after, and it laid on the ground again like a dead fish.

"Did it die?"
"It was already dead. I only dusted off some insect-like things."

Although he was saying as if it was nothing, this would actually be a tedious process without the Eternal Flame, to be exact, Orochi and Yu IlHan would have an annoying time.

"So watch from now. And extend your hand when I say so, okay?"

Yu IlHan put the shadow down on the anvil before picking up his hammer. He applied powdered 4th class magic stones on his hammer, then he struck down with his mana and imparted his will, after a short, deep, breath.
At that moment, the shadow changed minutely, and Yu IlHan struck down several times in order to change the appearance and properties of that shadow little by little.

If Yu IlHan smithed using mana crafting when he was making the Infernal dragon body, this time, it was the opposite, he was applying mana crafting into the blacksmithing process!
It was a very profound and complex process, but Yu IlHan's movements did not contain a single speck of hesitation. He soon entered the focus mode that Liera liked so much.


Yumir obediently extended his hand after Yu IlHan said that. Yu IlHan grabbed his hand with his free hand. Yumir, who understood his dad's intentions, Yumir moved his mana and let it flow it towards Yu IlHan, which then Yu IlHan poured it into his hammer.

"I'm connecting you directly with this. Let's just call it 'link' for now."

He seemed to have liked that expression. Yumir repeated that word in his head and emitted a stronger and brighter mana. In fact, this was closer to a process of deleting the old user and registering a new one, but Yu IlHan decided not to mention that.

The shadow slowly changed in color; from a dark black that looked like it would never compromise with anything; to a bright-colored gold. That which kept its cloudy-form until now, started taking shape according to Yu IlHan's intentions.

"But it doesn't feel like an armor."

"No, it's fine. It's better for the body to be as light as possible."

In fact, the outer appearance of the armor no longer mattered. Just the Infernal dragon body Yu IlHan was wearing was closer to a very thin piece of clothing made of metal, that would make people wonder if it was really an armor. However, the defense of it was undeniably strong. This armor that will be given to Yumir was the same. No, perhaps it was more so.

The golden light brightened to the peak, and started to die down from a certain point, little by little. Yu IlHan let go of the hammer from some time, and started mana crafting by pulling Yumir's hand into the mountain of magic stone powder.

"Focus a little bit more."
"Got it."

Perhaps thanks to Yumir obediently following his dad's words, the process worked not long after. That which, was soft like silk, glowing faintly, and was breathing lightly by synchronizing with the owner, looked nothing like the murky shadow of before.

[Breath of Gold was completed.]

[Rank - Chaos]

[Durability - 3,500,000/3,500,000]

[Options -

2. Stores the user's mana and amplifies it and freely changes form. When in the shape of a weapon, half of the defense is converted to attack power.

4. 30% amplification in power of all Physical combat-category skills.

[An unfinished product with upgrades in mind. However, it still has shocking abilities.]

"Hmm, it's not enough after all?"

The absurdly high defense and durability proved that the materials Yu IlHan had used were better than any of those that he had used before.
However, did the options live up to Yu IlHan's expectations? - if you asked that question, then who knows. He would tilt his head. This meant that 4th class magic stones were not sufficient to bring out all the potential of a 6th class material.

"Amazing! So cool!"

Yu IlHan didn't really like the product, but Yumir was very shocked. Even though he had really high standards as he was only equipped with artifacts made by Yu IlHan until now, artifacts that raised his wind attribute resistance and attack power by 90% at the same time, was not something common.

"But this is still insufficient for Mir. I'll upgrade it as soon as we kill another 5th class, so bear with this for now."

Yumir immediately equipped Breath of Gold on the spot. Although it looked like he just had an extra layer of clothing on the outside, the difference in power would be more than 2 times with and without the armor.

"I feel so light!"

Yumir jumped a few times on the spot and immediately ran outside before taking his dragon form. The Breath of Gold also changed in form the moment he changed, and enveloped him comfortably to not hinder any of his movement, but also to protect him safely from any kind of attack.

[Dad, thank you!]
"It's good that you like it."

He still could recognize with a glance the expression that Yumir had even when he was in dragon form. His son's flawlessly pure smile made Yu IlHan smile as well.

This would probably still be insufficient to make up for his loneliness until now.
But now, things would change. He was sick and tired of being trapped or having to send people away. He would go look for them himself. He would regain what he had to, beat up those he had to, and fix anything he had to.

"To do that, I first."

Need to make equipment for Liera.

There was no need to touch on her spear since she got one that constantly became stronger, so a piece of clothing that can act as both weapon and armor like the one he made for Mir just now would do. And the perfect materials were in his possession right now.

"Well, then. These would be."

Yu IlHan pondered for a lot about the creation method, but the method he chose at the end was a simple one. Liera had two pairs of wings since she was 6th class, and thanks to that, it was possible to procure over 300 thousand feathers. With those at the foundations, and the blood and skin as the additives, he would be able to create a masterpiece!

"You're really going to make it!?"

However just as when Yu IlHan was about to start the crafting with the feathers laid on the floor, a clear and voice resounded from behind him. It was none other than LIera.

"When did you wake up?"
"It would be strange if I didn't when such a gigantic ball of mana is flapping outside like that."

Liera pointed his finger at Yumir who was having a blast outside. The Breath of Gold on his body received the mana of a dragon and was constantly changing. Seeing that, it made him wonder if that was really of Chaos rank.

"So the deficiency in mana is covered by Mir. Perhaps it might increase in rank without a magic stone. Dragons sure are amazing."

"Of course. I'm going to make a splendid one even if all that it can do for me is to make me escape 'punishment'."

In fact, the 'punishment' was one that was at the boundaries of a punishment and a reward. Of course, if he was honest about this, Liera would go haywire so he didn't say it.

"I thought you'd add some other 5th class materials."
"By 6th class, adding others would instead lower the quality. Mir's was the same, and yours as well."

Just how was he going to make something out of feathers, blood and skin? Liera tilted her head, but Yu IlHan did not stop his movements. He first separated the barbs from the shaft, and put the shaft along with the dead skin and processed the barbs into threads.

"Whoa? How did you do that!?"

Ignoring Liera who was shocked and watching the unbelievable scene with her eyes wide open she, he kicked the process up a notch. Like the time he made Yumir's, he had ground several 4th class magic stones and applied it on the threads, and started creating clothes by using mana!

"Although the end product might slightly drop in rank since this is not blacksmithing, it should be fine I guess. Magic engineering will do something about it!"
"Uaaaaaa, the mana is being amplified! Just what the heck are you doing to it!"

The endless ball of string was being reborn into a clean piece of clothing. Just what else could Yu IlHan not do other than communication?

As Yu IlHan was completely aware of Liera's body figure, he soon finished making a battle dress of pure white. It was a dress that had both elegance and grace despite not putting any parts that would hinder her movement in battle!

"Wow, woooow."

Liera's two eyes, which were filled with shock and confusion until just a moment ago, were now filled with starlight. Her two hands twitching implied that she was about to assault Yu IlHan at any moment.


Although it was a happy thing that she was happy with the item he had made, and would like to express that through actions…… Yu IlHan shook her off with a bitter smile.

"This is just the start so don't hurry so much."

He next ground the feather shafts and dead skin into fine powder, and mixed that with magic stone powder and the blood. Looking at the glistening crystals inside the pure white blood, it was as if looking at a pearl paint.

"Uu, this really feels strange……"
"Just watch, you'll change your mind soon."

He picked up a brush and applied the paint on the dress. And marvelously, the paint smeared into the dress as if they were one in the first place. With more and more strokes of the brush, the dress colored in light pink and started glowing brightly.

"I'm going to commence the link right now."
"Uh, okay."

Liera was pressured by the aura of Yu IlHan's work and obediently extended her hand. Although she had fallen to 4th class, she was still at the peak level of 299. Her overwhelming possession of mana flowed to Yu IlHan through her hands, and was poured into the dress according to his control.

It was at that moment that a situation they did not expect, had occurred.

[They…… lo…… sacred……]

Just as Liera's two red eyes seem to emit light, faint pink light poured down into the workshop!

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