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After the situation was completely cleaned up, Yu IlHan and Liera first returned to the Flying fortress. Mystic was still slightly annoyed, but he ignored her.

But when he was coming back with Liera in his arms, Yu IlHan thought up of one thing; that Liera was not 'Liera' anymore.

"Then what do I call you now?"
"It doesn't matter what you call me. In fact, I'd like any name if it's from you."

Whatever he asked now, he would get an answer like this. Yu IlHan asked with a bitter smile.

"The name you used when you were human…… wait, you were human, right?"
"Yeah, although there are quite a few angels who weren't human before, I was a human. But, hmm."

She decided to be honest.

"I don't remember my name from back when I was still a human. So isn't my current name fine? Or should I go back to Lita?"


Yu IlHan first pushed Liera into the path as he was afraid of speaking a single word to her due to her emission of near infinite optimism energy.
She had experienced a huge scale healing from her heart to her skin, as she had fallen from 6th class to 4th, there was no way there was no damage to her body. What she needed right now was none other than rest. This was an opinion from the Resting meister Yu IlHan, so it was definitely correct.



Liera splashed the water and pouted but Yu IlHan ignored her. In fact, his biggest worry right now was that he was unsure what would happen if he approached her now.


She pouted both her cheeks but eventually soaked back in the water while staring at him. Her light pink lips, half above the water, spat out insults.

"Stingy, coward, erectile dysfunction……"
"Not the last one!"

Leaving Liera alone, Yu IlHan left and finally calmed down with a deep breath.


There should be a limit to how chaotic the situation is turning out. He was about to faint from headaches. He was surprised that he still held out.

[I was about to die from the cringeyness. You learned all of that from books right? Right?]
[You tried.]

While Mystic was trying to tease him using any means, only Orochi consoled him with a short and stiff voice. Perhaps he understood him because he was male? Yu IlHan laughed and tapped on the Infernal dragon body twice.
In any case, he had calmed down now. He finally felt his heart, that was beating loudly and quickly from the moment Liera went to battle, coming down to the normal rate.

"Well, then."

It was time to check the records that he didn't have a chance to look over during the battle, and due to Liera.

The start and the most important point of this change, was the evolution of the Language skill into the Record skill. In fact, it was a skill that was completely different from Yu IlHan's expectations, and to explain it in short terms, it was a skill that allowed him to understand himself and the world in the viewpoint of the Akashic Record.

If other people understood and acquired a portion of the record by defeating a monster, then he would acquire the whole thing. If others had to train with and use an item for hundreds of days to understand it, then for him, it would be enough with a swing or two.

It was not strange for all his experienced earned, and all his skill proficiency to leap by two times. It was also natural for the critical hit rate to increase against enemies he had fought before.

This skill was just that kind of a skill; since he had learned the language of all the worlds, he was now at the start line of understanding the language of the Akashic Record.

"In other words, it's OP."

[It's so OP.] (Mystic)

Declared Yu IlHan. Orochi and Mystic agreed with him.

This skill was more OP than any one of his skills he had learned and used until now. What was the one most relied-upon target after the Great Cataclysm? Wasn't it the Akashic Record? Even higher existences were being swung around by this absolute, unchanging law. But he could now understand how it worked!
Would anyone else have learned this skill? Probably, yes. Perhaps the leader of each higher existence factions have learned this skill.

'And that means they became stronger through this skill.'

He newly felt that he still had a long way to go. No matter how strong he felt he had became, he was still merely 4th class. No matter how much ability he had, he still could not defeat those in the far away realm, at least not yet.

'Although, I would not need to touch them if they don't try to kill me……'

Although it was annoying to say, at this rate, he had too high chances of being being involved with them. Yu IlHan inwardly resolved himself. At least he had a good start!

He would keep running forward. Like the elementary school athletic meet marathon that he finished despite no one looking at him. Ah, to think back, his dad was cheering for him!

In any case, his understanding of other skills leaped the moment he acquired he gained the Record skill, and as a result, instantly mastered Blaze. The blessing of the goddess of fire was given to him as if it was waiting for that moment.
The mastery of Blaze enabled him to wield all flames freely, and the blessing of the goddess of fire gave him 50% increase in fire attribute resistance and attack, as well as increasing the league of all his fire-related skills.

It was a 'hot' skill alright, as expected of a goddess. Unlike the blessing of the god of smithing, where he only gained a tinge of grey on his hair, this time, his eyes were dyed in red like fire. Of course, only when he was wielding fire using mana.

With both Blaze mastered and received the blessing of the goddess of fire, he was immediately able to proceed to 4th class. So, Yu IlHan had suppressed his heart to go save Liera immediately, and proceed to his 4th class on the spot.

Advancement to Hell Bringer from Blazing Reaper. He thought that it would be an advanced version of his classes until now, but it was a complete mistake. If Blazing Reaper was an assassin with maximized attack, Hell Bringer was an exterminator with assassination skills.

[You have become Hell Bringer. Concealment increases by 50%, and fire attribute resistance and attack power increases by 50%. You are invulnerable to surprise attacks. You are immune to all curses and poison.]

His stat increases from his Blazing Reaper days were: 20% increase in concealment, 20% increase in fire attribute resistance and attack, 40% increase in attack power in surprise attacks, as well as 30% increase in attack power against life forms. Perhaps, it could be said that his abilities were reduced by acquiring the class.

However, to him, 30% additional increase in concealment, his strongest ability, was a bigger plus than him than the surprise attack power. It was also the same with fire attribute resistance and attack power that composed a very large portion of his attacks.
To sum up, it could be said that he had thrown away all the minor supportive stats, and maximized his advantages. Yu IlHan was satisfied with that. He could choose a more variety of battle tactics than before when he had to end all battles with a surprise attack.

Invulnerability to surprise attacks should be from the title 'Untouchable', and immunity to curse and poison should be from the two resistance skills. Somehow, he became a monster that could not really be called a 'lower existence' any more.

With him acquiring 4th class, all the experience he had gained until now were all calculated as well, and perhaps due to acquiring the whole experience of a 6th class at the last minute, his level had become 270. This was an overwhelming difference to when he had finished his 3rd class advancement!

However, this was acceptable as well, since at that time, he had killed a little more than 1,000 4th class dragons, and a few tens of thousands of 3rd class dragons, but this time, not only had he wiped out all the monsters that appeared on Earth for 3 years, he also killed 5th class monsters and even a 6th class! Moreover, he had killed the 6th class Chaos Will when his Record skill was active, and that overwhelming amount of experience had doubled.
Considering that, it was strange that he wasn't level 299 immediately, but if he told Erta that, then she would retort that he was a damn thief. Yu IlHan was satisfied with just this much.

There were two other changes, and it was that like the angels had predicted, the skills that required him to master for 4th class - namely, Blaze, Deathgod, Death collector, Soul enchant, Transcendent regeneration, Extreme poison resistance, and Higher curse resistance - had all fused to become the skill, 'Falling down'.

[You have acquired the skill, Falling down. This skill entraps a certain region of space using Blaze according to level. All enemies drop by a league in this region, and are constantly bound and damaged by flames containing the power of souls, curses, and poison. In this region, the user's recoverability increases by 500%, and the region's power increases by 5% whenever an enemy is killed. It will not work against enemies at a realm too high above the user, but that may change according to the skill's growth. The skill uses 70% of the entire mana pool to activate, and 3% more to maintain each minute.]

Truly a suitable skill to a Hell Bringer that wrought the wrath of hell upon the lands! The point where his recoverability increased the more enemies he killed made Yu IlHan like it more.
This was a skill that was even hard to find among higher existences, not to mention lower ones. Everything that Yu IlHan had gained in his path until now were in this one skill.

And the final one was the fusion skill of Superhuman strength and Critical hit. Although he had vaguely predicted the others, he didn't have the slightest clue about these two!
In fact, Yu IlHan had almost given up on the fusion evolution of these two skills since he didn't know the conditions no matter what he did after mastering them, but strangely,the moment he became 4th class, the fusion requirements were enabled. So, he hypothesized that skill evolution didn't just require understanding of the skills and magic stone, but also the league of the user.

Anyway, the skill he had acquired after fusing those two were very simple.

[You have acquired the skill, God Force. Muscular strength increases by 300% at level 1. It puts an enormous strain on the body, so you may require months of recuperation once used.]

How simple compared to all the incomprehensible and hard to use skills! However, people said the simplest were the most frightening, and the power behind the God Force skill was very frightening indeed.
Muscular strength referred to the strength stat, and an increase of the strength stat by 3 can mean that his level would increase by a certain amount during that time. This was also a skill unsuited to lower existences.

Of course, like the warning on the skill, the penalties were frightening as well. Even though he had the Transcendent regeneration skill, he would have to stay in bed for at least 3 days once he used it.
Although this was plenty absurd since months became 3 days, it could be said that it was very hard to use in real battle.

That is, if he didn't have the Falling down skill.

Yes. His recoverability increases by 500% within that area, and using Transcendent regeneration inside would allow him to use God Force without any side effects. Skill combo referred to this!

[So OP.]

[Are you trying to conquer the Earth alone?]
"Oh, that sounds annoying, so, no."

Yu IlHan called out his status on this retina and checked it A string of words emitting enormous force could be seen.

[Yu IlHan(Human)]

[Sub Class - Angel's Partner, Dragon Rider]

[Strength - 546 Agility - 475 Health - 387 Magic - 554]

[Passive skills - Angel's protection, Dragon-man resonance lv 87, Physical combat mastery lv max, Blunt weapon mastery lv max, Sword mastery lv max, Whip mastery lv max, Dismantling lv max, Blacksmithing lv max, Record(language) lv 2, Magic engineering lv 99, Excavation lv 99, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory(spear mastery) lv 94, Absolute accuracy(throwing, shooting) lv 96, cooking lv 97]


Yu IlHan nodded in satisfaction.

"Not long until higher existence."

"I don't want to hear from you who was born a higher existence."

To the him right now, the only problem he had was that the mana consumption of the Falling down skill was very high, even though it would be the core of his battles. And about that, he had no choice but to put his effort into increasing the duration somehow. Increasing the skill level would be one method, but……

"That would take a long time, and for now I can……"

Make accessories out of the remains of higher existences to increase the mana efficiency. That was the biggest candidate. No, if this went well, it might as well solve the entire problem.

"I'll put this to work immediately."



"Uhaaaaaahk! Kergh!"

That was Yu IlHan's limit. With the continuous provocation from Mystic, Yu IlHan, who awoke to the embarrassment started rolling around the mansion at speeds that far surpassed sungdaein bolt's previous records! Mystic, who finally produced the scene she wanted, spoke in a very satisfied voice.

[Master, since you're rolling, wrap some rags around you and roll around the dirty corridors.]
[Such a cruel building….] (Orochi)

Orochi sympathized with his master, but did not say anymore. He knew of Mystic's frustration well.

But mid way through his rolling, Yu IlHan abruptly stood up. He felt a giant ripple of mana, and instantly realized what that meant.


It seems she had realized as well. Liera left the bath and was running outside.

"The dungeon! That dungeon!"
"I know. the dungeon where Mir and the other children were trapped….."

How could he not think of this? The master of the dungeon had disappeared, so it was a natural process for the dungeon to disappear!
Mir and the other children would be liberated with this, and not only that, the perverted demons would be put in the same situation! Although it was fortunate that there were no humans on Earth right now, he had to move right now in order to prevent the annoying stuff from occurring later.

"IlHan, let's go! Let's go quickly!"
"Yes, we need to hurry! But before that, Liera."

Yu IlHan spoke in a serious and strict tone.

"Put on some clothes."

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