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Unfortunately, he was unable to acquire a thought-soul from the 5th class werewolf. Mastering Death collector didn’t mean he could acquire the thought-soul of every existence he killed, so it wasn’t particularly surprising.

Just that, its remains were in much better shape compared to Mystic’s.

“Wow, I gave it my blood and the hole on its heart is closing.”

[It won’t come back to life and attack us or something, right……?]

Ignoring Mystic and Liera’s retorts, Yu IlHan focused on restoring the remains to a perfect state. Just piecing the cross-sections together and dripping Yu IlHan’s blood, which was full of rest energy, onto the wound before activating Transcendent regeneration did the job!

Although there was his blood to help the recovery, there was also the mana left in the dead body that reacted to his blood and restored the body to its best condition. Seeing that, Yu IlHan found it absurd. Just how much of a recovering ability one had to have in order to do that? It looked like ‘that guy’ thought about this a lot after Mystic’s vain death.

“It would have been hard if I couldn’t kill it with a surprise attack.”

“Something similar.”

“But I can’t do it now.”

The reason was, of course, because there was no 5th class magic stone on this thing. Yu IlHan checked on the state of the remains once again, before putting it inside his inventory. No matter how active the mana was, it was still a corpse, so he could store it in his inventory.

“This is the start. Mystic, resume working once the repairs are finished.”

“I should take a bath since I sweated a lot.”


However, Yu IlHan was still in his armor when he was going inside the Giant Bucket, Liera pouted at that, but he pretended to not see her. This was a process to heighten his sync with the armor, and bathing like this didn’t have any drawbacks. In fact, he felt even better because of the resonance.

[You’re really……]


She said it was ‘nothing’ but Liera still seemed to be unsatisfied, Yu IlHan snorted and fell into his thoughts.

If the first 5th class being that appeared on Earth, Mystic, had a lot of experimental characteristics, the second one moved in a way to prevent the situation similar to how she was killed. Covering up the weakness and bringing out better products one after the other, almost as if Yu IlHan was being used to test experimental subjects.
If ‘that guy’ still had the power to make 5th class beings, in other words, tweak Earth in a way to his liking, then what would the next one be like? And the next? And the one after that?

‘And finally…….’

Would he come out himself? Yu IlHan laughed after thinking about that.

He would not stay passive like this. As loners didn’t receive much stimulus from others normally, they were very sensitive to them. Since this guy had made Yu IlHan so annoyed and tired like this, he would make that guy pay the price.

The problem was the time. As of now, he didn’t have the confidence to win against that guy, so he had to get his 4th class as soon as possible, but leaving aside if that guy would be willing to wait until he becomes 4th class, he didn’t even know how much time he would take in order to get his 4th class.

Yu IlHan himself had no problem. He was used to living alone, but he wasn’t alone right now either. The problem was his relatives. He was worried about his father, his mother, Kang MiRae who went to Lanpas, and Na YuNa who stole his lips before running away, but above all……

‘Mir is the one I’m most worried about.’

Not to mention the Rule skill, his senses as a Dragon rider was telling him that Mir was definitely safe. Although it was like that, he didn’t know what he was doing in what kind of situation, so that was why he was worried.

In these past 2 years, he was growing even faster than when he was trapped in an Abandoned World with Kang MiRae and Na YuNa. He had long since become 4th class. Perhaps by counting levels alone, he was the highest among Yu IlHan’s subordinates, even when including Flemir. This was despite the fact that his other subordinates were growing at abnormal speeds as well!

It was definitely good news that he was developing. However, growing fast meant that he was in an environment that was just as dangerous.
The path Yu IlHan had taken until now was also like that. A path where his life would be forfeit due to a moment’s mistake. Yu IlHan was worried that Yumir would be adventurous and imitate his actions and something would go wrong somewhere. If Liera knew what he was thinking, she would probably tell him to mind his own business!


Feeling the hot water that washed his body underneath the armor, Yu IlHan leaned back on the Bucket and closed his eyes. Liera was grumbling on his side, Mystic was shouting while moving the Flying fortress, and he could feel the resonance with Orochi. Hearing all of that, he thought up of Yumir.
He should have grown since he’s 4th class now. However, as he was still young, he wouldn’t have become an adult. No, he wished that he wasn’t an adult yet. At that time, Yu IlHan would be disappointed.

‘I’ll go looking for you soon. Please hold out until then, even if you have to do it alone.’

[IlHan, are you sleeping?]

[Tch, stingy.]

It was good that he wasn’t alone, but perhaps she could give him more time to think about this… Yu IlHan sighed and pushed Liera’s face away with his left hand.

One thing that was sure, was that it was too early, whether to meet the guy that was behind all this, or to find Yumir. He had to become a little stronger first. A little…. much. A lot, overwhelmingly strong. At least to the point he could become comfortable after getting rid of everyone and everything that anooyed him.

“And when would that be…..?”

However, no matter how hard he tried to hold it, time would flow. The greedy Yu IlHan wished that he could grab onto everything that he wanted to, in that flow of time.

Meanwhile, the one he was worried about the most, Yumir was now educating the children for real.


“Hhp! Haap!”

In front of him were thousands of children emitting flames. From palms, from mouths, from heads, from foot, from fists, from mid-air – there was a lot of media, but they were all flames. They were all very strong considering the age of these children!

“No, it’s still too weak.”

However, Yumir’s standards were very high. The children that became dejected at his words complained to him.

“But we can’t be strong like the hero!”

“We can’t kill that monster no matter what!”

Yumir wanted the children to become stronger faster, and the children were hitting realistic limits and were suffering. What was interesting was that no matter how they said it was impossible, their limitations were heightened as they ate the blood and flesh of these demons, acquiring potential to become stronger yet again.

And in truth, some of these children succeeded in making stronger flames.

“Ah, I did it.”

“I can’t do that!”

However, Yumir only became stricter as time went. The children also tried to catch up to him by following his guidance, and although they were much slower than Yumir’s expectations, they were still growing.

“Next is the electric wielding kids.”

“No, because it’s childish.”

Perhaps the environment affected them, as after two years of eating the demons, they could wield mana attributed to lightning, wind, ice, fire, and vibration and other special attributes. The fact that they acquired abilities that they didn’t have when they were 2nd class, meant that they were now 3rd class.

No matter how effective childhood education was, some people should have realized that something was strange after seeing kids as young as 3 years old, and maximum 6 year old at over level 100, but those ‘some people’ didn’t exist here, and of coursen, Yumir and the other children did not care about that either.

“Yes, yes, then. Thunder Knights, ugh, why do I have to be the one that’s embarrassed?”

“You have a lot more members than the other teams, so your first objective is to kill the vibrating monster by attacking with lightning all at once.”
“That’s impossible!”

Yumir divided the children according to their attributes, and divided them again according to their personality or characteristics to move them more efficiently. No matter how weak they were, using thousands of similar attacks on one target would be devastating.

The children trained under Yumir could deal a significant strike to the demons right now. That was because Yumir, who was a dragon that referred to as the lord of mana, was controlling their mana to enhance their powers.
Yumir, who originally had the capability to control other’s mana, but ended up being born under the loner Yu IlHan, could finally find a path to become stronger as a dragon by leading the children.

Yumir was wishing for the children to become able to kill one of the demons on their own later, and the children couldn’t even imagine a situation where they had to fight one without Yumir around.

“We don’t know until when this situation will continue so you need to become stronger.”

“Stiffer than the monsters.”

The youngest one among the army of children was about two years and two months old, and on the outside, that child looked like a ten year old. Their vocabulary was still very weak, but that was still absurd considering their age. Really, they were developing into an army of superhumans, like the word ‘newtypes’.


After Yumir finished checking the growth of the Thunder Knights and was distributing the blood and flesh of the lightning-wielding demon, a scout came from far away and stood in front of him. This was a child that wielded wind.
The children that became to wield wind like Yumir, could receive teachings from him directly and had more destructive power and speed than the others.

“Four monsters!”
“Four of them? Uhmmmmmm, that’s a lot.”

Time passed, and there were changes on the action patterns of the demons. Until now, they weren’t bothered to group up if Yumir and the children didn’t cause a fuss, but now that they were being massacred repeatedly, they refrained from individual action and now acted in groups!

“That’s too much, don’t we have to run away?”

“There’s a lot but this may be a good opportunity.”

Said Yumir suddenly. The children instinctively understood what his words meant and looked at him.

“We fight.”

“We fight.”

Repeated Yumir. After becoming 4th class, Yumir now had an appearance of a 15 year old boy, and one so beautiful that anyone would turn back to look at him once they met him on the street. The army of children was something like Yumir’s fan club, so they couldn’t really refuse when he smiled so honestly like that.

“You can do it like? I’ll let you run away if it seems like you’ll die.”


Declared Yumir. THe children sighed but they couldn’t help it. They were not playing around right now, but were competing for survival, and in this competition, Yumir’s judgement was correct.

“Let’s minimize the casualties. Let’s all survive if possible.”
“Guys, pack up the tools!”

They didn’t only eat the flesh of the demons during the past years. Among the children, there were some who had potential as a blacksmith, and although they had to go through countless trial and error, with super-high grade materials and overflowing amount of 4th class magic stones, they could make decent equipment.

The children were equipped with odd looking, but sturdy-as-hell armor, and though twisted, sharp-as hell weapons, and lined up according to their armies. In the past two years, the total number of children that survived thanks to Yumir was 9,300. As they had gathered in a speed that was unfit for their ages, they even emitted a pressuring aura.

“Good, then.”

The commander of the army, Yumir, turned towards the front. On his fist was the gauntlet that Yu IlHan had made, glowing as ever.

“Let’s depart.”

This was the second time the hell dungeon was met with a crisis of being obliterated, after being obliterated by Yu IlHan years before.

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Here's Mir's story for once. I'm pretty sure it will happen in this arc.

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