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“This thing is not for sale.”

[40 Magic? That’s 8 levels worth of stats. It’s the same as your level being increased by 8 for 30 minutes. Don’t even get me started on how absurd such a thing is.] (Erta)

In fact, for Yu IlHan, the effect was increased to 75 magic for one hour, due to the increase of his Cooking skill to level 90, and the effects of the cookie increased accordingly, but he decided not to say it. Instead, he kept on baking cookies.

[Shouldn’t you look into how such a magic reaction happened first?] (Spiera)

[The only hypothesis is that Breath, made of dragon blood, must have resonated again using the cookie dough as the media, with the Giant Bucket. As you know, dragons are a race of mystery.] (Erta)

Despite having told off Yu IlHan, Erta had made the exact same remark. When Yu IlHan stared at her, she pretended to not know anything and turned her head away, but her cheeks were still red.

[Dragons…… So I need to go kill dragons…..?] (Spiera)
[There’s Mir here so don’t even joke about that!] (Liera)

Spiera, who unexpectedly had a high desire for good food, seemed to be completely smitten by the cookie, and watched as Yu IlHan kept on making cookies. Yu IlHan quickly packaged them and stored it in his inventory, to protect the cookies from her demonic hand.

“Let’s call this ‘magic stuffed cookies’.” 1

[That’s a good name. You wouldn’t be able to say it cuz it’s embarrassing, even if there’s an occasion where we have to say it!] (Erta)

Like that, the magic stuffed cookies that received positive feedback from everyone, was produced around 50,000 pieces more, using 100 liters of Breath, and they all went into Yu IlHan’s inventory. This would make the already strong Yu IlHan even stronger.

Training in the Great cosmos-severing spear, creating products, baking cookies, and producing Breath – Yu IlHan’s schedule was still jam-packed. If possible, he wanted to finish the two months like that…… but the end had arrived.

“Your Majesty, we have no more monsters to dismantle.”

[IlHan, let’s dismantle the Perverted Vibration Demon now!] (Liera)

Yu IlHan vomited blood and twisted his body. However, the cruel angel did not forgive him.

[I’m so excited about what he’ll make.] (Liera)

[I don’t want to see it again. It keeps reminding me of that manga.] (Spiera)

Mirey took the bait! At this rate, his emperor-in-name status would go down the drain!
With a vicious expression, Yu IlHan turned to the three angels and asked.

“What is it that you want?”


He opened a pack of magic stuffed cookies and put them inside each angels’ mouths. He received the ‘more’ gaze, but since they may threaten him even more, he planned to give them out in timed intervals.

Then, he took out the Perverted Vibration Demon’s corpse from his inventory.

“Whoa, what the heck is this disgusting piece of… thing?”

“Shush, you guys go do some free sparring or something.”

Yu IlHan took out a dismantling knife, and fell into deep thought before he went into working – how should he dismantle this… thing that was still vibrating with a buzz. No matter how he was a dismantling master, he couldn’t know that immediately.

‘Is it vibrating due to the innate properties of the skin? No, there’s no way it’s like that. The tissues are connected. To the heart….. yes, I knew it. There’s a separate magic organ.’

After coming to that judgement, Yu IlHan finally started wielding the knife. Although the vibration was less than when it was alive, he had to spend an enormous amount of strength and magic power in order to cut through its skin, and he had to throw a few magic stuffed cookies into his mouth and raise the output of Blaze in order to cut.

The head which he had pierced entirely – starting from there, he cut the body in exactly two halves, and flayed its skin.
In that process, he had to carefully take out the strands of magic power that stuck to the skin, in which he had to cut through the flesh and slice the bones in order to pull out the entire strand of magic string.

Finally, he scooped out the heart, and took out the unpleasantly vibrating sphere, that was colored in greyish white. This was the core magic organ that made the skin vibrate.

[That feels unpleasant.] (Liera)

“Yeah, my higher curse resistance proficiency is rising by the minute.”

The magic organ contained an absurd amount of mana, making him wonder if it was the magic stone, but unlike magic stones which the user could freely control, this thing was changing the properties of mana in a single direction at the same time of producing mana = vibration power.

“I think I can only use it like this.”
[Why do you sound so weak? That’s unexpected.] (Liera)

All of the materials Yu IlHan had handled until now, were those that did their purposes by itself. There were some that mutually benefited other materials, but this was the first time it was physically connected like this.

“Even the skin has countless small magic organs, and not to mention the magic strands, the core is the same. If I had to describe this, this is a completed artifact in and of itself.”


Nodded Yu IlHan with a bitter smile. Of course, he could make something out of it by bringing out the structure of this, if he tried, but that would amount to nothing more than an inferior copy of the perverted vibration demon. He needed to look into this material.
He thought about how to use this disgusting, but exceptional material for a while, and murmured.

“Magic engineering.”

Yes, perhaps it would be possible with magic engineering. He felt like the living blessing of the god of smithing was saying that. So, he first decided to keep it in his inventory.

[Is the rest just garbage?] (Erta)

[That’s like……] (Liera)
“Yes, resonance. Although the resonance ability lacks much more in the viewpoint that it has to be in contact of the energy, to the Thunderhammer, but amplification ability itself is actually quite good.”

This was also why its ability had almost no time delay. Not to mention the skin, even the bones and the flesh had magic organs. This was proof that this monster was quite a lot different to the ones he had confronted until now.

However, if there was a disadvantage, it was that it would amplify even outside sources of energy that had invaded the body. The vibration from its magic organ, and the vibration from Yu IlHan’s attack had overlapped to tilt the balance, and took its life.
Meaning, this was a double-edged sword, but of course, it would become an exceptional weapon if Yu IlHan processed it in a suitable way.

“It would have been better if there were one or two more.”
[I was wondering why you didn’t say it…] (Liera)

Yu IlHan first tested if he could process the bones using Eternal Flame, but the result was a miserable defeat. There was a considerable ratio of monsters which their bones had metallic properties, but this monster wasn’t one of them.

Moreover, it would just burn once in contact with a flame, and would vibrate and cause a mess once he tried to cut it, so it was a material that almost annoyed him to death.


“No way, the word ‘retreat’ doesn’t exist in my dictionary. There’s only left and right turns!”

By ‘right turn’, he meant that he would just break the flesh and bones into fine pieces, and drain the moisture, to make a powder out of it.
The options on the Mixed bone full plate armor came to light in this process. Using the ability which allowed him to create ice by using water and mana, he gathered the moisture in the bones and the flesh, to create ice outside, resulting in instant drying!

[That skill sounds like an OP skill in battle.] (Liera)
“Yeah, if there are any opponents that stay still while I drain the moisture out of them.”

Yu IlHan kindly answered Liera, and poured all the powder into the Giant Bucket. This was because the properties were too weak right now, to be used in anything.

The innate properties of the powder was very strong, and the dragon mana composing the Giant Bucket also couldn’t invade easily, but as there was nothing the Giant Bucket couldn’t conquer until now, he decided to leave it like that.
If it went as Yu IlHan had predicted, then the weapons he would produce would change the weapons industry once again!

[Then what are you going to do while that matures? Are you going to spar like them?] (Lieara)

[Hm, Good.] (Spiera)

Yu IlHan ended up picking up his spear as he couldn’t endure Spiera’s sparkly eyes that looked straight into his. He resolved to learn it quickly to get rid of Spiera’s nagging!

3 days passed since then.

Now, there wasn’t much time until the barrier was dispelled. Yu IlHan finally judged that the powder had finished maturing.

[They all turned red?] (Liera)

[On the outside, it even looks like crystal powder. Since I know it was originally bones and flesh, it disgusts me even more.] (Spiera)
“If you see its abilities, you would probably retract that statement.”

During the 3 days of processing inside the Giant Bucket, the dragon mana had compressed the powder particles smaller and harder, and even enhanced the properties,  and now, they had a property that would explode with frightening power even when Yu IlHan just heated them up with Blaze.

He tested it, and he judged that a palmful of that powder would probably disintegrate a 3rd class monster at level 120.

[Huh?] (Liera)

“Yes, gunpowder.”

And a gunpowder that was different from the original ones, in the sense that it would contain bigger explosive power the more energy was imbued into it, whether it was fire, or lightning!
This was a revolution that would overcome the absolute flaw of mankind firepower against monsters.

[So that’s it. You could do that with it.] (Liera)
[I couldn’t even imagine. I thought it was a relatively inferior version of resonance, but never did I believe that it would be amplified by the Giant Bucket.] (Erta)

The entire volume had shrunk while he extracted moisture, and the particles were even more compressed inside the Giant Bucket, so the final amount of powder Yu IlHan had acquired was only about 300 kilograms. However, if he tried exploding all of this at once with Blaze, an entire country would be blown to smithereens.

[This is a top-tier danger material. Perhaps it’s the most dangerous material on Earth right now.] (Erta)

“No, this will only be used for the equipment that I’ll make for myself.”

Yu IlHan already had the motor engine known as the Giant’s Rubber Band. The pile unker was also something that used the elasticity of the Giant’s Rubber Band.
But what if he added a gunpowder that would generate even more forces by borrowing fire from Blaze? Wouldn’t there be an unimaginable result from the two motor engines working in concert? Things that should have been impossible until now, would become possible.

Especially, in regards to the trial he had to undertake recently.

[Are you preparing it just in case you need to go inside that world?] (Liera)


Yu IlHan acknowledged without hesitation. Although it was incredibly unpleasant to say it with his mouth, he couldn’t help it right now.

“I need a weapon with enough firepower to penetrate the skin of the perverted vibration demon, even when I’m not under concealment.”

Not long after that, the barrier made by the Hourglass of Eternity, dispelled and Yu IlHan’s group came outside.

Not to mention the renewed multiversal brand, Vanguard, he had created years worth of stock for the high-class dessert brand Angel Tear, and he had even made new gear to obliterate the Perverted Demon Beast, that had easily deflected Yu IlHan’s long-range remote-collection spear rain technique.

The curtain to the Earth-Trade era had risen.

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