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After activating the barrier, Yu IlHan focused on an extremely regular schedule.

Despite the fact that there would be no change in the rise and fall of the sun and moon within the barrier, he dedicated 24 one hour blocks as one day, with the first twelve hours making various equipment. Although humans were not machines, he hammered out one rare or higher ranked equipment after the other, perfectly in sync with the Eternal Flame.

Like that, over 500 pieces of equipment would be produced each day. As he was using up lower leveled monster materials first, the work difficulty was relatively lower, and he did not have to do mana crafting on them either.

At first, Spiera did question while looking at the pile of equipment that Yu IlHan made.

[But are you really planning to distribute these items on Earth?] (Spiera)

When Yu IlHan nodded, she tilted her head and continued asking.

[But then, wouldn’t they realize that the one they call Susanoo and Vanguard are related?] (Spiera)

Yu IlHan agreed with her. If the equipment he made this time were distributed through Vanguard, the people would realize that Susanoo, who massacred the wolves this time, and Vanguard should have some relations to each other.

“I can’t hide it forever, and I had no intentions of hiding it in the first place. It’s not like there are fools on Earth that will annoy Vanguard, is there?”
[Hah, everyone would be shocked.] (Spiera)

Of course, some people were already saying that, but it would be confirmed the moment these equipment were released.
People would be shocked at the fact that there was a connection between the best equipment shop on Earth and the strongest person on Earth. Although, no no one would realize that they’re the same person.

[Korea has found a jackpot then.] (Spiera)

[You really are unshakable.] (Spiera)

And when 12 hours passed like that, Yu IlHan stopped his productive activities, and quickly confirmed the contents of the bucket before changing them. Normally, this would become the only meal time of his day.

Everyone, including Yu IlHan, who underwent a lot of labor; Liera and Erta, who took the role of teachers; the trainees, who looked like they’ve been inside a washing machine for some time; Yumir, who was as dashing as ever; and Spiera, who watched over them, all gathered and had a meal at this time.

As their meals were over with just this, everyone would fill their stomachs viciously with meat, wine, rice and bread.

Especially, the wolfkin royalty, Ericia, looked tougher than the elves, who Yu IlHan had ‘modified’ into eating meat, when eating she threw away all her dignity as royalty and twitched her ears happily as she stuffed her face until her stomach was filled.

“Master, no matter how similar we look to humans, we are in the end, monsters. And monsters are races that become stronger by cannibalism. This is a method to not let the overall power of the race drop as much as possible, and an instinct engraved into almost all of the monsters.”
“In order to not let the overall power of the race drop, huh…….”

Yu IlHan did not get stronger no matter how much wolf meat he ate, but her strength, mana and level increased permanently just by eating the same meat.

Of course, the change wasn’t that extreme, so lunatic monsters that devoured their kin appeared very rarely. Even if they did, they were those who had thought processes similar to the Destruction Demon Army.

To Yu IlHan, who received new knowledge, and thought that monsters weren’t monsters for nothing, she asked in a careful voice.

“Did I make you feel disgusted?”
“No, I just felt like I hit the jackpot.”

Yu IlHan severed Ericia’s serious worries with just a single line.
How? That was because there were over 100 thousand wolves made into meat in his inventory.

“I’ll let you take all the wolf meat from now on. You should at least eat 100 per day, well, the more the better.”
“I understand master. I will eat them all and become stronger.”

Ericia exclaimed at the fact that Yu IlHan’s emotions didn’t change at all. No matter how he understood the fact that she was a monster, he should have felt some kind of rejection to the clearly different actions and culture to that of humans, but the fact that he just accepted it with ‘Oh yeah, you aren’t human.’ made her see Yu IlHan as someone great.

Ericia sneaked peeks at Yu IlHan from time to time, who took out more wolf meat and grilled it, and thought that this man was someone who was worth it for her to follow as a master.

At that moment,

“Dad, me too! Cannibalism!”

Everyone’s idol, Yumir, dropped a bomb.

“Dragons also eat each other. Mom said that!”

Yumir’s words were without any room for misunderstanding. Yu IlHan felt slightly faint after hearing that, but soon called for Liera and Erta to consult them about it.

“What do we do?”

[I was sorry since only we ate it, but now that we know that they cannibalize, that’s good. Let’s feed him.] (Erta)

It was a 100% approval that made one wonder if it was worth it to consult them about it in the first place. Yu IlHan made a gentle smile as he poured out dragon meat from his inventory.

“Mir, eat and grow a lot, okay?”

Yumir rejoiced after looking at the enormous pile of meat. Looking at that scene, Yu IlHan thought if it was humanely alright, but Mir was a dragon.

There would be a lot of things that humans do that are incomprehensible for monsters. If one wanted to be understood, one must first respect the other’s lifestyle. Yu IlHan, who could change his mindset like this at anytime, was perhaps talented to rule over monsters.

Now that that was done with, the only problem left was the other’s’ meals. Although they wouldn’t be able to eat dragon meat as they pleased from now, since Yumir would get stronger through them, there were many other delicious things in this world, so Yu IlHan decided to not worry about it.

Meanwhile, Ericia, who was in the middle of eating wolf meat, muttered in surprise with widened eyes.

“To think it’s dragon meat… I did predict after looking at the weapon, but as expected, you even hunted dragons……”

“You would be surprised to find out what His Majesty did in Dareu.”

[Quite the adult there, Liera] (Erta)

Like that, a special caretaker of the wolf meat and dragon meat in Yu IlHan’s inventory, was made. However, as there were even more dragonkin meat than wolf meat and dragon meat combined, there wasn’t a situation where they had no meat to eat.

Anyway, after around an hour of mealtime, the trainees would undergo hellish training for their after-meal exercise. They were allowed 3 hours of sleep after 8 hours of battering, and this was their life pattern.

However, Yu IlHan was different. If meals were enjoyments to the angels, and recovery time and growing muscle time for the elves, and a time to get stronger for Ericia and Yumir, to Yu IlHan, it was a meal to recover his rest energy.

In other words, he had no need for sleep. If he became full with meat and wine, he would just train the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory and that nonsensical spear with a wooden spear in front of the giant blob of meat!

“*Burp*. Breath is perfect, but it’s a problem that I’m getting drunk. I should go troll hunting quickly.”

“You can say that it’s a fantastic combination of the Cooking skill and the Extreme poison resistance skill.”

Yu IlHan decided to head to the dungeon in the Grand Canyon after the barrier time was over, until the day he had to sell the advanced weaponry. It wasn’t to meet the elves, but to acquire blood from the trolls that habited in an area before Dareu!

[Anyway, enough of that. Focus, Yu IlHan. You need to bring out the peak of all martial arts with a single spear strike!] (Spiera)

The speed of a whip that surpasses the speed of sound even without the use of mana.

The heaviness of a blunt weapon that destroys anything in its path to smithereens.

By subliming all of those with techniques to control the body to the extreme, he would imbue it into the striking spear.

‘Although I still think it’s bullshit even if I think about it twice or thrice……’

It wasn’t like he couldn’t believe it since the Akashic Record said there was a fusion evolution waiting for him, and it was also against Yu IlHan’s policies to laze around because he couldn’t grasp it.

Now that he decided to do this, he had to do this somehow without showing his weakness. Succeed!

’25 years? It wouldn’t be strange if the 2nd Great Cataclysm happened tomorrow. I can’t be so leisurely.’

Yu IlHan activated Superhuman strength. If he couldn’t do it with his ability alone, he could only strengthen himself! If he didn’t understand the principles, he could only repeat it like an idiot, again and again!

Spiera noticed that he activated a skill, but didn’t interrupt. Instead, she was proud, thinking that he was serious about learning the skill.

‘So you’re trying that huh. Well, it is true that your physical body is very weak right now…… Moreover, the Great Cosmos-severing Spear is a fusion skill in itself. It wouldn’t be strange if another skill was added into the mix. Even if the result is different, that seems interesting in itself.’

Spiera’s skill and Yu IlHan’s skill wouldn’t be completely the same anyway. If anyone could become as strong as her just by walking the same path, then Heaven wouldn’t even need to be wary against the other factions.

In the future, Yu IlHan would hesitate in countless forks in his path. Perhaps he might not be able to arrive at a destination, and perhaps, the destination he finds might be completely different to where Spiera had arrived.

However, if there was anything sure, it was that Yu IlHan was proceeding without stopping even now. Every wrong turn he takes, every mistake he makes would become Yu IlHan’s record and leave an eternal trace behind.

Spiera thought that she wanted to see it one day. She now wanted to appreciate the footsteps that this human makes, who makes many worlds tremble and even shakes the heart of higher existences, as he steps into the unknown.

‘But I can’t appreciate it too much. I have work to do here.’

The ‘work’ to observe positive changes to the angels around Yu IlHan, and if possible, applying it to herself.
And what was more important, was to find traitors.

‘Destruction Demon Soldiers are alright since their movement patterns are quite simple. I can’t do anything about the Garden of Sunset since they’re perverts that I will never understand no matter how I dig into them. So they’re fine as well. However……’

The Army of Brilliant Light (Fallen angels faction) was a different story. They, who bear the wings that were burnt black, look down on God’s power and wish for the distortion in the Akashic Record.
Although she felt like they were being buried under the actions of the Destruction Demon Army nowadays, Spiera also knew that even that was their intentions.

Traitors that were sneakily acting in Heaven. The ones that had their wings not completely burnt yet; and the ones that wait for the time to give a fatal blow to the angels and God.
Those guys were on Earth. Looking down on all existences, they were waiting for the time to rebel against the absolute being!

‘Erta and Liera don’t suspect much since they’re too pure. However, I’m different.’

The absolute majority of the higher existences would not be able to use their powers on a lower world. However, there was one case where that rule was ignored.

They could use their power when they found a traitor within the same faction, and only in order to punish that traitor. In order to guard the record of the faction, all higher existences would become the punisher.

Like how, in the past, when Liera was Lita, she beat up the angel that cooperated with the 4th class mage to open a gate to Earth.

‘Traitor. I do not know who you are and how big your faction is.’

But she will find them. With the partner she had newly acquired, she will find them even if she had to sweep every corner of this world.

And she will,


Spiera’s thoughts suddenly ended. She opened her eyes and abruptly raised her head, and saw Yu IlHan with a broken wooden spear. He was also looking back towards her while blinking.


Muttered Yu IlHan in a small voice. Looking at that figure, Spiera’s lips slightly trembled.

[You…… don’t tell me you?] (Spiera)
“I think I took the first step.”

Humbly replied Yu IlHan. However, Spiera could not agree with that.

[One step, you say. At the point you poured that power into the spear, you already……] (Spiera)

The giant blob of metal that could be seen behind him. In the middle, there was a long and sharp scar that could not have been created by a wooden spear.
The sharpness of a sword that was more specialized in slashing. He had succeeded in imbuing that power onto the spear.

Well, of course, although it would be relatively easier to do since the spear and the sword had more in common than the others, it still was an abnormally fast training speed.

[O, only half a month has passed.] (Spiera)

Spiera couldn’t say anything anymore.

She knew that Yu IlHan was not ordinary the moment she heard that he trained martial arts while enduring a thousand years alone. However, in her eyes, endurance was not the most amazing thing about him.

The biggest power that her contractor had, was neither his positive personality, nor his endurance, but his ‘talent’.

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Dragons are monsters too. Stories about other factions are slowly surfacing. What did you say~~? I can't hear you cuz you're an idiot who just learnt an advanced spear skill after just reaching 6th class~~

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