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The beauty was in a dress made of fine gauze.

Her skin was white as the snow,

Her face was delicate as the flower.

Song Ning was stumped for a while. He had seen many beautiful girls, such as Leng Yuexiao, Mu Xuezhao and Li Qingling, but Tang Yue had a different beauty from them-she was enthusiastic like fire in heart, but looked cold like ice.

"You, you are beautiful." Song Ning glanced at her and immediately turned his head.

"Let's go to buy fruits on sticks." Tang Yue pulled Song Ning.

Song Ning felt warm, as if he had gone back to the time when the Taihe Mountain was not destroyed and his brothers and sisters were taking care of him, as well as his adopted father.

Happy hours were always short, and left with only permanent memories.

"Memories?" Song Ning ridiculed himself, "I must lunch the Bagua Mirror to open the reincarnation, then which age will I reach?"

"Hey? Brother Song, what's wrong?" Tang Yue turned to Song Ning, "There are disciple surnamed Song in the school as well and I always feel awkward to call you Brother Song. Since you are a newcomer, how about I calling you little brother?"

"Well, okay." Song Ning laughed.

He recalled many fragments of memories. 'Little brother, you fell asleep again in the Master's course!', 'Little brother, what did you do last night?', 'Little brother...'

Tears began to fall down on his face. He turned head up to try to stop tears, but failed and became sadder.

"What happened to you, little brother?" Tang Yue was shocked, "If you don't like this call, I won't say it! Don't cry, or the people on the street would think that I have bullied you."

Song Ning wiped away the tears in his eyes, "I like it."

"Then why you still cry... Could it be that you were scared to buy me the fruit on a stick? Don't be afraid, I have money here." Tang Yue comforted him.

"No, I just thought of some past events and felt sad." He shook his head.

Tang Yue's face also changed slightly, "Little brother, if you want to talk about any sadness, I'm always here to be your listener at any time. If you need help, you can tell me too."

"Though popular among the male disciples, to be frank, I don't have any friends except Li Qingling. She is my childhood play. But you are different and I am very happy to be with you. I think we are good friends now, and I also want you to be happy."

"Okay, thank you, Sister Tang!" Song Ning recovered to usual.

Tang Yue laughed again, "Do you see the booth over there? I often buy its fruits on sticks."

Song Ning looked at what Tang Yue pointed-"Delicious Fruits on Sticks".

Though not big, it was not a street stall and seemed to be a lot more formal. A boy was crying to sell the fruits on sticks, "Delicious Fruits on Sticks, after eating one, you will want two! It is not expensive to everyone! We have opened hundreds of branches across the country."

"Delicious Fruits on Sticks, we offer a wide variety of fruit for you to choose. Even immortals like eating! It's a better gift than the meat!"

"Delicious Fruits on Sticks…"

In his cry, Song Ning and Tang Yue arrived at his booth.

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