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As soon as they entered the jungle, they saw a slightly glowing transmission array. Tang Yue took out a jade card and threw it at the array, "Hold my hand."

The jade card was burning in the gleam of the transmission array. Before Song Ning could react, the array suddenly shone, and Tang Yue took Song Ning into it immediately.

Everything in front of him was stretched. Song Ning felt like he was entering a vortex, and there was a gust of wind blowing in his ear. But after a while he stood on the ground.

He was not stable at the foot, but did not fall down. He found that Tang Yue landed smoothly and looked at him.

"Brother Song, were you scared just now?" She asked curiously, and winkled like questioning a criminal.

"No, it was fresh and fun." Song Ning explained.

"If not..." Tang Yue raised her hand that was held tightly by Song Ning, "Why you hold my hand so tightly?"

"No, no." Song Ning hurriedly loosed his hand, "I don't often take the transmission array. It's normal to be a little nervous. I don't mean it, sister."

"I don't care about these things. And I didn't blame are. Besides, I pulled your hand first."

She pointed to the distance, "The Liuhe City is not far, let's go."

The Liuhe City was hexagonal. They were now outside the city three miles away, where the transmission array of Tianyuan School was located. 

"Sister Tang, how many times you have been here?" Song Ning asked.

Tang Yue laughed, "The first time nominally, but actually... I often sneak out."

Song Ning's face changed due to an ominous premonition.

The Liuhe City was very lively. It was the nearest city to the Tianyuan School. Although desolate, it was prosperous because of the existence of the Tianyuan School. There were both warriors and ordinary people in the city, thus, an unwritten rule existed - no fighting in the city.

Although the punishment was unknown, no one would breach the rule.

Tang Yue took Song Ning to run forward, but when they were about to enter the city, she suddenly stopped, "Wait! Brother Song, do you have casual clothes? It's not proper for us to enter the city in cultivating robes."

"Not proper?" Song Ning did not understand: "But I have no casual clothes."

Tang Yue hesitated for a while, "Then you guard me to change clothes first. How about we buying one for you in the city?"

"Okay." Song Ning responded.

Tang Yue detoured to the city wall, "Do not peek! If you dare to do so, I will not speak to you anymore."

Song Ning got embarrassed. He didn't want to peek at her, but Tang Yue's words drove his curiosity. Fortunately, he was not obsessed with those things, and the thought to peek was fleeting.

Song Ning turned his back, and after a while, came the joyful sound of Tang Yue, "I've done, do I look beautiful?"

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