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Chapter 944: Deceiving Everyone

“Is Mo Ling here to embarrass himself?”

“You don’t even have a Weapon Tripod and you want to fight against Ming Han?”

“Don’t say that. Perhaps he’s truly a hidden expert who has long cultivated to the point where the tripod exists in his soul and he does not require it physically…”


The cultivators burst into laughter with sarcastic remarks.

Ru Xuan rolled her eyes and sighed internally. “Little Granduncle-Master, why are you still causing trouble at a time like this? Sigh!”

Su Zimo was not bothered by the laughter around him and was calm.

To be fair, he did not have much confidence in stepping forward this time round.

Furthermore, if he were to rely on his true level in Dharmic weapon refinement, not to mention Ming Han and Liu Hanyan, anyone from Hundred Refinement Sect would be able to surpass him.

Unlike the others, Liu Hanyan did not smile.

From the first time she saw Su Zimo, she could sense that this person seemed to be shrouded by a mysterious aura with many secrets.

Lying in Nangong Ling’s embrace, she whispered, “Senior Brother, lend your Weapon Tripod to Granduncle-Master.”

Her Weapon Tripod was of the highest grade. However, due to the explosion of the flying sword earlier on, her Weapon Tripod was damaged as well and she had to repair it before it could be used for weapon refinement again.

Nangong Ling was stunned and replied instinctively, “My Weapon Tripod is not of a high grade and is only a superior-grade Perfected Lord Dharmic weapon.”

Weapon Tripods were naturally crucial to creating connate Dharmic weapons.

The reason why Ming Han could succeed was because of his Netherworld Tripod!

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo waved it off. “It’s fine. Just lend me yours.”


Ming Han was relieved when he heard that.

The moment Su Zimo stood out, he was truly unsure.

Previously, he had come into contact with Su Zimo and did not know the latter’s capabilities.

However, when he saw that Su Zimo was going to use a superior-grade Weapon Tripod, he knew that this man would definitely lose!

“How dare you challenge me when you don’t even know the basics of weapon refinement!”

Ming Han shook his head and sneered.

When Nangong Ling saw that Su Zimo was serious and did not seem like he was joking, he could only grit his teeth and send his Weapon Tripod over.

Su Zimo received it and knocked on it, sizing it up.

Dao Lord Lan Yue frowned and asked in a deep voice, “Mo Ling, are you serious? This is a weapon refinement battle. If you’re trying to cause trouble, don’t blame me for chasing you out!”

“Of course I’m being serious,”

Su Zimo nodded. “Senior, please set up your spirit consciousness barrier.”

The process of weapon refinement would be carried out in the Weapon Tripod.

However, many of the techniques and secret skills used for spirit gathering were extremely secretive. In order to prevent outsiders from using their spirit consciousness to probe, they would set up barriers outside.

Dao Lord Lan Yue harrumphed coldly and her glabella shone as a barrier was set up.

The barrier could block one’s spirit consciousness but it could not block one’s vision.

That was normal.

If vision was blocked, it would be meaningless to watch the weapon refinement process.

“Senior Brother Nangong, I still have a small piece of meteorite left. Hand it over to Granduncle-Master,” Liu Hanyan took out a small stone from her storage bag and handed it over.

The first step of creating weapons was material selection.

In order to refine connate Dharmic weapons, materials were even more important!

Su Zimo waved it off. “There’s no need. I’ve prepared a material for myself.”

With that said, he flipped his palm.

Everyone focused their gazes and saw a milky-white cobblestone lying quietly in Su Zimo’s palm.

“What material is that?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen it before.”

“What can he refine with that gigantic material? After tempering and removing the impurities, he should be able to refine an embroidery needle, right?”

Everyone from Hellfire Hall burst into laughter.

Ming Han frowned. He did not recognize the material either.

However, he was not bothered.

The flames of a Nascent Soul could not smelt materials that were truly heavenly-defying.

In reality, even the three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present did not recognize the cobblestone, let alone Ming Han and the others.

Su Zimo looked at the expressions of the crowd and was silent.

There were few cultivators in Tianhuang Mainland that could recognize the origin of this stone, let alone the people in the Mystic Courtyard!

That stone was the Illumination Stone that was hidden in Su Zimo’s right eye!

The Illumination Stone was obtained by Dao Lord Extreme Fire in a primordial ruin. However, he did not know the origin of the stone.

As for the red-headed ghost at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, he merely mentioned a few possibilities and was unsure.

No matter what, the Illumination Stone was very strong!

The secret skill of the Dragon race’s Illumination Dragon Eye was comprehended through the Illumination Stone.

The Illumination Sword Formation was also comprehended through the Illumination Stone.

The stone had been hidden in Su Zimo’s right eye for the past few years without any activity.

However, perhaps because he was cultivating the Illumination Dragon Eye, a month ago, he sensed that he had formed a connection with the Illumination Stone!

The Illumination Stone seemed to have become a part of his body and could change according to his wishes!

Of course, that did not have much of an impact on Su Zimo and would not change anything either.

It was only earlier on that he thought of a possibility under the Mystic Tea Tree!

Perhaps, he could split the Illumination Stone into equal parts to refine them in the form of flying swords. That way, he would be able to form a set of flying swords easily.

A flying sword as such might not be considered as a Dharmic weapon.

However, its core was the Illumination Stone that contained countless secrets. It was indestructible and definitely not weaker than Dharmic weapons!

There were many mystical treasures and natural oddities in the world. Even without any Dharmic patterns, they were extremely powerful and unshakable!

For example, there were the seven Unique Treasures.

There was monkey’s Imminent.

There was the Creation Green Lotus.

There was the Saraca Flower.

The Illumination Stone was one of them as well!

Su Zimo’s plan was simple – he wanted to make use of the Illumination Stone and the secretiveness of the weapon refinement process to deceive everyone right before their very eyes!

The reason why he did not appear despite the aggressive actions of many sects earlier on was because he was contemplating the feasibility of this plan under the tea tree.

He only stood out after he deduced the entire process once through.

Of course, there were many uncertainties regarding this plan. Even Su Zimo himself was not confident that it would work.

He tried his best to compose himself as he rose slowly. Waving his sleeves, he swept up the Weapon Tripod on the ground and made it hover in front of him.

Thereafter, he placed the Illumination Stone into the Weapon Tripod.


Su Zimo conjured a Dharmic art and a scarlet flame appeared in his palm – it was the immortal Dao fire. He placed it under the Weapon Tripod and started smelting it continuously.

The process looked legitimate.

In reality, Su Zimo was merely putting on an act.

An hour passed and the immortal Dao fire almost burned through the Weapon Tripod but there was still no reaction from the Illumination Stone.

In fact, Su Zimo was relieved when he saw that.

At the very least, it proved that the Illumination Stone was indestructible!

Typically speaking, forging process would begin after the smelting and material selection process.

If he wanted to deceive everyone present, the forging process would be the most important

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