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Chapter 93: See You in the Spirit Arena!

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Suddenly, Wen Xuan asked, “Su Zimo, as a heaven spirit root, your endowment completely qualifies you for Spirit Peak. But, do you know why you were asked to join Weapon Peak?”

“I don’t know,” Su Zimo replied.

Su Zimo was not the only one; the many disciples around had the same doubts.

It was especially so for little fatty and the others who had joined the sect at the same time. All of them had witnessed Su Zimo ascending the peak and passing through the Eight Distresses Formation.

It didn’t make sense for someone like that to not join Spirit Peak.

“Your killing intent is too strong and you’re too hotheaded. The reason why you were asked to join Weapon Peak and learn about weapon refinement was to train your mind and mow away your rashness. Once you’re ready, you can naturally join Spirit Peak thereafter.”

At that, everyone finally understood.

Shaking his head, Wen Xuan’s eyes were filled with pity as he sighed. “But it’s a pity that you’re still the same despite three months of mowing.”

Everyone could tell of the deep disappointment within Wen Xuan’s tone.

Pausing for a moment, as though he had made a decision, Wen Xuan took a deep breath and declared, “Su Zimo, trial disciple of Weapon Peak! You have gone against sect rules today and despite nearly causing a huge disaster, you refuse to acknowledge your wrongdoings! As the peak master of Spirit Peak, I declare that you’re forbidden to take a single step into Spirit Peak from now on!”

The 2,000 odd disciples from all five peaks went absolutely silent.

That punishment was way lighter than what Chen Yu proposed of crippling Su Zimo’s cultivation and kicking him out of the sect.

However, for the trial disciples, a restriction to Spirit Peak merely implied that they wouldn’t get to learn the dueling techniques between Qi Refinement Warriors – it wasn’t a huge loss.

Little fatty, Xue Yi and the rest heaved a sigh of relief.

No matter what, being forbidden to enter Spirit Peak was way better than having one’s cultivation crippled and kicked out of the sect.

Even though Feng Haoyu was expressionless, he was indignant within.

He had plotted immensely to create today’s situation for the sake of getting Su Zimo kicked out of the sect. But, it was all in vain.

Even though that punishment seemed heavy, it would not prevent Su Zimo from taking part in the year end face-off. To Feng Haoyu, that wasn’t good news at all.

Chen Yu’s face dimmed as well.

If not for Wen Xuan’s appearance, Su Zimo would have been a dead man to him!

He was a step too late.

“If I had known, I should have just killed him instead of wasting time talking! That bloody brat is so insolent. How dare he go against me!”

At the start, Chen Yu had only appeared as a favor for Feng Haoyu.

But now, it was personal.

All the disciples looked at Su Zimo, awaiting his response.

After a moment, Su Zimo chuckled and replied nonchalantly, “I’m willing to accept the punishment, but…”

Little fatty and the rest had just felt relieved when their hearts sank once more.

Su Zimo changed the topic and cast his gaze at Feng Haoyu, saying in a gradually intense tone, “This is not the end of today yet. Feng Haoyu, we both know the reason behind this challenge between disciples of both peaks. Since you want to fight, I’ll grant your wish.”

Feng Haoyu smirked coldly in disdain.

“Initially, I had only planned on taking part in the year end face-off for Weapon Peak. But now, I’ve changed my mind.”

Su Zimo continued indifferently, “Listen up. For the year end face-off, not only would you fail to get top for Weapon Peak, you won’t succeed for Elixir Peak as well.”

Feng Haoyu had boasted previously that he wanted to be the top of Weapon, Elixir and Spirit Peak.

But Su Zimo’s intent was clear – he was going to stop Feng Haoyu!

Only, the moment Su Zimo’s declaration was said, a series of scoffs broke out from the crowd.

Even though refining weapons and elixirs both require spirit fire, both are completely different things. In the cultivation world, there has never been someone who was both a Weapon and Elixir Refinement Master.

Furthermore, the amount of time and energy a person had was limited. Spending a portion of it on refining of elixirs or weapons was already the limit, let alone mastering both or even being number one in time.

By now, there was only half a year left to the year end face-off.

This was definitely not enough time.

But of course, it was undeniable that Su Zimo had a Level 3 Spirit Fire. If he were to spend the rest of his next six months on refining elixirs and weapons, he would definitely be quite a threat to Feng Haoyu.

“That’s not all.”

Just as everyone was in deep thoughts, Su Zimo said something which caused a huge uproar!

“Peak master has forbidden me from stepping into Spirit Peak so naturally, I can’t take part in the Spirit Peak face-off. But, once that is over, whether you’re top in Spirit Peak or not, I’ll issue you a challenge. See you… in the spirit arena!”

All the 2,000 odd disciples froze dumbfounded.

Su Zimo’s final statement was beyond their imaginations.

The fact that he could cultivate a Level 3 Spirit Fire was something that everyone of the five peaks knew about. Therefore, it was still understandable for him to want to go against Feng Haoyu in terms of refining elixirs or weapons.

But now, he was declaring war against Feng Haoyu as a Level 6 Qi Refinement Warrior? That was insane!

If he was going to spend his next six months on weapon and elixir refinement, how was he going to have the time to raise his cultivation?

And even if Su Zimo could reach Perfected Qi Condensation, he was not well-versed in battles! Without a chance to step into Spirit Peak, how was he going to learn how to fight? How could he stand up against Feng Haoyu?

He was just setting himself up to be humiliated!

“Fufu… ”

Right then, Feng Haoyu finally laughed as he nodded. “Amazing. Junior Brother Su truly has an extraordinary spirit and courage. Since that’s the case, I’ll definitely accept the challenge at that time. I hope that you’ll be able to give me a surprise.”

“Don’t worry.”

Su Zimo chuckled as well. “It’ll be a surprise for sure. I just don’t know if you can still laugh thereafter.”


The various disciples of Weapon Peak sighed grimly.

Deep in his thoughts, little fatty looked moody as well.

Disciples of Talisman, Array and Elixir Peak looked excited, awaiting the show at the end of the year.

However, disciples of Spirit Peak were just waiting to see Su Zimo make a fool out of himself.

Before long, today’s events would spread through Ethereal Peak and even inner sect disciples would get to know about it, piquing their interest to watch.

No matter what, with today’s incident, the year end face-off was now different from those in the past – everyone would be awaiting it!

Leng Rou’s gaze had been fixed on Su Zimo for a long time now.

Even though this man seemed refined, every single move, action and sentence he made sparked her curiosity.

Cold by nature, she was someone unconcerned about anything other than cultivation.

But now, even she was anticipating it internally.

She wanted to see what would happen to this green robed man at the year end face-off – was he going to shine brightly or would he turn into a laughing stock?

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