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Chapter 914: Beaten so Badly the Sword Can’t Be Withdrawn!

The moment he said that, everyone present was shocked!


Extreme disdain!

Many cultivators looked at Su Zimo as though they were looking at a dead man.

Jian Wuzong’s eyes were first filled with rage.

However, he suddenly laughed and nodded repeatedly at Su Zimo thereafter. “Very good, this is the edge that a sword cultivator should have!”

“The more that is the case, the more I admire you.”

At that moment, Jian Wuzong did not realize who he was talking to.

Or rather, none of the cultivators in Wind Cloud City knew the true identity of the green-robed man!

In Thousand Demon Valley, Su Zimo could fight against mid-level fiend demons head-on.

Mid-level fiend demons were equivalent to Void Reversions of the cultivation world!

Although Jian Wuzong was third on the Phenomenon Ranking, he was still a Nascent Soul!

Furthermore, the Phenomenon Ranking had just ended and his cultivation realm was only at early-stage Nascent Soul!

Notwithstanding the fact that Su Zimo was already at peak late-stage Nascent Soul…

Even if this was a hundred years ago, when Su Zimo had just entered Nascent Soul realm, he could suppress Jian Wuzong with ease!

Jian Wuzong said slowly, “How about this? Let’s spar. If you can take three of my sword strikes, I’ll let you guys leave this place.”

Pausing for a moment, Jian Wuzong continued, “If you can’t take it, you will have to follow me obediently and not go against my will in the future! Do you dare to take the gamble?”

“Three sword strikes is enough.”

“That’s right. Given Jian Wuzong’s combat strength, even number four of the Phenomenon Ranking might not be able to take three of his strikes if he were to attack with his full strength!”

“That green-robed cultivator will definitely lose.”

Everyone viewed themselves as objective bystanders and discussed.

The Soaring Feather Sect cultivator looked at the man beside him and asked softly, “Senior Brother, what do you think of this bet?”

“Jian Wuzong’s sword is very fast. Three strikes…”

Wu Tianyu shook his head slightly and said, “Among Nascent Souls, there are probably less than ten who can receive his three strikes!”

Wu Tianyu and Jian Wuzong partook in the same Phenomenon Ranking and understood one another.

His evaluation of Jian Wuzong was extremely high!

The Soaring Feather Sect cultivator said, “If that’s the case, that green-robed cultivator will definitely lose! The ten people that Senior Brother mentioned are definitely the strongest experts in the Nascent Soul realm and are famous throughout the world. That person is clearly not among them.”


Wu Tianyu said deeply, “It’s hard to say. I have a feeling that this green-robed cultivator is unfathomable and far from simple.”

The Soaring Feather Sect cultivator was indifferent. “Senior Brother, don’t forget that he’s a sword cultivator. Once they fight, he’ll definitely be suppressed by Jian Wuzong. He won’t win this gamble!”

On the long street, Nangong Ling, Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuan were worried and sent voice transmissions to Su Zimo, telling him not to accept the gamble!

Once lost, their Little Uncle-Master would become someone else’s lackey – neither they nor the Hundred Refinement Sect would be able to take it.

Furthermore, Nangong Ling and the other two could not see any hope of Su Zimo winning.

“So, do you dare to take the gamble?”

Jian Wuzong asked and smiled with a confident expression.


Su Zimo reared his head in laughter. “Sure! However, there’s no need for three strikes. If you can even draw your sword in front of me, it’ll be my loss!”

Everyone was stunned the moment his sentence was finished!

It was dead silent near the long street!

Although his words were extremely arrogant, everyone could hear a sense of pride and awe in his tone!

Who would dare say such words in front of Jian Wuzong?

Would the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking this time round, Ye Tiancheng, dare to do so?

Would the number two of the Phenomenon Ranking, Yan Mo, dare to do so?!

There were countless Nascent Souls in Tianhuang Mainland – who among them would dare?

Yet, someone dared to do so!


Jian Wuzong narrowed his eyes with a cold glint.

This time round, he was truly enraged as he said with a frosty voice, “How dare you…”


Before Jian Wuzong could finish, he was interrupted by Su Zimo’s shout!

Sound Domain secret skill, Thunderclap Kill!

After cultivating the Purple Thunder Manual, Thunderclap Kill was even more powerful than before.

The surrounding cultivators felt their bodies tremble and the ground quaked as gravel flew.

One could imagine what sort of impact the Jian Wuzong had to endure!

That shout was like a thunderbolt from the clear skies that exploded in Jian Wuzong’s ears, causing his ears to buzz and his scalp to tingle!

However, for Jian Wuzong to be able to reach third on the Phenomenon Ranking, he was definitely not someone easy to deal with.

He was experienced in combat and realized right away that Su Zimo had released a sound domain secret skill!

Clang! Clang!

Jian Wuzong circulated his blood qi and the sound of sword qi clanging echoed from his body!

Among the super sects of Tianhuang Mainland, some body tempering sects, such as Glass Palace, Overlord Palace and Diamond Monastery, were extremely famous.

In reality, Sword Sect’s body tempering technique was extremely strong as well!

The process of tempering the body by tearing it with sword qi and repairing it continuously caused the body’s blood qi to become extremely powerful and sharp!

When cultivators of Sword Sect cultivated their bodies to their limits, their blood qi would be mixed with sword qi.

Their fingers were like swords that could slice apart divine weapons with a single wave!

Jian Wuzong channeled his blood qi and had just gotten rid of the negative effects of Thunderclap Kill when he felt his vision blur as a green figure crushed over!

“You must have a death wish!”

With a sneer, Jian Wuzong reached for the sword on his shoulder!

He was all too familiar with that action.

It could be said that the first sword technique he practiced after joining the Sword Sect was how to draw his sword!

Even in his dreams, even in his six senses, Jian Wuzong could draw his sword right away.

This had already become his instinct!

However, his sword was pushed back by a pair of hands halfway through its withdrawal!


The sword hum had just sounded when it stopped!

The sword was already sheathed!

He was fast.

However, Su Zimo was even faster!

The green shadow flickered and Su Zimo was already close to him!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Helpless, Jian Wuzong could only fight Su Zimo barehanded!

However, right after, Jian Wuzong’s expression changed drastically and he almost could not help but cry out in pain!

Su Zimo’s body was way too strong!

Jian Wuzong’s fists and palms felt as though they were striking cold and hard rocks.

After two or three moves, his hands were already purple and bruised!

At that distance, Jian Wuzong did not even have the chance to form a Dharmic art.

Su Zimo’s attacks rained down in a flurry and were suffocating!

Jian Wuzong grit his teeth and his eyes were bloodshot. He ignored Su Zimo’s incoming palm and pulled out the sword on his shoulder, prepared to fight to the death!

However, Su Zimo’s palm swiped across his chest before he strode forward and slapped his shoulder!


The moment the sword was unsheathed, Su Zimo slapped it back!

“You… ”

Jian Wuzong was so angry that his body was trembling but he was helpless.

He retreated continuously, wanting to increase the distance between them and draw his sword. However, Su Zimo was closing in on him like a maggot, not giving him any chance at all!

In the blink of an eye, both parties had exchanged dozens of blows!

During this period of time, Jian Wuzong tried to pull out his sword multiple times but was blocked by Su Zimo!

As for his own hands and arms, they were already swollen and almost ruptured after colliding with Su Zimo!


Jian Wuzong’s heart was filled with nothing but despair!

There was no chance to retaliate at all!

If this continued, his bones would be shattered before he could draw his sword!

He had never been reduced to such a state and lost so thoroughly in a fight!


Complete suppression!

He was beaten so badly he could not withdraw his sword at all!

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