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Chapter 90: Strike!

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Failed to pierce the spirit tiger’s head, Sun Tao’s eyes filled with a trace of disappointment as he harrumphed coldly, “You got lucky, beast!”

“You. Are. Courting. Death!”

A demonic red light shimmered through the depths of Su Zimo’s eyes as he hollered. Suddenly, he arrived in front of Sun Tao within a single step that crossed twenty feet!

That was none other than the Plow Heaven Stride.

Even though it looked plain, it was intimidating as Sun Tao was so rattled that blood drained from his face. He suddenly felt as though the being before him was not a human, but an ancient beast!

Su Zimo’s killing intent was torrential. With a backhand slap, he whipped at Sun Tao’s cheek.


Sun Tao could not fight back at all. The last thing he knew was his vision blackening – he was knocked down by Su Zimo! Crashing headfirst, a large pit formed around his head as he fainted on the spot with blood oozing from his eyes, nose, ears and mouth!


Above the spirit arena somewhere beyond the clouds where the eyes could not reach, a surprised murmur sounded out. A gigantic pair of wings that was barely visible appeared with a pair of eyes observing everything beneath coldly.

“Weird. How come that lad’s blood has…”

A barely perceivable mutter could be heard from above the skies.

At the spirit arena…

The entire series of events caused an uproar.

It started with Sun Tao’s sneak attack that injured Su Zimo’s spirit tiger. That was something that everything could still accept as reality.

But what happened next had them all stunned.

By the time little fatty wanted to prevent it, it was already too late.

No one had expected that Su Zimo would lay a hand on Sun Tao. Not just that, Sun Tao was knocked out with a single slap and no one knew if he was even alive still!

“Careless! It must be out of carelessness!”

That was the first thought across everyone’s mind.

Sun Tao was a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior of Spirit Peak. The only possibility for him to be defeated by a Level 6 Qi Refinement Warrior of Weapon Peak in a single move must be because he was being careless.

“It’s over, it’s over! Bro totally ignored the sect’s rules and laid a hand on a fellow sect mate out of the spirit arena! Now, no one even knows if Sun Tao is still alive! This is bad!”

Little fatty scratched his ears and cheeks anxiously, trying to think of a way out of this.



“Su Zimo, how dare you break our sect’s rules and hurt a fellow sect mate! You’re the one courting death!”

Many disciples of Spirit Peak rushed out from the crowd and surrounded Su Zimo, barking at him angrily with unfriendly looks.

Watching everything nearby, Feng Haoyu’s eyes filled with a taunting look as he gloated internally. “Seems like I don’t even have to do it personally anymore. What a witless fool, fufu.”

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he looked at the surrounding Spirit Peak disciples coldly. Squatting down, he applied ointment to the spirit tiger’s wound.

The spirit tiger endured through the pain and looked at Su Zimo with blinking eyes, feeling a sense of warmness gush through its heart.

Leng Rou at the side nodded her head in acknowledgment as she saw that too.

Everything aside, the fact that Su Zimo could maintain his composure in front of more than a thousand Spirit Peak disciples was proof of his mental fortitude.

She acknowledged that she wouldn’t even be able to match Su Zimo’s calmness.

“Everyone, please don’t be rash. Don’t get hasty now, guys!”

Little fatty hopped out and bowed to everyone, giggling. “If you guys make a move, that means that everyone would have broken the sect’s rules too, right?”

Upon hearing that, many of the Spirit Peak disciples looked apprehensive as they stood rooted momentarily, feeling embarrassed to strike out.

Feng Haoyu’s gaze shimmered as he suddenly leaned and whispered to a Spirit Peak disciple beside him.

Nodding in acknowledgment, that disciple rode his flying sword and dashed towards Spirit Peak’s palace.

A look of disgust flickered through Leng Rou’s eyes when she saw that.

She need not guess further – Feng Haoyu must have asked that person to snitch so that they could get seniors of the sect to deal with Su Zimo.

“Su Zimo, how dare you hurt our people on our premises. Do you really think Spirit Peak is that weak?”

Just as both sides were in a stalemate, Feng Haoyu suddenly remarked.

When he heard that, little fatty’s heart sank.

What a devious man!

That statement was clearly meant to stir everyone’s emotions so that Su Zimo would end up fighting with the disciples of Spirit Peak!

The graver this matter became, the more severe Su Zimo’s punishment would be!

Indeed, right after Feng Haoyu said that, some of the initially hesitant Spirit Peak disciples looked much more resolute. Placing their hands slowly on their storage bags, they were ready to strike at any moment.

Finally, one Spirit Peak disciple could hold it in no longer. Confident of his physical strength because he had cultivated a body tempering technique in the past, he harrumphed coldly and walked forth, reaching for Su Zimo’s hair while barking, “Su Zimo! We’re asking you a question! Don’t act mute!”

“Get lost!”

Without even turning back, Su Zimo flung his arm. Even though it looked flimsy, a loud crack sound akin to that of a whip rang out!


Before that Spirit Peak disciple’s palm could even reach Su Zimo, he was sent flying into the crowd by that slap! His teeth cracked as he coughed out blood, knocking out cold on the ground.

Everyone was in an uproar!

Little fatty was almost on the brink of tears.

He was trying his best to stop the situation from escalating but now, everything he had done was in vain!

Su Zimo’s strikes were so swift that no one could react to it at all!

Now, he had enraged all of Spirit Peak’s disciples.

The many Spirit Peak disciples summoned their flying swords which hovered in the air, ready to strike at any moment!

Dozens of Weapon Peak disciples surrounded Su Zimo with their flying swords summoned as well. Both sides were pointing swords at one another as war was on the brink of breaking out!

Feng Haoyu’s eyes gloated even merrier.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight!”

When little fatty saw that, he was even more troubled as he took out a huge axe from his storage bag. Pulling out a talisman with his left hand, he slapped it on Su Zimo’s back.

Instantly, a barrier of light appeared around Su Zimo’s body.

It was a protection talisman.

Instead of using it on himself, little fatty gave it to Su Zimo.

That act had Su Zimo feeling extremely touched.

What little fatty did would undoubtedly offend his fellow disciples of Spirit Peak.

“Damned fatty! Which side are you on!” A Spirit Peak disciple shouted.

Suddenly, little fatty’s expression turned grim. His smile disappeared as he hollered, “F*ck you! It’s none of your matter whose side I’m on!”

That shout from little fatty caused many Spirit Peak disciples to be stumped.

Ever since he had joined the sect, no one had seen little fatty get angry before. He was always smiling and friendly. In fact, he had even more friends than Feng Haoyu.

Realizing that he may have acted inappropriately, little fatty pouted his lips. “I’m a fatty and so be it, but I hate people calling me damned fatty…”

Suddenly, a shout boomed out from afar.

“Everyone, disperse!”

A beam of light shot over and appeared above everyone’s head with an early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator standing on his flying sword. Behind him stood the Spirit Peak disciple that snitched.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Chen.”

“Good timing, Senior Brother Chen. Please redress our grievances. Su Zimo of Weapon Peak broke the sect’s rules by assaulting fellow sect mates!”

Many disciples of Spirit Peak cupped their fists and greeted, recognizing the man who had arrived.

Little fatty whispered hurriedly, “Bro, don’t offend this person. He’s an inner sect disciple of the Disciplinary Hall, Chen Yu. He must be here to cause trouble for you because he’s on friendly terms with Feng Haoyu. Please just bear with it.”

Pausing for a moment, little fatty continued, afraid that Su Zimo might not understand the severity of things, “We can’t afford to offend inner sect disciples. Otherwise, we’ll suffer after we get promoted to the inner sect. Besides, he’s someone of the Disciplinary Hall.”

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