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Chapter 898: Who Remembered?

Ru Xuan continued smugly, “Let me tell you, it’s not just Senior Brother Nangong. Sister Hanyan and I entered the ancient battlefield and arrived at Myriad Phenomenon City in the end to witness the unprecedented battle for the Phenomenon Ranking!”

Such an experience was indeed rare and was something worth bragging about.

After all, there were very few Golden Cores in Tianhuang Mainland who were qualified to enter the ancient battlefield.

In the end, there were even fewer who could reach Myriad Phenomenon City.

Su Zimo sighed internally.

It was a pity that the previous Phenomenon Ranking battle was not an honor for the paragons of Myriad Phenomenon City – it was a catastrophe!

Ru Xuan continued, “The number one of the Phenomenon Ranking this time round is extremely impressive! He created an unprecedented Golden Core phenomenon that swept through all his peers with unparalleled might! He’s an unprecedented monster incarnate!”

“That’s right! He even left his name on the Ancient Phenomenon Stele!”

The tides were turbulent and in a hundred years, countless paragons would rise and shine.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm and his eyes flashed with a glint.

He wondered how many people still remembered him after a hundred years have passed!

“Even though Ye Tiancheng is powerful, he is not unprecedented,”

Liu Hanyan shook her head. “I heard that the previous Phenomenon Ranking’s top and second place both created a new phenomenon!”

“Furthermore, there are many legends about the previous Phenomenon Ranking’s number one. He seems to be even stronger than Ye Tiancheng…”


Ru Xuan pouted in disdain. “Sister, you said it yourself. The previous Phenomenon Ranking’s number one was a legend. What’s a legend? It’s fake. The more rumors spread, the more fake they become.”

Nangong Ling nodded as well. “We’ve never seen what the top of the previous Phenomenon Ranking looked like and we don’t know how fake the stories are either.”

“However, we witnessed the combat strength of Ye Tiancheng with our own eyes. It’s truly unprecedented.”

“We’ve all entered Nascent Soul realm. He must have entered Nascent Soul realm long ago as well.”

“Given his combat strength, he will definitely be able to sweep through all Perfected Lords and be invincible in the Nascent Soul realm!”

From the looks of it, Nangong Ling and the other two clearly knew nothing about what happened in Myriad Phenomenon City a hundred years ago.

Or rather, even if they knew, they only knew a limited amount and thought that it was just a legend.

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with mockery.

He could understand that.

After all, the major sects and factions of Myriad Phenomenon City were massacred by the foreign races a hundred years ago. Countless paragons were killed and almost all of them were wiped out.

In the end, he was the one who saved everyone.

Furthermore, in the eyes of everyone, he was of a different race!

This was a disgraceful matter.

In fact, it could even be said that the major sects and factions lost all face in front of the Rakshasa and God race.

After returning to Tianhuang Mainland, it was only logical for them to keep this a secret.

Because of that, the truth was concealed.

That was merely a hundred years.

If it was 500 years later or 1,000 years later, who would remember that there was a figure in Myriad Phenomenon City who fought to the death and protected the last bit of dignity of the human race without retreating at all!

Who would remember that there was once a person who managed to turn the tides singlehandedly!

Who would remember that there was once a figure that stood on the corpse of an alien race with an unparalleled aura and let out a heroic roar – the emperors are not here, but I am!

As time passed, everything would eventually be buried until there were no traces left.

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and asked in a seemingly casual manner, “You guys seem to look down on the previous Phenomenon Ranking’s top spot?”

“That’s normal.”

Ru Xuan shrugged. “There’s only two possibilities if there’s no news of that person within a hundred years.”

“First, he’s already dead. Furthermore, he died silently. It’s clear that he’s nothing much.”

The paragons that died prematurely would eventually be forgotten without exception.

Su Zimo asked, “What’s the second possibility?”

Ru Xuan said, “Second, he’s timid as a mouse and has already gone into hiding.”

Su Zimo frowned, not really understanding what she was saying.

Ru Xuan continued, “Eighty years ago, Di Yin, who was ranked second on the previous Phenomenon Ranking, declared that he wanted to engage in a life and death battle with this man. However, he did not respond at all.”

“Later on, Di Yin made a move and I heard that he nearly beat that person’s best friend to death. Even then, that person did not even show himself. If he’s not as cowardly as a rat, what is he…”

As she spoke, she shuddered and could not continue.

Instinctively, she raised her head and saw a cold gaze and expression on Su Zimo’s face. He exuded a shuddering aura that was indescribably terrifying!

Su Zimo’s hands were stained with the blood of paragons and monster incarnates!

It was definitely not a fluke that he had accumulated corpses along the way!

He even dared to kill an Overlord!

How could someone as strong as Ru Xuan withstand his wrath?

When the human’s killing intent is released, Heaven and Earth shall topple!


Ru Xuan shrieked in shock and retreated a few steps.

Nangong Ling and Liu Hanyan’s expressions changed drastically as well. They felt their hearts skip a beat as though a catastrophe was about to befall them.

Nangong Ling slapped his storage bag and pulled out a long saber with a clang, waiting intently.

Su Zimo snapped out of his stupor and knew that he had lost his composure. He retracted his killing intent and that shuddering aura vanished as well.

Ru Xuan and the other two were stunned. In the blink of an eye, the green-robed man had returned to his normal self.

That sense of trepidation earlier on seemed like an illusion.

Feeling aggrieved, Ru Xuan came before Su Zimo and hollered, “Why are you glaring at me?! Why are you being so fierce to me?!”

Su Zimo was silent for a moment before saying, “I’m sorry. I was thinking about something else and lost my composure.”


Ru Xuan rolled her eyes, seemingly unappreciative.

Su Zimo did not console her either and asked, “May I ask who Di Yin injured?”

“I don’t know!”

Ru Xuan snapped and turned away.

Liu Hanyan saw that the situation was a little tense and hurriedly continued, “I heard that Tomb Sect’s successor was injured along with a fellow Daoist surnamed Ji from Elixir Yang Sect.”

Liu Hanyan stole a glance. When she saw Su Zimo’s expressionless face, she continued, “That fellow Daoist surnamed Ji was saved by Elixir Yang Sect’s elixir and did not die. I heard that the fellow Daoist of Tomb Sect escaped as well. However, his whereabouts are unknown and his fate is unknown.”

Liu Hanyan thought for a moment and probed, “Fellow Daoist… you know them?”

Su Zimo remained silent and did not reply.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded in his mind. “Don’t worry, if your friend were to obtain Tomb Sect’s true inheritance, he wouldn’t die so easily.”

“Furthermore, after those two incidents, the others will definitely be locked up by their sects. No matter how strong Di Yin is, he wouldn’t dare to kill in the territory of those major sects.”

When Liu Hanyan saw that Su Zimo did not reply, she did not get angry and continued, “I heard that Di Yin wanted to kill a few more people initially. However, they were locked up by their sects and Di Yin lost his chance.”

Su Zimo finally relaxed.

As long as his old friends were fine, his return was not too late!

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