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Chapter 881: Methods of a Dao Lord

Dao Lord Immortal Sword knew what was within the ball of light and he was bent on succeeding for his trip this time round!

If he could get his hands on this sword art, he would most likely be the second to do so apart from the Sword Emperor!

However, he was very smart and did not tell Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift what was truly within the ball of light – he merely said that it was a remnant of Sword Sect.

He believed that Dao Lord Cloud Rain and Fairy Snowdrift would not be able to guess what was inside the ball of light either!

There were extremely few people who could deduce the birth of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art through an universal phenomenon.

Furthermore, it was only by chance that he managed to catch sight of an obscure statement left behind by the Sword Emperor when he was browsing through the legacy ancient books of Sword Sect: ‘When the heaven’s killing intent is released, the stars are shifted out of alignment; when the earth’s killing intent is released, the dragon snake shall rise; when the human’s killing intent is released, Heaven and Earth shall topple!’

Through that statement, he managed to deduce that there was a high chance the universal phenomenon was formed because the Heaven Slaying Sword Art was about to be born!

Of course, he was not entirely certain either.

When Dao Lord Immortal Sword ventured deep into this place and saw the frightening sword intent released by the ball of light, he was finally convinced that the Heaven Slaying Sword Art was within the ball of light!

“Fellow Daoists, please help me hold them back for a bit! A while will do!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword left the statement and withdrew from the fight.


A sword light streaked past the skies as Dao Lord Immortal Sword sprinted towards the gigantic ball of light hovering in midair.

“Where are you headed to?!”

The Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp hollered and swung the spear in his arms. Two metallic glints shone in his eyes as he swept horizontally with a monumental might towards Dao Lord Immortal Sword!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword did not dodge or avoid and continued forward as though he had not seen it at all.

“Crocodile Demon, you’ll have to get through me first!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain retracted his smile and got serious. He threw his folding fan and it transformed into a streak of black light, striking the Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp’s spear heavily.


The folding fan and spear collided with a loud clanging sound.

The spear quivered gently and was repelled slightly. In a flash, Dao Lord Immortal Sword seized that momentary opportunity and slipped past!

Dao Lord Cloud Rain slapped in reverse and pushed across the air towards the Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp.

Dharmic powers gathered within his palm endlessly.

A gigantic palm created with Dharmic power appeared in the void and arrived instantly!

“Six Desires Palm Strike!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain said softly, “The Seven Emotions Threads and Six Desires Palm Strike are the ultimate skills of Cloud Rain Sect. However, the Six Desires Palm Strike is focused on killing.”

“Now that he released this ultimate skill, Cloud Rain is probably going all out.”

The Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp sensed danger and his eyes lit up as he howled, “Innate Divine Powers, Boulder Form!”

One after another, rough lumps that resembled rocks appeared on the body of the Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp and stuck onto his body such that only his eyes were exposed.

This was the innate divine power of the Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp provided a huge boost to his physical defense once it was released.

Even powerful Dao Lord Dharmic weapons might not be able to hurt his true form, let alone Dharmic arts!


The gigantic palm descended.

The Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp’s true form was at least several dozen feet wide. However, he was sent flying by that gigantic palm and nearly fell from the skies!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s hands continued shifting and a total of six gigantic palms were sent forth!

Even the voids were quivering.


Dao Lord Cloud Rain tossed his folding fan outwards once again.

His folding fan opened up and there were ink portraits within.

One after another, nude handsome men and gorgeous women were having intercourse in various positions in an extremely alluring manner.

The moment the folding fan opened up, the men and women within seemed to have come alive and started gyrating; it was as though they could tap on the primal impulses within the hearts of all the fiend demons!


Some of the fiend demons felt their blood pump and entered a frenzied state with a single glance.

A demon panted heavily and spun around, lunging towards the Overlord of Thousand Snake Island not far away in a deranged manner.

The Overlord of Thousand Snake Island’s expression was frosty and she killed the demon without hesitation.

However, immediately after, another fiend demon that had lost his mind charged over!

“Damn it!”

Even with the Overlord of Thousand Snake Island’s composure, she could not help but curse.

The battlefield was in chaos.

Fairy Snowdrift’s expression was even colder. She swept her gaze around and conjured hand seals rapidly, causing frost to spread with a single wave of her fair hand!

“Frost Convergence!”

She hollered with a voice cold as ice.

The void looked like the silent surface of a lake and frost began to surface, spreading everywhere to engulf fiend demons layer by layer!

Some of the fiend demons reacted extremely swiftly and circulated Dharmic powers in their bloodlines to break free the moment a layer of frost formed over their bodies.

Some of the fiend demons were slower to react. By the time the frost covered most of their bodies, their expressions froze on their faces as they could not move at all!

It was an extremely shocking sight!

In the blink of an eye, gigantic icicles formed in midair one after another.

Unlike the other fiend demons watching the battle, Su Zimo’s position was extremely close to the center of the battlefield.

However, at that moment, he could already feel some discomfort in his bloodline.

Frost qi rushed over wave after wave.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

If he had not circulated his bloodline with all his might, he would not have been able to withstand the invasion of the frost qi!

He was only at the edge of the battlefield. If he was right in the center, he would have turned into an ice statue before he even approached the ball of light!

Right then, a warm sensation spread from his left wrist and cruised through his limbs like a river current.

Before long, Su Zimo’s body warmed up.

He knew that Dao Lord Extreme Fire was the one helping him.

“Don’t get anxious, wait a while more!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice was unusually calm.

Far away, almost all the fiend demons watched this earthshaking battle keenly. However, monkey and the others kept their eyes on Su Zimo from time to time.

By now, Su Zimo had already changed his robes.

The muscles on his face twitched and his original scholarly and refined aura was gone. In the blink of an eye, he transformed into another person with a brutish aura!

All the demons were watching the battle and none of them noticed this.

However, monkey and the others saw everything clear as day.

“What’s First trying to do?”

The spirit tiger seemed to have thought of something and was dumbstricken with his mouth agape.

“Could young master be thinking of…”

Little Fox frowned slightly with worry-filled eyes as she looked at Su Zimo and the ball of light in midair.

Solitary Cloud shook his head grimly. “Impossible! Even the aftershock from the Dharmic power of a fight at this level is enough to kill mid and low-level fiend demons!”

“Master won’t be able to get close at all, let alone snatch that ball of light from under the nose of so many Dharma Characteristic experts.”

Solitary Cloud was not wrong.

A moment earlier, more than ten high-level fiend demons were sealed eternally in ice and fell without waking up after the top-tier Dharmic art of Snowdrift Valley released by Fairy Snowdrift.

With a crash, they shattered into pieces when they fell onto the ground.

Although Su Zimo’s physique and bloodline was strong, there was no way he could endure the invasion of such power!

Little Fox pondered for a moment. “Most importantly, even if young master could get his hands on that ball of light, how is he going to escape?”

The situation right now was different from when Su Zimo escaped from the Blood Sea a day ago.

Right now, the six Overlords and three Dao Lords were present.

Furthermore, all nine top-tier Dharma Characteristic experts were watching the ball of light – anyone that tried to get their hands on it would be attacked by all nine of them!

Even if Su Zimo managed to get his hands on it and release Blood Escape, there was no way he could possibly escape!

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