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Chapter 88: Challenge Between Two Peaks

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In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had joined the sect for more than two months.

It was already mid of the year by now.

This day, Su Zimo was pondering about the technique of spirit gathering in his cave abode when the spirit tiger’s sharp ears heard the sound of Sword Kinesis Flight speeding towards their direction.

Before long, his door sounded with hurried knocks.

“Bro, open up! Are you there?” Little fatty’s voice rang out.

Su Zimo sighed – he was about to make headway when his thought process was broken. Getting off his stone bed, he walked out of his cave abode with the spirit tiger behind him.

Because the spirit tiger was even taller than the little fatty and it looked feral, the latter was so scared that he almost fled from the spot on his flying sword.

It was only after he saw the spirit beast badge on the spirit tiger’s neck that little fatty calmed down and chuckled. “Bro, you’re amazing! You even have a spirit beast now!”

“What happened? What are you so flustered for?” Su Zimo saw that little fatty’s nose was filled with beads of sweat as though he had rushed over because something had happened.

Slapping his forehead, little fatty replied hurriedly, “Bro, it’s bad! Weapon Peak’s disciples are fighting with Spirit Peak disciples in our peak’s spirit arena!”


Su Zimo frowned. “Explain everything clearly. What’s going on?”

“It’s like this.”

Little fatty organized his thoughts and related the entire event thoroughly.

Su Zimo’s eyes turned colder by the moment.

So, he was the cause of the conflict between disciples of both peaks.

During this period of time, Su Zimo was always in his cave abode and had rarely appeared. Not only did he not take part in the month end test, he did not even reply to Feng Haoyu’s challenge. However, that made Feng Haoyu feel as though he was being looked down on!

It was an absolute disgrace for him!

Naturally, disciples of Spirit Peak began to mock that Su Zimo was a coward who did not dare to accept the challenge and whatnot.

When disciples of Weapon Peak heard it, they naturally felt uncomfortable as well and because of that, both sides had been engaging in a verbal war for the past period of time.

Everything escalated to this day when the fight exploded, causing disciples of both peaks to engage in a challenge.

To be honest, other than Su Zimo, none of the Weapon Peak disciples had a heaven spirit root and neither were they well-versed in fighting techniques.

Most of the Weapon Peak disciples spent their time raising their cultivation states and refining weapons.

Even for Qi Refinement Warriors at the same cultivation realm, Weapon Peak disciples were far inferior compared to Spirit Peak disciples. In fact, even those that were merely a level higher may lose as well.

This was a challenge that Weapon Peak could not win!

Without saying anything more, Su Zimo summoned his flying sword and said grimly, “Go! To Spirit Peak!”

The spirit tiger leapt on the sword as well – as Su Zimo’s spirit beast, it naturally had to follow suit.

During this period of time, Su Zimo’s had gotten to Level 6 Qi Condensation. At full speed, his Sword Kinesis Flight was almost comparable to little fatty who was Level 7 Qi Condensation!

One had to understand that little fatty had a heaven spirit root as well.

However, the fact that they had a similar speed implied that Su Zimo’s quality of spirit qi was even higher than little fatty’s!

“This doesn’t make sense.”

Little fatty was puzzled.

“Bro, don’t be rash later on,” They were about to arrive at Spirit Peak and when little fatty saw the coldness in Su Zimo’s eyes, he reminded out of fear that the latter might do anything inappropriate.

Su Zimo did not reply.

Cultivators were not allowed to fight one another casually within Ethereal Peak. If they had any grudges to settle, they would have to do it in the spirit arena.

Each peak had their own spirit arenas located in the westward direction respectively.

After all, the westward represented the metal element – it was a sign to kill!

However, even in the spirit arenas, cultivators were not allowed to kill or cripple the other party’s cultivation – it was only a place to determine the winner.

But of course, duels – especially between cultivators who were evenly matched – were usually decided through a single crucial moment. It was difficult for anyone to properly hold back their power for those critical moments and the accidents have happened in the spirit arenas before as well.

Before long, Su Zimo and little fatty arrived above Spirit Peak. At the westward direction, a large group of people gathered with many disciples looking on.

Su Zimo and little fatty descended outside the spirit arena.

“Make way, make way!” With his fat body, little fatty paved a path forcefully.

Many Spirit Peak disciples were just about to scold him when they caught sight of the spirit tiger behind Su Zimo and got jolted in shock, swallowing their words.

In front of Su Zimo, the spirit tiger was tame as a kitten but out here, it was ferocious and mighty, even letting out a feral roar every now and then!

Soon, they arrived at the front of the crowd.

There were at least 2,000 trial disciples looking on around the spirit arena. It wasn’t just Spirit and Weapon Peak, disciples of the other three peaks had arrived upon hearing the news as well.

The stir caused by this challenge had rattled all five peaks!

Those that stood at the front of the crowd were naturally the prodigies and talents of every sect. Leng Rou with the ice spirit root was amongst them as well, watching on with her usual coldness.

In the spirit arena, a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior of Spirit Peak was engaged in battle against Xue Yi.

Xue Yi was at Level 9 Qi Condensation, a realm higher than this person. However, he was being suppressed to a big disadvantage and it was only a matter of time before he lost.

A fight between Qi Refinement Warriors was limited where items such as spirit weapons and talismans were not used.

Even though they were both riding a single flying sword, the Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior of Spirit Peak clearly had a much better mastery with it as his flying sword pressured Xue Yi endlessly.

Xue Yi’s mastery of his flying sword was clearly much clumsier.

“That’s Sun Tao, a heaven spirit root. He’s nothing much in Spirit Peak and only listens to Feng Haoyu. Hmph, bro. Even though I’m only Level 7 Qi Condensation, I might even be able to take down this man too,” Little fatty whispered at the side.

Su Zimo nodded his head and looked around, spotting the haughty, purple robed Feng Haoyu standing nearby.

Right then, Feng Haoyu turned to look at Su Zimo too.

A taunting look flickered through Feng Haoyu’s eyes.

“Fufu, you’re finally willing to show yourself?”

Feng Haoyu scoffed coldly and suddenly declared loudly, “Sun Tao, don’t drag this anymore and end it quickly. The ‘genius’ of Weapon Peak is here to watch.”

Feng Haoyu placed particular emphasis on the word ‘genius’. Right then, countless gazes turned towards Su Zimo.

Leng Rou turned slightly and glanced at Su Zimo indifferently before looking back.

Despite the intense fight, Sun Tao was still able to afford the distraction of looking out of the spirit arena.

After he saw Su Zimo, Sun Tao burst out into laughter and activated some hand seals. His flying sword shone brightly and burst forth with energy, hitting Xue Yi’s flying sword away and piercing towards his heart!

Xue Yi’s eyes were instantly panicked. He wanted to dodge but at the sight of the incoming flying sword, his body went slightly stiff instead.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

Just as the flying sword was about to pierce Xue Yi’s chest, Sun Tao chuckled and adjusted its trajectory upwards.


The flying sword pierced through Xue Yi’s shoulder blade and brought forth a stream of blood.

Groaning, Xue Yi was brought to a stagger from the force and fell from the spirit arena.

A couple of disciples from Weapon Peak rushed forth to support Xue Yi, applying ointment on the wound to slowly stop the bleeding.

The disciples of Weapon Peak watched angrily and shouted as Sun Tao walked slowly off the spirit arena, “The winner was already decided, why did you still injure him!”

“Hmph, no one is to blame for his lackluster skills.”

Sun Tao scoffed coldly, “Weapon Peak is only good at talking. Level 9 Qi Condensation? So, what? Even if you’re a realm above me, you’re nothing in my eyes!”

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