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Chapter 863: Danger!

After one became an Overlord, they would gain many fiend demon underlings and a vast territory.

At their level and status, they would almost never fight unless there was an unresolvable feud.

Who would have thought that the trigger point of a fight between Overlords would be a low-level fiend demon!


The old ape roared and his blood qi rumbled. He swung his fists like a pair of stone hammers against the two incoming spears!


The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak shuddered and his palm felt numb; he almost lost his grip on his spears and they nearly flew.

“How strong!”

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak felt his heart skip a beat.

At the same time, the old ape swiped his waist and retrieved a pair of stone dumbbells that were shaped like ancient padlocks, waving them!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley released his saber, the Overlord of Thousand Snake Island released her katars and the Overlord of Confusion Mist Swamp released his dark-gold halberd; all of them struck and sparks flew everywhere!

Although it was one against four, the old ape was not disadvantaged with his Destiny Dharmic Weapon!

“Kill him!”

The Overlord of Silvermoon Valley hollered and waved his arm.

All the high-level fiend demons of Levitating Goat Peak, Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island and Confusion Mist Swamp charged over – there were more than a hundred of them!

However, there were less than 30 high-level fiend demons on the side of Ape Chatter Ridge and Golden Flames Mountain.

One side had a few times more high-level fiend demons than the other!

“You guys, be careful!”

Yuan Ling’er glared at monkey and instructed before charging into the air to fight high-level fiend demons at the other side.

In midair, the high-level fiend demons converged to a fight.

It was chaos on the flat plains as well.

Many fiend demons took advantage of the chaos to rob others. With Solitary Cloud by their side, monkey and the others were able to protect themselves.

“Innate divine powers!”

“Divine strength!”

“Inner vitality!”


“Blood Drain!”

In midair, many high-level fiend demons reverted to their true forms and formidable, overwhelming powers burst forth from their bodies while divine powers spread everywhere.

The entire world was quivering!

Unlike human cultivators, demons could begin to comprehend divine powers the moment they become high-level fiend demons.

The deeper their cultivations were, the stronger the divine powers became!

Most fiend demons could only inherit a single divine power.

A rare few fiend demons could inherit two divine powers.

Those that could inherit three divine powers were almost the strongest and most frightening living beings in the world… such as the Primordial Nine Races!

Divine powers were released in the massive battle in midair. This meant that both parties were fighting with all their might without even testing the waters!

A high-level fiend demon on the side of Confusion Mist Swamp charged to the front, wanting to take the old ape head-on with his divine powers.


The old ape was enraged and smashed down with his stone padlocks, smashing the fiend demon into sludge – there wasn’t even a corpse left!

Although the old ape was aged with white brows fluttering, every single move he made released a shocking combat strength!

The dignity of an Overlord was not to be challenged!

Although they were of the same cultivation realms, all the high-level fiend demons would definitely be knocked back if they tried to take the old ape head-on.

It would be lucky if they could get out with severe injuries and a mouthful of blood.

Otherwise, the normal outcome would be instant death!

During this short period of time, there were already close to ten high-level fiend demons that died in the old ape’s hands!

Blood dyed the skies scarlet!

Only the Overlords of Levitating Goat Peak, Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island and Confusion Mist Swamp could stand against the old ape.

“Hahaha! Amazing!”

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain waved his gigantic, black three-pronged halberd that was drenched with blood and roared in laughter. “Brother, you’re really something!”

The Overlords of Levitating Goat Peak, Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island and Confusion Mist Swamp exchanged glances.

Finally, they realized something.

All of them had underestimated the old ape’s combat strength!

This old ape who seemed like he was in his twilight years was still the most frightening Overlord among the seven of them!

Even the four Overlords felt anxious at the sight of their high-level fiend demons perishing one after another.

The losses were way too immense!

Was it worth it to suffer great losses just for the sake of a low-level fiend demon?

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak glanced at the Blood Sea beneath and a cold glint flashed through his eyes.

The aim of this battle was not to kill the other parties in the fight.

The aim of this battle was that fiend demon in the Blood Sea!

“You guys, head inside the Blood Sea to capture that lowlife alive!”

The Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak changed strategies immediately and ordered seven high-level fiend demon underlings to enter the Blood Sea and capture Su Zimo alive!

“I’ll see who is able to enter!”

The old ape’s fur was already dyed red as he stood in front of the Blood Sea with a murderous aura, wielding his pair of bloodstained stone padlocks!

“Old monkey, there’s no need for me to defeat you. All I have to do is trap you here for the time being!”

With a single thought from the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak, a cage the size of a palm flew out of his storage bag. It expanded with the wind and engulfed the old ape!

The cage was grayish-white and made from the bones of an unknown fiend demon, giving off a chilling and sinister aura!


The old ape frowned slightly and did not dare to be careless.

Although the stone padlocks in his arms were 5 tons each, he was extremely agile and darted furiously.

In the blink of an eye, he vanished from the spot and shuttled to the other side.

“Watch out!”

The Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain shouted.

The old ape’s heart skipped a beat.

The moment he landed, a pair of grisly-white bone palms burst forth from the mud beneath and gripped his ankles!

That was the demonic art of Levitating Goat Peak’s Overlord!

Instantly, the bone palms left ten fingerprints on the ankles of the old ape and the area around it turned purplish-black in a sinister manner!


The old ape stood on the ground and his blood qi rumbled. His body expanded as the blood qi around his ankle rumbled and his flesh swelled – the tremendous amount of power shattered the bone palms instantly!

The purplish-black color around the ankles faded gradually.

Although the old ape managed to dispel the demonic art, the bone cage in midair had already descended and trapped him within!

“Break it!”

The old ape hollered and wielded his stone padlocks to release his divine powers. The power within his body exploded and struck a few bones before him violently!

The bone cage shook and the bones quivered as though they were about to shatter!

Levitating Goat Peak’s Overlord’s expression changed as he yelled hurriedly, “Guys, help me! This old monkey is way too strong!”


The Overlords of Silvermoon Valley and the other two territories agreed and released streams of spirit consciousnesses into the bone cage.

The stone padlocks of the old ape smashed down once again.

However, this time round, the bone cage shone brightly and repelled the old ape, causing him to smash against the bones of the bone cage at the back before sliding down.

The old ape stood up and charged forward again.

However, he was repelled once more!

This bone cage was a trump card of the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak. Although it did not have much killing power, it was extremely difficult for those that were trapped within to break out.

Furthermore, right now, it was equivalent to a fight between the old ape and four other Overlords!

On the other side, the Overlord of Golden Flames Mountain was also surrounded by many high-level fiend demons and could not break free.

Seven high-level fiend demons broke out and with lightning speed, leaped into the gigantic vortex in the Blood Sea and vanished.

The Dharmic powers fluctuation caused by seven high-level fiend demons leaping into the Blood Sea was so strong that even the gigantic vortex was forced to stop!

The Blood Sea became peaceful once again!

At the sight of that, the demons lamented internally, “Mo is doomed!”

Two major cultivation realms apart, even a single high-level fiend demon could kill Mo, let alone seven!

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