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Chapter 817: Greetings

“Actually, when the previous Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Territorial Lord was around, he could suppress Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River with his strength,”

The Rat King continued, “However, during an expedition outside, he met with a strong foe and was severely injured. His physical body was destroyed and he managed to return with his Essence Spirit, but he did not live for long thereafter,”

“The current Howling Moon Territorial Lord is the remaining bloodline of the previous Territorial Lord.”

“Throughout these years, the reason why Howling Moon Mountain was not overtaken was because Black Sand Ridge, Cyclone Cave and Ghastly River were wary of one another and had their own plans respectively.”

Su Zimo nodded.

The three territories were also worried that they might lose out if they were embroiled in battle with Howling Moon Mountain; that was why they had not attacked.

However, if they three territories came to a common understanding, Howling Moon Mountain would be on the brink of destruction!

“Brothers, why have you guys returned?”

The Rat King’s eyes darted around as he probed.

The spirit tiger raised his chin and declared proudly. “We’ve naturally returned to take over the place and replace the current territorial lords!”


The Rat King pouted his lips slightly and sneered in his mind.

In his opinion, the spirit tiger was definitely spouting nonsense – they must be dreaming if they thought that a few low-level fiend demons could take over an entire territory.

“You don’t believe us?”

Monkey walked over and lifted the Rat King up by the shoulders, smirking.

“I-I do!”

The Rat King shuddered and replied hurriedly with a smile.

Monkey smirked even deeper. “Since you do, help us then. We’re lacking in manpower and you do seem like someone who knows what’s good for you.”

The Rat King lamented internally but could only force himself to reply, “Well… I’m indebted to the previous Territorial Lord and the current Territorial Lord is nice to me as well. I…”

Suddenly, a thought crossed the Rat King’s mind. “Brothers, you are actually not at fault for everything that happened previously. I can clarify the matter in front of the Territorial Lord.”

“Now that you guys are already fiend demons, given your capabilities, there’s definitely a chance for you guys to become protectors of Howling Moon Mountain.”


Suddenly, Su Zimo spoke, “We’ll trouble you then.”

“Ah, alright!

The Rat King patted himself on the chest and declared loudly, “Don’t worry, everyone, I’ll try my best to help you guys plead for mercy. Our Territorial Lord is a wise man and will definitely not be calculative over what happened previously.”

Su Zimo nodded. “Alright, you can head back.”

The Rat King froze slightly.

They were letting him off just like that?

He had not expected everything to proceed so smoothly.

The Rat King froze for a brief moment but snapped out of it swiftly. He said with cupped fists, “Brothers, please wait here for my favorable reply! I’ll return as soon as I can!”

He turned and left the cave, vanishing into the darkness before long.

“First, we’re letting him off just like that?”

The spirit tiger scratched his head and said in a deep voice, “This rat seems shifty and dishonest. What if he brings a group of people and encircles us instead?”

Su Zimo replied pensively, “Let’s see what their decision will be.”

10 days later.

Within the cave, Su Zimo who was originally in quiet meditation opened his eyes and a divine flash of light flickered briefly.

Before long, monkey, the spirit tiger and monkey stirred awake from their cultivations as well.

“The rat is back?”

Monkey’s ears twitched. “He seems to be the only one.”

Su Zimo nodded and rose with a look of relief in his eyes.

Although he did not know what the Territorial Lords thought, he knew that the rat did not backstab them at the very least.

Before long, the Rat King burrowed into the cave and rubbed his palms with a huge grin. “Hehe, thankfully, things worked out well. Brothers, follow me to meet the Territorial Lord!”


Su Zimo agreed to it.


The Rat King praised. “Brothers, don’t think too much about it. After all, the position of a protector is dignified and the Territorial Lord wishes to meet you guys in person before he can make the decision.”

“That’s for sure.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Thereafter, Su Zimo’s group of five left the cave with the Rat King and headed to the center of Howling Moon Mountain.

With the lead of the Rat King, their journey was mostly without obstacles despite some slight dangers. Before long, they arrived at a cave in the center of Howling Moon Mountain.

The spirit tiger and Little Fox were extremely curious and looked all around them the entire journey.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm.

His Essence Spirit roamed to this place 10 days ago so everything was not new to him.

“Brothers, follow me,”

The Rat King led the way into the cave and Su Zimo’s group of five followed close behind to enter.

The moment they entered the cave, their vision lit up.

The cave abode was extremely spacious and gigantic pearls the size of fists were adorned on the walls on all four corners. They shone brightly and looked majestic.


The spirit tiger’s eyes lit up and he wished that he could take off all the Night Luminance Beads and keep them for himself.


Suddenly, a voice hollered.

Everyone turned towards the voice. Not far away at the front, a black-faced burly man sat in a crude position in the manner. He was expressionless as he gazed at them.

Su Zimo had seen this person before and naturally knew that this was Howling Moon Mountain’s Territorial Lord, Black Wolf.

A lady with a white shawl sat at the bottom left of Black Wolf quietly without raising her head at all. This was Howling Moon Territorial Lord’s Deputy Territorial Lord, Chan Ruyi!

However, neither of them were the ones that hollered earlier on.

A muscular man stood behind Black Wolf.

His eyes resembled bronze bells and he was burly and muscular at more than ten feet tall. Bronze-colored muscles that resembled rocks bulged up one after another on his exposed arms!

The burly man shouted again with a rumbling aura, “Why aren’t you guys heading over to greet the two Territorial Lords?!”

The Rat King said softly in a flustered manner, “That’s the leader of Howling Moon Mountain’s protectors, Bronze Bull and he’s the strongest in combat. Brothers, it’s best not to offend him!”

Monkey had a proud expression and pouted his lips.

Su Zimo’s group of five did not move.


Bronze Bull’s gaze froze up and he was angered. Right as he was about to flare up, Black Wolf that sat at the front waved it off.

Bronze Bull panted heavily and endured it for the time being. However, he glared at Su Zimo’s group of five with an unfriendly expression.

The moment Su Zimo’s group of five entered the cave abode, Black Wolf had been sizing them up with a frightening gaze.

He was a mid-level fiend demon and a Territorial Lord – the aura and might of his presence was so powerful that ordinary demon beasts wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

Most of them would kneel on the ground and take the initiative to greet him.

However, he could not see any bit of fear from the faces of the five people before him.

Even though they were up against two Territorial Lords.

Even though they were facing two mid-level fiend demons!

It was especially the case for the scarlet-haired man leading them. This man had a composed expression and calm gaze without any bit of uneasiness and even dared to meet Black Wolf’s gaze!


Black Wolf laughed internally.

Even Chan Ruyi raised her head and took a special glance at Su Zimo.

“You dare to come knocking on my doors even after killing two of my protectors? Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill all of you?” A moment later, Black Wolf spoke slowly with a bright gaze. Instantly, the atmosphere turned murderous.

Before Su Zimo could react, the Rat King was the first to be startled and said hurriedly, “Territorial Lord, d-didn’t we agree earlier to let bygones be bygones? Y-You…”

Black Wolf had a cold gaze and said coolly, “I’m reneging on my words. You have an issue with that?”

The Rat King was speechless and sweat rolled down his forehead profusely.

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