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Chapter 769: Massacre

The dark light paused briefly and revealed the Rakshasa.


The Rakshasa spat out a huge mouthful of blood with a pale expression. His palm was split with fresh blood gushing and he could no longer maintain his grip on the curved saber – it was repelled instantly!

‘I’ve got to escape first!’

‘This human is too strong and I can’t win him in terms of strength!’

‘I’ve got to wrap around him and look for another opportunity!’

The Rakshasa’s reflexes were extremely swift and those thoughts flashed through his mind one after another.


The meat wings of the Rakshasa flapped and wind howled. A tremendous power was released as he attempted to soar into the air and flee.

Under normal circumstances, there would naturally be a brief respite between both parties after a full-on clash.

However, Su Zimo’s body sounded with the sound of tsunami. His strength that was deteriorated after the collision received a fresh boost like the surge of a tide!

That was Tidal Might!

Su Zimo had a cold expression and his movements did not stop at all.

With the strength of Tidal Might, he leaned in and his saber force shifted. The blade released a slight vibration as though it was forming blood-colored ripples in midair!

The blood-colored ripples smudged across the Rakshasa’s throat gently.

His two attacks — one tough and the other gentle — were fluid as water without any delays at all.

The tall and mighty body of the Rakshasa could not get out of Su Zimo’s saber force’s range at all!


A massive current of blood spurted out!

A gruesome head was lopped high into the air with fresh blood spraying everywhere. The headless corpse of the Rakshasa collapsed stiffly onto the ground and writhed unconsciously.

Suddenly, the battlefield went silent.

Nobody expected this outcome in the fight between Su Zimo and the Rakshasa.

Less than that, nobody expected Su Zimo to kill the Rakshasa with two slashes!

For any outsider, the entire process seemed fleeting and simple.

However, nobody knew that Su Zimo had used at least three of his trump cards in order to kill the Rakshasa!

The Rakshasa’s death was not worthless.

The Rakshasa leader glared at Su Zimo and said slowly, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you die so easily. I’m going to torture you bit by bit and have you suffer an existence worse than death!”

His smile turned more sinister as he waved. “Tie him up and kill everyone else. Spare no one!”


The many Rakshasas behind him agreed in unison.

“When the battle breaks out, I might not be able to protect all of you. Everyone, watch out!”

Su Zimo glanced sideways and instructed Little Fatty and the others.

The dangers in this battle were unprecedented!

Even Su Zimo was not confident about it.

Notwithstanding the Rakshasa and God race leaders who could kill Nascent Souls, even the hundred-odd Rakshasas that were about to attack were difficult to deal with!

Night Spirit’s expression changed and his gaze flickered.

A moment later, it was as though Night Spirit had made up his mind about something.

“First, I’m going to fight together with you later!”

Night Spirit did not speak.

However, his voice sounded inside Su Zimo’s mind.

Night Spirit was a spirit beast that was only at Golden Core realm, yet he could utilize the secret skill of Nascent Souls to send voice transmissions!

Su Zimo looked at Night Spirit deeply.

He was almost completely certain that Night Spirit was hiding a secret.

Furthermore, it was a secret that had to be hidden!

Previously, Night Spirit was even able to fend off five Rakshasas in the battle earlier on.

Now that Night Spirit said that he was going to fight together with Su Zimo, it seemed as though he was implying something unusual.


Many Rakshasas flashed and dozens of dark lights scattered throughout the voids in all directions, charging towards Su Zimo instantly.

Even a Nascent Soul might not be able to escape from such an attack unscathed!

However, Su Zimo had an unfazed expression as he swung Blood Quencher and released the saber techniques of the Sea Calming Manual and Asura Saber together.

The saber forces were relentlessly tight and nothing could penetrate them!

The Rakshasa race was smart and they were innately talented in combat.

The moment they sensed Su Zimo’s immense strength, they naturally chose not to take him head-on and instead circled around him continuously.

On the battlefield, Su Zimo’s figure almost completely vanished and he was shrouded by a blood beam around him that formed a blood-colored barrier!

In the skies, streaks of dark lights danced and revolved while charging forward continuously. They attempted to destroy the defense of the blood barrier but to no avail.

“If this drags on, Su Zimo is going to be disadvantaged.”

“That’s right, the saber technique released by Su Zimo requires immense stamina and mental focus; he can’t afford to be distracted in the slightest bit. However, the Rakshasas are merely dancing effortlessly in the air biding their time. Victory for them is almost guaranteed!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s group revealed worried expressions as they panicked.

If Su Zimo could not break out of this, he would die of exhaustion!

On the other end, more than 30 Rakshasas lunged towards Little Fatty and the others.

Everyone had grim expressions.

Su Zimo could defend against the combined attack of more than 10 Rakshasas. However, the most they could defend against were two Rakshasas.

Furthermore, the spirit tiger was severely injured in his fight earlier on.

Monkey’s eyes were no longer bloodshot and his berserk state had worn off. The injury on his chest was deep and he was almost incapable of fighting any longer with his diminished strength.

There were only a few of them who could continue to defend against the Rakshasas properly.

Their situation was not much better than Su Zimo’s!

Little Fatty, Lin Xuanji and Demoness Ji stood forward and shielded the group with resolute gazes, as though they were prepared to die!

Monkey, the spirit tiger and the other spirit beasts struggled to stand up with no hint of fear as well.

The 50,000 cultivators remaining had conflicted expressions as they looked at the figures before them. Deep in their eyes, there were even hints of guilt and shame.

Although they were referred to as paragons, they were scared out of their wits by the foreign intruders right now and even had to depend on the demon beasts before them for protection!

For the first time, everyone felt as though they were not worthy of being called paragons.

More than 30 Rakshasas lunged forward with an unstoppable might, as though they could shred everything in their path to pieces!

Against the pressure, Little Fatty and the other two were drenched in sweat and felt immensely tense; even their arms were trembling slightly.

All three of their Golden Core phenomenons had already dissipated.

Although Heaven Fiend Dance was the secret skill of Fairy Ling Long, it could not defend against the massacre of so many Rakshasas!

While Lin Xuanji possessed a multitude of techniques, he also felt despaired and helpless at the moment.

All of a sudden!

Just as the three of them were about to give up, a figure that resembled a phantom darted out from behind them. It charged towards the large group of Rakshasas without any decrease in speed!


A series of exclamations came from the crowd.

Who was it?

Who was it that had no regard for his life?

Was he trying to use his body to delay the slaughter of the Rakshasas?

That would be a joke!

As thoughts ran wildly through the minds of the cultivators present, that figure had already clashed against the large group of Rakshasas!


A blood mist spread almost instantly upon collision!

The figure vanished entirely, as though it was smashed into sludge.

However, the next moment, all the cultivators exclaimed!

A corpse fell from midair!

It was the corpse of a Rakshasa!

There were five holes the size of fingers on the head of the corpse and retching brain juices oozed from them.

The Rakshasa was completely dead!


Many cultivators were dumbstruck and their minds went blank – they could not figure out what was happening.

The figure that initially vanished reappeared in midair like a phantom and brushed past another Rakshasa. It reached out and grabbed at an extremely terrifying speed!


The Rakshasa’s throat was crushed by its palm and it died on the spot!

“Night Spirit!”

Qing Qing exclaimed.

A massacre had arrived under the guise of the night!

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