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Chapter 718: Old Friends

“The eventual aim of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking is to gather the monster incarnates of the world. That’s the reason why there isn’t the situation of a mass fight to the death.”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue said, “If many monster incarnates have to suffer immense losses all for the sake of a ranking list, that would go against the original intentions of Fairy Ling Long.”

Su Zimo nodded.

The way of contending for the Phenomenon Ranking was indeed much milder and needless killing would be avoided.

Perfected Lord Luo Xue said, “The fight for the Phenomenon Ranking takes place three months later. At that time, a hundred thousand Golden Cores will be gathered at the base of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak!”

“Perfected Lord Yu Jun of Enigma Palace will appear at that time to host and apart from me, Nascent Souls of various super sects will spectate as well.”

Although the format of contention for the Phenomenon Ranking between the hundred thousand paragons was relatively mild, the process will definitely be tense and exciting with a massive might!

“I’ve got it. Thank you for the information, Perfected Lord Luo Xue,”

Su Zimo greeted with cupped fists.

Perfected Lord Luo Xue nodded. “Your situation is unique since you are in possession of a great treasure such as the divine phoenix bone and have offended many sects and factions. You can cultivate in this palace from today forth lest others create trouble for you.”

Countless eyes were locked onto Su Zimo in Myriad Phenomenon City!

If he stayed here with Perfected Lord Luo Xue guarding over him, other sects and factions would not be able to trespass the territory of Snowdrift Valley to capture him.

“Thank you, Perfected Lord,”

Su Zimo expressed his thanks once again.


He recalled something and asked, “Perfected Lord, may I ask if you’ve heard of cultivators from Elixir Yang Sect entering the ancient battlefield?”

Although there were many opportunities and treasures in the ancient battlefield, they were accompanied by dangers.

Not all super sects and top factions would send cultivators into the ancient battlefield. Although Elixir Yang Sect was one of the four unorthodox groups, they did not specialize in combat and it was only logical if they chose not to enter the ancient battlefield.

“The four unorthodox groups are all here, but they have yet to arrive in Myriad Phenomenon City,” Perfected Lord Luo Xue replied.

Su Zimo nodded.

With Night Spirit escorting Xiaoning in the ancient battlefield, things should not be difficult.

Although Su Zimo’s group was hindered by many things along the way, they were able to continue on the road day and night thanks to their powerful strength.

They were considered as the first batch of cultivators to arrive at Myriad Phenomenon City.

The other cultivators could not afford to behave as recklessly as time.

Most sects and factions would choose to rest at night and travel in the day so that they could avoid large scale beast stampedes as much as possible for safety reasons.

After mulling for a moment, Su Zimo asked again, “Has the god race appeared in Myriad Phenomenon City?”


Perfected Lord Luo Xue’s expression changed starkly as she spun around at the mention of the words ‘god race’. She glared at Su Zimo with bright eyes and asked slowly, “You’ve seen the god race?”

“I have!”

Qing Qing stood forward and said with conviction.

“What’s the reason the god race has come here?”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue furrowed her brows with a grim expression.

A moment later, she waved it off. “You guys can rest here first. Feel free to inform cultivators of Snowdrift Valley and come look for me should you require anything.”


Everyone replied.

The palace was extremely spacious and many rooms were provided for cultivation. Su Zimo and the others picked a few cultivation rooms at random and stayed for the time being.

As time passed by, the number of cultivators gathered in Myriad Phenomenon City increased and it bustled with life.

From time to time, the palace of Snowdrift Valley would receive news of the arrival of certain paragons or monster incarnates or how some of them ascended the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

At this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo’s Inner Core was already at its peak and was at the perfected state – he could break through at any moment upon leaving the ancient battlefield!

It was almost the same for him at the Golden Core realm – it won’t be long before he sensed the opportunity for a breakthrough as long as he continued cultivating!

This day, Su Zimo was cultivating in his room when he received a voice message outside the door.

“Fellow Daoist Su, There are people from Thousand Crane Sect here to see you,”

The voice of a Snowdrift Valley cultivator sounded.

“Thousand Crane Sect?”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he rose and said, “Please invite the fellow Daoists of Thousand Crane Sect in,”

“Everyone, let’s go and meet an old friend,”

Su Zimo knocked on the doors of Little Fatty and the others.


Little Fatty stretched and walked out with drowsy eyes.

“You’ll know soon,”

Su Zimo smiled and walked out first.

Everyone had just entered the hall when a few cultivators walked in from outside. They were all female and an intricate spirit crane was etched on the sect badges on their waist.

Their leader had a cold expression and fairy-like features, as though nothing could bother her.

Little Fatty’s eyes widened and he rubbed them hardly while exclaiming, “Sister Leng Rou?!”

The expression of the female cultivator from Thousand Crane Sect was initially cold. When she heard that voice and turned to see the fatty and green-robed man opposite her, a hint of joy rose in her eyes.

This was Leng Rou who had joined Thousand Crane Sect 20 years ago!

Leng Rou had changed a lot after many years and her demeanor was colder than ever. However, there was warmth in the way she looked at Su Zimo, Little Fatty and the others.

The moment he heard that disciples of Thousand Crane Sect were here, Su Zimo thought of Leng Rou.


Suddenly, laughter echoed from outside.

Immediately after, a man entered the palace with fluttering robes. He was handsome and had a delighted expression as he smiled towards Su Zimo and the others. “How can I be missing from a reunion with old friends?”

“Senior Brother Ji?”

Little Fatty exclaimed again with happiness in his eyes.

It was Ji Chengtian who had joined Elixir Yang Sect 20 years ago!

Su Zimo, Little Fatty, Leng Rou and Ji Chengtian had not only been disciples of Ethereal Peak, they had even experienced life and death together!

Su Zimo said loudly with cupped fists, “Senior Brother Ji, you look good as ever. How have you been?”


Ji Chengtian burst into laughter. “I can’t be compared to you. Throughout these years, even in the Middle Continent, I could hear some news of you. The details were even more frightening after you entered the ancient battlefield!”

Although Leng Rou did not speak much, the smile on her face did not vanish after she caught sight of Su Zimo, Little Fatty and Ji Chengtian.

The cultivators of Thousand Crane Sect were all surprised at the sight of that.

In Thousand Crane Sect, she was a well known ice beauty who did not speak nor smile much.

To think that Leng Rou was smiling more than she did for the past 20 years in Thousand Crane Sect!

In this foreign land, there was nothing more joyous than a reunion with old friends.

Su Zimo kept looking out of the palace, as though he was anticipating something.

“Don’t worry, Xiaoning is also here. She’s behind me,”

Ji Chengtian waved it off. “Tang Yu is interacting with cultivators of Snowdrift Valley but I slipped in here because I could not wait any longer, haha!”

A series of footsteps could be heard right as his laughter subsided.

Su Zimo’s gaze froze gradually.

Not long after, more than ten cultivators arrived together.

Among them, a female cultivator wore faint yellow robes and had elegant features. She had a graceful bearing and her countenance resembled Su Zimo.

The yellow-robed woman was none other than Su Zimo’s sister whom he had not seen for years, Su Xiaoning!

The siblings seemed to be telepathic and noticed one another instantly in the crowds.

Instantly, Su Zimo’s gaze softened.

Bead-like tears welled up in Xiaoning’s reddened eyes as she pursed her cherry lips. Words crammed in her throats endlessly, eventually converting into a yell.


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