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Chapter 71: Frightening Cultivation Speed

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The cave abode was extremely spacious and after some quiet meditation, Su Zimo contained his excitement of joining the sect. Placing the sect badge around his waist like Xue Yi, he took out the two manuals.

Spirit Peering Art was a fundamental skill in the cultivation world where almost every cultivator had to learn it. Through lining their eyes with spirit qi, one could determine the cultivation realm of other cultivators.

But of course, there are rare cultivation techniques as well that could help one hide their cultivation realm from Spirit Peering Art’s detection.

The Qi Condensation manual could be considered as an entry skill for Ethereal Sect.

Everything from opening storage bags, cultivating the Spirit Peering Art, sword kinesis flight, refining elixirs and weapons required one to have spirit qi.

Because Su Zimo had a Fire spirit root, the spirit qi he could manifest from Qi Condensation would naturally carry the fire element.

Before he left, Xue Yi had informed Su Zimo that there would be a welcome ceremony held 10 days later at Ethereal Palace which was situated at the main peak of Ethereal Sect. Along with many seniors, the sect master would be present as well and all the new disciples were required to attend it.

Su Zimo was determined to reach Level 1 Qi Condensation before the welcome ceremony!

The very thought that he would be able to obtain Sword Kinesis Flight once he achieved Qi Condensation had Su Zimo’s blood boiling with excitement – he would no longer have to be in the wretched state of being chased by other cultivators!

Opening the Qi Condensation manual slowly, Su Zimo was gradually immersed in the lines of tiny words.

The first step of Qi Condensation was to obtain a sense of qi.

Spirit Qi was everywhere and it was akin to breathing air. However, one would not be able to sense spirit qi without a spirit root.

Following the instructions of the Qi Condensation manual, it took an hour before Su Zimo felt a warm sensation channeling in the air around him.

It was a fresh, unique sensation unlike anything he had ever felt before.

“So, this is spirit qi!”

As his thoughts wavered, the sensation disappeared and he could no longer sense that warm energy.


A flicker shot through Su Zimo’s eyes as he pondered about it before coming to a realization.

There were three words written on the first page of the Qi Condensation manual – Mindful Qi Condensation.

Only if one was at peace and mindful would they be able to sense the existence of spirit qi. The moment they were distracted, the sensation would dissipate.

But no matter what, Su Zimo was slightly relieved that he had managed to achieve the first step of sensing spirit qi.

After all, there was something odd about the Fire spirit root within him; not only could it destroy spirit testing stones, it even caused the sect’s spirit testing gate to explode.

Previously, Su Zimo was still worried whether an implanted spirit root would achieve the same effects as an innate one. Now, it seemed as though those worries were unwarranted.

The second step of Qi Condensation was to absorb the qi internally.

It wasn’t enough to just sense the spirit qi – one had to control and absorb it.

The third step was to channel the qi to the dantian.

After absorbing it into the body, one would have to control and channel it to the dantian. That was the only way to ensure that the spirit qi would be fully his instead of being dispersed through the body.

With that, he would have achieved Level 1 Qi Condensation.

Casting aside all distractions, Su Zimo emptied his mind and felt at the warm aura around him before absorbing it into his body slowly.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo felt a warm sensation appearing in his right hand as a stream of spirit qi entered it.


The Qi Condensation manual did not mention which part of the body will be used to absorb the spirit qi. However, it was a new experience for Su Zimo to have the spirit qi enter through his right hand.

The stream of spirit qi that entered his body was rampant and wild.

Frantically, Su Zimo worked to control and channel it to his dantian.

The dantian was like the treasure trove of one’s body. The moment the spirit qi was channeled in, everything became calm once more.

Level 1 Qi Condensation!

Su Zimo opened his eyes which were filled with excitement and a hint of incredibility.

Night had just descended which meant to say that he had only spent less than two hours.

The fact that he had managed to reach Level 1 Qi Condensation within such a short time felt surreal to Su Zimo.

“Seems like that’s the power of a heaven spirit root.”

Su Zimo smiled.

Now that he had achieved Qi Condensation, he was in a good mood and decided to continue absorbing spirit qi, working towards Level 2 without resting.

His right hand was still the first to feel warm as the spirit qi gushed in endlessly, controlled and channeled by Su Zimo to his dantian.

Su Zimo was immersed in his cultivation and just like that, an entire night had passed.

Level 2 Qi Condensation!

Within a single night, Su Zimo had achieved Level 2 Qi Condensation!

“Isn’t this a little too soon? Is that how fast things move with a heaven spirit root?”

He was a little stunned.

Su Zimo did not know the speed in which others cultivated at. However, he merely felt that it was unusual for him to cultivate that quickly.

After all, he had not even made use of spirit stones and elixirs yet for the previous night.

If he had used them, wouldn’t his cultivation speed be even faster?

He decided to cast aside all his queries first and to ask his other seniors when he had the chance.

The thought of spirit stones gave Su Zimo an idea.

Before he left Ping Yang Town, he killed Zhou Dingyun and had managed to obtain a storage bag.

Now that he was at Level 2 Qi Condensation, he could finally use it.

Taking out Zhou Dingyun’s storage bag, a stream of spirit qi flowed out of Su Zimo’s fingertips as he touched the storage bag gently.

It opened up and a space floated out from within with more than 1,300 inferior-grade spirit stones lined together. Other than another jade bottle, there was nothing else.

He opened the jade bottle – it contained three elixirs as a gentle fragrance wafted out.

Su Zimo whiffed at the fragrance and the calm spirit qi that was contained in his dantian began to rumble.

He instantly understood that those three elixirs would benefit him in absorbing spirit qi.

For someone like him who had just achieved Qi Condensation, this was quite a small fortune.

Su Zimo kept the spirit stones, elixirs, Sanguine Crystal Bow, Cold Moon Saber and the quiver on his back into the storage bag given to him by the sect.

Right away, his entire body felt lighter with one ton worth of weight removed.

The amazing thing about storage bags was that no matter the weight of the items kept in them, the user would not feel it at all.

Opening the manual for the Spirit Peering Art, Spirit Peering Art began cultivating it.

He spent the rest of his time cultivating the Qi Condensation manual in the daytime and The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness in the nighttime. Just like that, 10 days had passed.

The welcome ceremony for the seven new disciples of the sect had finally arrived.

Su Zimo tidied his attire before leaping off his stone bed.

Even though 10 days had passed, Su Zimo’s Qi Condensation was still at Level 1 and had not increased!

In reality, he was already at Level 4 Qi Condensation by the seventh day and his dantian had amassed a large amount of spirit qi.

However, Su Zimo recalled Die Yue’s advice – some of the truly talented cultivators would choose to use the spirit qi to refine their physical body while cultivating.

For the next three days thereafter, he used all the spirit qi he had amassed to refine his body, leaving only a portion left in his dantian.

Even though he made no progress for his Marrow Cleansing section, Su Zimo’s body was now much stronger than it was 10 days ago.

He estimated that by now, even a full forced attack by a Level 10 Perfected Qi Refinement Warrior using an inferior-grade spirit weapon would not be able to pierce his skin!

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