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Chapter 638: Born as a Slave

It was a Heaven Bane Wolf, a type of ancient remnant beast. Their bodies spanned several dozen feet and they had blood-red fur all over their bodies. Bloodthirsty, most of them traveled solo and they were extremely strong and violent.

But now, the eyes of this ancient remnant beast were dazed – it was shocked unconscious!

In truth, such a frightening effect couldn’t be achieved if it was the Daming Mantra alone.

More than that, it was because Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and had extremely strong lungs. With a rich stamina and cleared mouth orifice, his burst power was shocking!

No ordinary beast would be able to take a simple roar from him, let alone the burst of Daming Mantra.

Weaker cultivators would die on the spot from the shock!

Su Zimo reached out with extended fingers and pushed down on the head of the Heaven Bane Wolf!

The man and wolf’s figures descended rapidly.


The head of the Heaven Bane Wolf was crushed into the mud by Su Zimo, creating a huge pit almost instantly.

“Clack, clack…!”

The Heaven Bane Wolf woke up and struggled endlessly.

Its sharp claws dug on the ground like daggers, causing mud to splash as it roared threateningly – all its fur stood on end!

However, no matter how it struggled, it could not break free from Su Zimo’s palm.

His hand was pale and smooth, resembling jade and did not seem like it had ever held any weapons.

However, his outstretched fingers pinned the head of the Heaven Bane Wolf on the spot like a mountain!

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold with a murderous look.

Sensing something, the Heaven Bane Wolf shuddered and stopped struggling.

Demon beasts were the sharpest towards danger.

Furthermore, it was already sentient by this point of its cultivation and could naturally tell that Su Zimo was showing mercy.

Su Zimo released his palm when he saw the Heaven Bane Wolf motionless.

The Heaven Bane Wolf panted heavily and raised its head slightly. When it saw the distance between it and this human, the killing intent in its heart returned.

Normally, cultivators had weak bodies.

Given this distance, it had a 90% chance of success.

However, it gave up on that thought in the blink of an eye.

Su Zimo was expressionless and had a calm gaze. The Heaven Bane Wolf could vaguely sense that it would be murdered on the spot by this human the moment it behaved abnormally!

Su Zimo climbed onto the Heaven Bane Wolf’s back and patted its head, pointing towards the depths of the battlefield. “Head there.”

The Heaven Bane Wolf rose, somewhat reluctantly, and shrugged the mud off itself. It growled deeply and sprinted towards the depths of the battlefield.

In its mind, it was willing to listen to this human’s arrangements first as long as it was not forced into a blood oath.

Riding on the back of the Heaven Bane Wolf, Su Zimo could cultivate in peace.

Right now, he was at the peak of late-stage Golden Core.

Given the rich spirit qi in the environment, he was sure that he could sense the opportunity for a breakthrough if he cultivated for a period of time!

10 days later.

Su Zimo who was riding on the Heaven Bane Wolf woke up from his cultivation in a jolt. His ears twitched and he could vaguely hear the sounds of a fight going on far away with the roars of demon beasts mixed within!

“Head over there and check things out.”

Su Zimo patted the Heaven Bane Wolf and pointed in another direction.

The Heaven Bane Wolf sprinted the entire way and arrived before the entrance of a valley before long.

There were at least a thousand demon beasts in the valley surrounding a group of cultivators.

The scary thing was that almost all of them were ancient remnant beasts!

On a mountain peak near the valley stood a mighty lion filled with golden fur. It possessed a divine might and looked down at the valley with eyes that were as large as bells.

Golden Lion!

That was a true blue pure-blooded ferocious beast!

Furthermore, Su Zimo could sense that this Golden Lion was extremely strong and had already cultivated to the peak of its Inner Core. All it needed was one more step for it to become a fiend demon!

The Heaven Bane Wolf looked evidently fearful and wanted to retreat and escape.

However, Su Zimo’s body turned increasingly heavier, as though he was about to force the Heaven Bane Wolf to sprawl on the ground and it could only whine in misery internally.

With a calm expression, Su Zimo swept his gaze across the valley.

A green-colored flower bloomed on a cliff in the valley.

The flower had a green fruit that was around the size of an infant’s fist. It was filled with white dots and carried a faint fragrance.

Spirit Gathering Fruit!

The reason for this conflict should be the Spirit Gathering Fruit.

The old monk had mentioned previously that cultivators were not the only ones who required spirit items such as the Spirit Gathering Fruit and Soul Nourishing Blood Ginseng – even demon beasts coveted them.

There were males and females on the side of the surrounded party with dozens of corpses beneath their feet. All of the corpses were trampled and had mangled faces.

There were more than ten of them remaining and all of them were injured.

However, they huddled into a group and defended in a structured manner with extraordinary methods to try their best and survive – it was clear that they came from a major sect.

The Golden Lion turned and swept its gaze across Su Zimo, seemingly sensing no threat as a look of mockery flashed through its eyes.


The Golden Lion roared and stomped heavily on the mountain peak.

The mountain peak crumbled instantly!

Countless rocks tumbled down in a terrifying manner!

This was truly earthshaking!

The Heaven Bane Wolf shuddered and turned even more fearful.

As though there was an order, the thousand remnant beast beasts slowed down and came to a gradual stop in their attacks.

However, those ancient remnant beasts surrounded the remaining cultivators with ferocious gazes and devoured the flesh of the corpses beneath their feet in an incomparably cruel manner with drool all over!

The only two remaining female cultivators in the group vomited at the sight of that.

Those were the corpses of their sect mates!

One of them broke down on the spot and howled in tears.

The remaining men were equally frightened, trembling with pale faces.

“Puny humans, do you still want to resist? I’m going to give you a chance. Sign a blood oath with me and turn into my slave!”

The Golden Lion spoke in human tongue with a ferocious gaze.

When he heard that, Su Zimo frowned.

In order to control demon beasts and prevent betrayals, cultivators signed blood oaths with them.

Su Zimo had not expected that demons would make similar blood oaths!

These demons wanted to keep humans as slaves instead!

The Golden Lion roared, “It’s your honor to become my slaves!”

“In the primordial era, humans were enslaved by the thousands of races. The bloodlines of humans are weak and you’re cheap right down to the bones! Your lives are equivalent to grass! All of you are born to be slaves!”

Born to be slaves!

Those words were extremely piercing to Su Zimo.

It was true that he undertook demonic cultivation.

However, he was a human after all!

There was contempt in the tone of the Golden Lion, making Su Zimo feel as though he had been teleported back in time to the period where humans were disgraced in the primordial era.

The remaining cultivators looked horrified.

That was the final warning from the Golden Lion!

If they rejected it, they would be torn into pieces by the thousand ancient remnant beasts surrounding them!

Although their leader was indignant, he could only sigh. “We…”

“How cocky,”

Before his words could be said, a mocking voice sounded from outside the valley, interrupting him.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Countless gazes turned to the entrance of the valley.

A green-robed cultivator riding on a Heaven Bane Wolf entered slowly with an indifferent expression and a calm gaze.

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