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Chapter 543: Trust

All of a sudden!

A shuddering aura surged from the edge of the horizon.

The weather had changed!


A long horn sound rang through the world.

Many cultivators looked over and their expressions changed.

At the edge of the skies, gigantic spirit vessel warships a few thousand feet long with mysterious patterns etched on them hovered and shone brightly!

Tearing through the air, the spirit vessels had a domineering aura and a rampant might. One after another, figures with powerfully shuddering auras stood at their bows.

The successors of Upper Sects have arrived at the ruins!

“That’s the spirit vessel of one of the Ten Upper Sects, Heaven Motion Sect.”

“Their leader should be the paragon of Heaven Motion Sect, Long Wenyu.”

The spirit vessels passed over the cultivators one after another, forming gigantic shadows that covered the skies!

Not long after Heaven Motion Sect passed, many more spirit vessels tore through the clouds. The vessels were pitch-black and eerie, resembling Hell Boats floating in the seas of Hell.

“One of the Ten Upper Sects, Dark Ghost Sect!”

“Be careful not to be targeted by anyone from Dark Ghost Sect or you’ll definitely live an existence worse than death!”

“There are countless malevolent ghosts and otherworldly soldiers in the Great Qian Ruins. That’s a complete terrain advantage for Dark Ghost Sect.”

The spirit vessels of Dark Ghost Sect steered into the Great Qian Ruins.

Not long after, more battleships arrived.

The first ancestors of the gentry clans were cultivation warriors that conquered deserts. Therefore, their clansmen would travel with ancient chariots.

The Upper Clans were different from the North Region gentry clans.

Most of them traveled using spirit vessels.

“That’s the warship of one of the Ten Upper Sects, Blaze Columbus Valley!”

Raring flames blazed on the newly arrived warships and the clouds in the air were burned scarlet, displaying a dismal beauty.

“I heard that the paragon of Blaze Columbus Valley, Wang Yan, came here previously and was nearly killed!”

“Who could be so strong?”

“I’m not sure. It’s probably the legacy disciple of another Upper Sect. I heard that the paragon of Stellar Luna Sect died. There’s no way Stellar Luna Sect is going to let this go.”

“There’s already three of the Ten Upper Sects here now and I garner the other seven should be arriving soon. Seems like the rumors are for real.”

Needless to think, a great battle would definitely break out in the Great Qian Ruins once the Vermilion Fruit was ripe 15 days later!

At that time, paragons would be drenched in blood and no one knew who would survive the massive storm.

This could be considered as a test.

Only paragons that survive bloodbaths could truly be considered as peerless paragons and leave an unshakable name in the intermediate ancient battlefield 20 years later!

With a stern expression, Mu Dongqing contemplated for a long time before saying slowly, “The situation is getting way too complicated in the Great Qian Ruins.”

“Why do you say that?” Bai Yuhan could tell that he had more to his mind.

Mu Dongqing frowned. “Have you noticed that despite the grand commotion at the Great Qian Ruins, a single Nascent Soul has yet to appear?”

Bai Yuhan nodded – she had noticed this long ago too.

“The Vermilion Fruit doesn’t have much effect for Nascent Souls and they’re probably not attracted by it,” Bai Yuhan deduced.

“While that is true, it’s impossible that none of them appeared at all! That doesn’t make sense!”

“What do you have in mind?”

Mu Dongqing mulled deeply. “I’m guessing that some of the Nascent Souls have already arrived!”

“What do you mean by that?” Bai Yuhan’s eyes widened.

Mu Dongqing replied, “There are too many factions involved in this fight for the Vermilion Fruit. If Nascent Souls interfered, they would definitely destroy the balance. As you’ve mentioned, it’s truly not worth it for Nascent Souls to fight for a single Vermilion Fruit.”

“Therefore, I garner that there’s most probably a silent agreement between the Nascent Souls of the various major factions to not interfere so that the younger generation can take a truly decisive battle to see who could reign supreme among the Golden Core realm!”

“It’s very likely that all the Nascent Souls are hidden and watching to see the outcome of this battle.”

Bai Yuhan frowned and fell into deep thought upon hearing his guess.

Underground cave.

A resplendent light shone above the scarlet lava and a faint yellow inner armor hovered in midair beautifully.

On the shore, a demure green-robed cultivator wiped away the sweat on his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief, finally letting off a faint smile.

The green-robed cultivator was none other than Su Zimo.

After entering the underground cave, he merely spent five days repairing the five Black Gold Arrows.

However, it took him 10 days to repair the Mystic Gold Silk Armor!

For the past 15 days, Su Zimo did not rest for a single moment and was tense – he was already at his limits physically and mentally by doing spirit gathering continuously.

However, it was all worth it.

The five Black Gold Arrows and the Mystic Gold Silk Armor were all connate spirit weapons – Su Zimo’s combat strength had just climbed yet another level!

Su Zimo stretched and removed his green robes, preparing to don the Mystic Gold Silk Armor.

However, his actions caused the furry, red ball beside his feet to wake up.

The little fox yawned and pushed against Su Zimo’s thigh with its head and groggy eyes, expressing its displeasure.

Su Zimo smiled.

Over the past 15 days, the little fox had let down its guard towards him entirely.

Initially, this little thing hid and watched him from afar.

When it was tired, it slept and continued watching after it woke up.

After a few days, when the little fox saw that Su Zimo ignored her, she advanced and closed in.

When she realized that she was still not in danger after another day, she closed the distance again.

A few days later, the little fox laid down beside Su Zimo’s feet directly.

She used his thighs as her pillow and felt extremely comfortable – she had never had a sleep as good as this for dozens of years.

After waking up, the little fox rubbed her eyes and the first thing she saw was Su Zimo changing his clothes. Instantly, she blushed and grumbled internally, “Everything about this man is good except the fact that he loves to be nude…”

Su Zimo was indifferent and wore the Mystic Gold Silk Armor; it felt cooling on his skin and extremely comfortable.

The Mystic Gold Silk Armor was thin as the wings of cicadas but it was unyielding and could adjust to the figure of any cultivator – it was truly a rare Utmost treasure!

After successfully repairing the connate spirit weapon, Su Zimo was in great spirits and wore his green robes once more. Looking at the little fox beside him, he could not help but reach out and touch her furry body.

Initially, the little fox wanted to dodge by instinct. However, she blinked and stayed where she was, allowing Su Zimo to rub her body gently.

“Little fox,”

Grinning, Su Zimo said with a playful look in his eyes, “Do you know that when you sleep… you snore really loudly?!”

“Damned scholar! How can you say something like that aloud!”

The little fox froze up with an embarrassed expression and turned to Su Zimo’s palm before biting down viciously!


The little fox exclaimed.

Su Zimo’s palm was fine but her teeth nearly cracked as she gasped coldly.

When he saw that, Su Zimo could not help but burst out into laughter.

Pursing her lips and blinking, the little fox’s alluring eyes misted up and bean-sized teardrops rolled around, looking pitiful as if she had suffered great grievances.

Su Zimo put away his smile hurriedly and fondled her forehead, saying with a fake sternness, “But to be honest, your snoring is unlike ordinary snoring. Yes… it’s nicer.”

The little fox bawled and broke out into tears.

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