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Chapter 51: A Tiger’s Prowess at Heart Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


Su Zimo opened his eyes wide to catch a clear glimpse of Die Yue’s every move but waves of fatigue hit him. No longer able to endure it, he collapsed.

From the battle in the capital to the slaying of Luo Tianwu in Jian An City, the ambush in Cang Lang Mountain Range to the journey of running for his life, he had not slept or rested for more than two weeks. Having traveled day and night, Su Zimo had already exhausted the last bit of strength in his body.

The moment that he shut his eyes, Su Zimo could only see Die Yue stretching out her fair palm and blocking that torrential purple sea with extreme ease.

In the next moment, Die Yue clenched her fists.

The purple sea exploded instantly, emanating a sorrowful yet breathtaking mist of blood.

Su Zimo fainted.

Not knowing how long had passed, Su Zimo gradually regained his consciousness. He could sense a familiar aura when he opened his eyes.

This was the cultivation field.

Su Zimo was soaked in the wooden barrel. He seemed to have returned to one year ago.

Die Yue sat on the green stone not far away with a cold and aloof expression. He did not know what she was thinking.

“Where is the monkey? He… how is he?” The first thing that Su Zimo did when he woke up was to check on the spirit monkey’s condition.

Die Yue did not reply.

Su Zimo hurried to explain, “There is a spirit monkey lying in that cave. He is my friend and suffered grave injuries in order to save me. Miss Die, you must save it! H-He… ”

Su Zimo was anxious but he could not continue further.

Given Die Yue’s temperament, it was already surprising that she would appear to save him. Why would she care about the life of a spirit beast?

After some time, Die Yue said nonchalantly, “You don’t need to bother about it. Its physique is much stronger than you.”


Su Zimo was momentarily stunned. Thereafter, he was overjoyed. He pursued, “The monkey is still alive?”

Die Yue was silent, seemingly like she could not be bothered to respond.

Su Zimo could not help smiling. He continuously nodded and muttered to himself, “Not bad, not bad. Since I manage to survive and that damn monkey’s physique is stronger than mine, it must still be alive.”

After putting down his worries, a trace of doubt arose in Su Zimo’s heart again. He could not help but ask, “Miss Die, although I am not part of the demon clan, after cultivating The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, why is my physique still incomparable to that damn monkey?”

The corners of Die Yue’s mouth pursed slightly. “You have only cultivated three sections – Body Tempering, Tendons Transformation and Bones Strengthening, and only attained initial success for them. The most difficult part of this skill that will cause great changes to your body are all at the later sections. You’re still far from it.”

Su Zimo nodded. Looking at his body, he discovered that his right arm, which had almost become invalid, was completely fine now. There were no traces of injury on his body at all.

“How long have I been sleeping?” Su Zimo asked.

“Ten days.”

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

He had suffered such grave injuries. Initially, he had felt very fortunate to have escaped death and thought that he would not recover completely. Unexpectedly, he was almost fully recovered in just ten days after Die Yue saved and brought him back!

It was not just that. After this battle, Su Zimo felt that his body had become significantly stronger and more powerful. His bones were tough and strong. He had attained initial success in the Bones Strengthening section!

This could be called bringing the dying back to life with a miraculous cure.

Was there anything else that Die Yue could not do?

Although Die Yue had told Su Zimo from the beginning that he was not allowed to enquire about her background and identity, Su Zimo often pondered deeply about it in private.

Who exactly was Die Yue?

At what cultivation realm was she at?

Suddenly, Su Zimo sensed something and looked over.

On the green stone, Die Yue was looking at Su Zimo calmly. Both her eyes were as crystal clear as water. They were beautiful and glistening with traces of ripples.

For some unknown reason, Su Zimo suddenly felt a little nervous.

“Miss Die, you… ”

“I have to go now.”

Su Zimo’s expression froze, and his mind went blank.

“You’re not coming back?”


Su Zimo was silent and in low spirits. In that instant, the joyful feelings of surviving a calamity vanished completely into the thin air.

Die Yue said, “I can’t teach you anymore. Hence, I have planted a spirit root in you. The quality won’t be any lesser than the heaven spirit root. For your next steps, go look for an immortal cultivation clan to join.”

“Can a spirit root be planted?”

“Others cannot, but I can.”

Die Yue seemed to have thought of something. She smiled faintly and said, “After going into immortal cultivation, you can also execute Sword Kinesis Flight. You won’t be in such embarrassing situations again.”

Cultivators could execute Sword Kinesis Flight and take down the enemy’s head within a thousand miles. It would be untrue if one were to say that he was not envious of this.

If he had heard this news earlier, Su Zimo would definitely feel thrilled and overjoyed

However, Su Zimo really could not lift his spirits now.


After a long time of silence, Su Zimo looked up and asked.

“Do you know why I led you onto the path of cultivation?” Die Yue questioned him instead.

Su Zimo shook his head.

One year ago, when Su Zimo was down and out and almost lost everything, Die Yue appeared before him and asked ‘Do you wish to cultivate?’

That scene, those words. Su Zimo would never forget them for life.

However, Su Zimo did not know why Die Yue had imparted him demon clan cultivation technique and taught him cultivation.

“There are two reasons. First, when we met three years ago, I was at my weakest state. It can be considered that you saved my life by bringing me here. Over the next two years, you prepared meals and sent them to my doorsteps everyday, never stopping once. Although I ignored you, I remember all of it.”

At the mention of this, Die Yue’s slender figure left the green stone. Her entire charisma transformed, exuding an air of arrogance overriding the heaven and earth and could not be overlooked. She raised her voice and said, “I, Die Yue, had never pleaded with anyone or owed anyone anything, except for you. Imparting you cultivation techniques is considered the closing of this karma.”

Su Zimo was stunned.

Who could be so certain of not pleading with anyone in their entire life?

Even immortals could not help feeling fearful at times.

To not plead with anyone for life and attain Die Yue’s success, it was hard to imagine the adversities that one would need to experience.

“There is also another reason. I saw my old self in you.”

Die Yue looked at Su Zimo and said, “Your exterior appearance is frail and weak but you have the prowess of a tiger at heart. It is just that this ferocious tiger has been in a deep slumber. One year ago, the departure of your childhood sweetheart and the bullying by Perfected Cang Lang had awakened this ferocious tiger in your heart. Do you still remember your reaction when that rogue came to murder you one year ago?”

Su Zimo pursed his lips gently and did not utter a word.

“You almost killed him!”

Die Yue continued, “Who would imagine that a frail and weak-looking scholar would have such a calm look in his eyes when he felt murderous? Your wrists were so steady. At that moment, in my eyes, you were a jade that had not been carved and polished. You are born to venture into the cruel and bloody cultivation world.”

Su Zimo felt a little emotional.

If Die Yue had not led him onto the path of cultivation back then, he would most likely have died of depression in the remaining years of his life, much less to mention the blood feud of the Su family.

Even if he was a tiger at heart, he did not have a spirit root. Hence, he could only be an old tiger without any claws.

Seemingly sensing Su Zimo’s thoughts, Die Yue furrowed her brows gently and said in puzzlement, “Your endowment is one in a million but you lacked a spirit root. Logically, everyone should be born with a spirit root. It is just that there is differentiation between the stronger and weaker spirit roots. However, in this part of the world, many people don’t have a spirit root. This is very strange.”

After pausing for a while, Die Yue shook her head and said, “Forget it. There are hidden secrets in every part of the world. I don’t have the time to probe either. I should be leaving.”

Having said that, Die Yue’s figure moved and she headed outside.

Su Zimo hurriedly jumped out from the wooden barrel, casually grabbed a piece of clothing to cover himself and chased after her.


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