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Chapter 393: Sea Calming Manual

Initially, Su Zimo was already experiencing pressure from the water resistance at the bottom of the sea.

That pressure was the reason why he was able to clear his mouth orifice, one of the seven orifices.

After he was sucked into the vortex, Su Zimo experienced even greater pressure and with no other choice, he could only channel the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness furiously to deal with it.

Flesh and blood expansion, twitching of tendons, trembling of bones, swapping of blood in the marrow, refinement of the five organs and clearing of the seven orifices!

Under the stimulation of the vortex, endless demonic qi rushed towards his head, striking the eye orifices again and again…

After a long time, Su Zimo, who was trapped uncontrollably within the vortex, opened his eyes suddenly and two divine lights burst forth, illuminating the entire dark sea!

All seven of his orifices were cleared!

His skin, flesh, tendons, bones, marrow, organs and orifices entered a synthetic relationship, forming a Major Heavenly Cycle within his body and attaining lesser mastery of the Orifice Clearing section!

Although the vortex was still present, Su Zimo was rooted to the spot. He did not budge no matter how the seawater washed, spun and twisted around him!

Now that his seven orifices were cleared, the feeling of dizziness vanished instantly.

In a moment of emotion, Su Zimo could not help but roar into the skies.

His roar was so high-pitched that it pierced through metal and cracked rocks. In fact, it overwhelmed the surging sound of the sea!

The cultivators who were standing at the shore could not help but shiver with shocked expressions when they heard the howl – they no longer had any doubts.

“That man is still alive!”

“Is he… going to be the second person to obtain the Saber Emperor’s inheritance?”

The fiend heir of Zenith Sect, Bai Yu, sat on the reef, looking grim in silence.


Suddenly, someone yelled and pointed to the depths of the spirit sea.

Everyone looked over and saw that the vortex that resembled a black hole was moving slowly towards the saber mountain, as if it was being pushed by some unknown force!

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was confused and could not understand what was happening.

If any cultivator could fly above the spirit sea and look down at that moment, they would be greeted with a shocking sight!

In the middle of the vortex, a green-robed cultivator was striding casually at the bottom of the sea. Hands behind his back, his eyes were bright and he was surrounded by demonic qi.

Each step he took pushed the vortex forward a little bit!

The entire spirit sea was being moved by him!

Time passed by slowly.

In the blink of an eye, a day and night had passed.

By now, the vortex had arrived at the foot of the saber mountain and in front of everyone, a black dot figure walked out from the spirit sea towards the mountain.

He had passed!

After a thousand years, there was another cultivator who passed the Saber Emperor’s test and was about to obtain the latter’s inheritance!

At the shore, many cultivators were dumbstruck and their eyes flashed with a hint of jealousy.

Bai Yu narrowed his eyes and his gaze shimmered.

Nobody knew that the shock in his heart was even greater right now!

It was because he had heard that a thousand years ago, the senior from Zenith Sect who obtained the Saber Emperor’s inheritance was completely exhausted by the time he crossed the spirit sea.

He had to rest for seven days to recover his energy before ascending the mountain.

But right now, this man before him actually had the energy to ascend the mountain right after crossing the spirit sea!

He has to die!

Closing his eyes, Bai Yu thought to himself.

He knew slightly more about the Saber Emperor’s inheritance than the other cultivators.

It was said that the Saber Emperor left two secret arts at the top of the mountain.

One of them was a secret mental technique and was already obtained by the senior from Zenith Sect.

It was said that the other one was a saber technique with five stances.

In other words, the inheritance that Su Zimo was about to acquire was the five stances.

The more profound a saber technique was, the harder it would be grasp it. Furthermore, there were different levels of mastery to the saber technique as well.

Bai Yu believed that even if Su Zimo managed to learn the five stances in the short term, he would not be able to master the essence of it.

“Since his cultivation realm is still low and he isn’t familiar with the saber technique yet, now is the best chance to kill him!”

Taking a deep breath of air, Bai Yu assumed a lotus position. He planned on waiting by the shore to kill Su Zimo the moment the latter returned with the inheritance!

Mountain peak.

It was empty and desolate with a single stone tablet.

The stone tablet was etched with a vivid painting.

It was a burly man baring his chest uninhibitedly as he sat alone by the seaside. With a saber laid horizontally across his knees, he held a jar of wine in his left hand and watched the sea wistfully with a hint of worry.

Although he had never seen the Saber Emperor in person, Su Zimo knew the moment he saw the painting that the burly man was the Saber Emperor!

Walking forward, Su Zimo stroked the stone tablet gently with his palm. The coarse surface of the stone tablet related to him the signs of time passing by.

Suddenly, Su Zimo froze on the spot.

A thought surged into his mind.

“Somebody else has finally arrived here after a thousand years, sigh.”

That sigh was one of gratification and emotion, but mostly of relief.

“The ancient war destroyed the Dao of the hundred weapons, leaving the sword to reign supreme. I am about to cross far beyond the South Sea and I don’t wish for the way of the saber to be lost in Tianhuang Mainland. As such, I’ve left behind my inheritance. There are two manuals here that await those with affinity.”

Su Zimo knew that this was only a remnant thought left behind by the Saber Emperor.

“The first manual, the Tidal Manual, is a secret mental technique that has already been imparted to that person a thousand years ago.”

“The second manual, the Sea Calming Manual, is a saber technique with five stances. Today, I shall impart it to you.”

Suddenly, the voice vanished and an image appeared before Su Zimo’s eyes.

The burly man stood on the saber mountain, holding the saber casually as he leaped into the spirit sea. His eyes shone brightly and the wistfulness in his eyes was gone, replaced with a sharp glint as he charged against the current and slashed forward!


The seawater split to the sides, creating a blank area!

Whipping the saber to cut the water!

At the same time, the Saber Emperor’s voice sounded, “First stance of the Sea Calming Manual, Countercurrent.”

After Countercurrent, the Saber Emperor waved the saber and circled around his body. Instantly, the seawater stirred up huge waves that splashed in all directions!

“Second stance of the Sea Calming Manual, Raging Tides.”

Immediately after, the Saber Emperor retracted his saber and slashed forward once more.

The angle of this slash was unique, as if it was striking thin air as it twisted and spun.

As the slash landed, the spirit sea started spinning, forming a gigantic vortex as though it was pulled by something!

“Third stance of the Sea Calming Manual, Vortex.”

Upon seeing this, Su Zimo suddenly had an epiphany.

He had experienced those stances personally in the process of crossing the spirit sea.

Crossing the spirit sea was not just a test, but also an inheritance on its own!

“Fourth stance of the Sea Calming Manual, Ripple.”

“Fifth stance of the Sea Calming Manual, Sea Calming.”

In the blink of an eye, all five stances were performed.

The Saber Emperor’s voice continued ringing, “Although there are only five stances to the Sea Calming Manual, my life’s knowledge has been infused in them. It’s the great Dao of the saber created by simplifying everything and returning to the basics. If you are able to comprehend the first four stances, that will be enough for you to roam freely in the cultivation world.”

“If you can comprehend the final stance… even the world will be your oyster!”

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