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Chapter 340: Poison Immunity

Faced with this huge creature that blocked their way, two cultivators’ eyes were filled with madness. They wanted to circle around the Blood Centipede and continue running.

Swash! Swash!

The Blood Centipede swung the two feelers on its head that were like two long black whips. They tore through the void with a pungent smell, pulling the two cultivators back immediately!

“Ah! Ah!”

The two of them let out tragic cries and were turned into a pool of blood, devoured by the Blood Centipede almost instantly!

“To the side!”

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes as he pointed to a new direction and shouted.

Without any hesitation, everyone from Ethereal Sword turned around and sped in that direction.

Many cultivators followed suit subconsciously.


A black shadow darted by and a cultivator that was riding on his flying sword in midair was swept by the Blood Centipede’s feelers, dying miserably in its mouth.

It was too fast!

The cultivators were not exactly agile in midair with Sword Kinesis Flight and it was difficult for them to escape the feelers of the Blood Centipede.

Some of them were bound to die when the black shadow swept by!

The massive body of the Blood Centipede was almost completely emerged from the ground. Even at 200 feet long, it was surprisingly agile.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Its thousand feet shuffled at the same time on the gravel, causing sparks to fly everywhere along with a cringing sound. Swiftly, the Blood Centipede charged towards Su Zimo and the others!


The Blood Centipede swept its feelers once more and they sliced through the air. This time round, the black shadow that darted was aimed for Ji Yaoxue.

Two of the Great Zhou guards made a snap decision and spun around, defending in front of Ji Yaoxue. They summoned two flying swords decisively and slashed at the black shadow.


The swords shone brightly – both of them were superior-grade flying swords!

Furthermore, the two Great Zhou guards that struck were five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!


A metallic clashing sound reverberated when the blades struck the black shadow!

The black shadow was the feeler of the Blood Centipede and should have been the weakest spot of its body. However, even two attacks from superior-grade flying swords that were summoned by five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators could not slice it apart!

The two superior-grade flying swords were repelled and fell to the ground nearby. The blades dimmed and turned black, clearly already useless.

Everyone’s expressions changed when they saw that.

“Squeak, squeak!”

Upon receiving a counterattack, the Blood Centipede let out an ear-piercing sound and turned ferocious. Its eyes shone with a scarlet, bloodthirsty light as it lunged forward even faster than before.

It struck with its other feeler, letting out a swooshing sound that rattled one’s soul.

At that moment, the two Great Zhou guards had just lost their flying swords. Although the black shadow was coming for them, they could not dodge because the princess of Great Zhou was right behind them!

Both of them touched their storage bags and crushed a protection talisman respectively before taking out two shields to block in front of them.

A look of despair flickered through their eyes.

Through the previous exchange, both of them had already realized that they could not match the Blood Centipede’s strength!

The toxins on its feelers alone were enough to poison them to death!


Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold as he stamped on the ground. With a boom, he leaped into midair wielding a blood-colored saber.

Blood Quencher, the perfect spirit weapon!

Against this ferocious beast from the ancient era, Su Zimo did not dare to hold back as his power of bloodline and spirit energy churned at the same time. A rumbling sound of thunder and gushing tsunami echoed from his body in a terrifying manner.

Five spirit patterns shone on Blood Quencher brightly and a bloodied glow enveloped it at the same time!


Blood Quencher tore through the air and turned into a blood beam, colliding against the black shadow!


A flash of blood splattered through the sky.

The feeler of the Blood Centipede could not withstand the sharpness of Blood Centipede and was cut into two!


The Blood Centipede shrieked tragically in pain against that massive injury as its severed feeler that was as thick as an arm wagged frenziedly, spraying endless black blood.

Fresh blood gushed out the moment Blood Quencher severed the feeler.

Su Zimo could not dodge and was covered from head to toe in the poisonous blood!

Everyone from Ethereal Peak felt their hearts sank when they saw it, realizing that it was a bad sign.


Su Xiaoning swayed and felt her head spin, nearly falling from the sky. Thankfully, Leng Rou supported her in time.


Ji Yaoxue shrieked and her face was pale as a sheet.

It was over!

The toxin within the blood of the cultivators that were bitten by the small Blood Centipedes was already enough to kill a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, let alone the toxin from this massive creature!

“Hurry and run, third princess!”

Ji Yaoxue persuaded hurriedly when he saw Ji Yaoxue standing motionlessly in midair, refusing to leave.

He continued, “Su Zimo’s a dead man. There’s no point for you to stay here any longer, third princess!”


Ji Yaoxue called out softly with a pained expression.

“Xiaoning, Yaoxue, leave first. I’m fine.”

Just as everyone thought that Su Zimo was dead, his voice rang out.

It sounded no different from usual. Even under such circumstances, there was no trace of panic and provided an inexplicable sense of assurance.

He was not dead?

By then, most of the cultivators were also gradually realizing something strange.

Normally, one would turn into a puddle of blood and be rendered to a corpse almost instantly after being tainted by the poisonous blood of the Blood Centipedes.

However, more than 10 breaths had passed and Su Zimo was still standing on the spot. Even though they were facing his back, nothing seemed unusual.

Poison Immunity!

Two words flashed across everyone’s mind.

In reality, Su Zimo was also shocked when he was sprayed by the Blood Centipede’s blood.

He could clearly feel a powerful and destructive blood surge through his body, seemingly able to reap his life!

However, the moment that blood seeped in, his bloodline started churning and his tsunami blood gushed within his body, rushing at the poisonous blood!

Lightning was mighty and ferocious, able to purge away all evil.

Not only that, Su Zimo had devoured a dragon before!

The bloodline of the dragon race was extremely noble and terrifying – it was not something that a mere ancient Blood Centipede could compare against!

Be it the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, the Void Thunder Manual or the essence energy of a divine dragon, any one of those powers was enough to completely suppress and devour the poisonous blood of the Blood Centipede.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was in possession of all three terrifying powers!

In a few breaths’ time, the poisonous blood failed to hurt Su Zimo and was instead completely cleansed by his bloodline with its toxins purged entirely.

Right now, Su Zimo could be said to be immune to all poisons!

Click! Clack! Click!

Not far away, a group of Blood Centipedes were already rushing in this direction. Dense and cluttered, the ground was filled with an unsettling shade of red and black.

If he was faced with a single Blood Centipede, even if it was huge and menacing, Su Zimo might not have retreated.

However, it was hard to guarantee that nothing would happen if he was swarmed by a group of them.

Furthermore, this was the ancient battlefield where dangers lurked everywhere. If he was trapped here, there was a chance that an even more terrifying and powerful ancient living being might be attracted over!

This was not a place where he should linger!

Su Zimo turned to leave and put away Blood Quencher. Instead, he withdrew a gigantic bow that shone with four spirit patterns and shot an arrow backwards without looking at all!

Naturally, a single arrow was not enough to kill the Blood Centipede King. However, it could impede its movement.






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