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Chapter 271: A Private Visit

Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Su Zimo walked out of his room and squinted his eyes at the noonday sun high in the sky. The sleepiness in his eyes gradually dissipated.

Shuddering momentarily, a series of crackling sounds came from within his body. It was as though he was frying beans as his tendons and bones sounded together while his blood churned like a tsunami!


When Su Zimo opened his mouth, he breathed out a long stream of white gas that was solid like a sword. The stream shot out for a few meters before dissipating gradually.

In the folklore of mortals, immortals could soar through the skies and spit out flying swords, slicing the heads of their enemies from thousands of miles away!

The scene that had just happened was extremely similar to the flying swords that were spat out in the folklores. If any mortals who did not know about cultivation were to catch sight of it, they would be shocked to death.

In reality, that stream of white gas was no flying sword.

It was because after refining the Organs Refinement section, Su Zimo’s organs turned stronger and resulted in the phenomenal sight of him exhaling his breath like a sword.

Of course, that stream of white gas did not have any killing power, let alone kill anyone from thousands of miles away.

After the assassination attempt of the previous night and refining a supreme-grade spirit weapon for the bearded man, Su Zimo did not sleep for an entire night and was mentally exhausted.

He rested for the entire afternoon and had only just gotten up. The wound on his arm had healed and his spirit had recovered as well.

The moment Su Zimo sat down on the stone bench in his courtyard, the door of the entrance was pushed open.

Nian Qi was eating a string of candied hawthorns as she entered merrily with smiles on her face, seemingly having encountered something fun.

“Sir, you’re awake!”

The moment Nian Qi caught sight of Su Zimo, she greeted him with bright eyes.

Nodding, Su Zimo asked with a smile, “What’s the matter? Look at how you’re smiling.”

“Hehe, I can’t hide anything from you, sir.”

Nian Qi ran over with a smile and sat beside him.

In two years, Nian Qi had changed a lot and it wasn’t only in terms of her cultivation.

Two years ago, when Nian Qi had just moved in, Su Zimo could sense that she was still extremely guarded against him.

As time went by, she was less guarded as well.

At the same time, Nian Qi became more cheerful and lively.

Mysteriously, Nian Qi remarked, “Sir, guess what I saw at Yongxing City earlier on?”

“Something related to last night?” Su Zimo raised his brow and asked.

Nian Qi’s eyes widened and she nodded her head repeatedly, revealing the emperor’s notice.

“Sir, you didn’t see the look on the face of that elder from True Fire Weapon Workshop. It was truly exciting. Hmph, how satisfying!”

A look of surprise flashed in Su Zimo’s eyes.

He had not expected that the Emperor of Great Zhou would express his stance at this moment.

“Sir, all the cultivators in the capital are discussing this right now. They’re saying that you can do whatever you want in the capital from now on…”

Nian Qi mimicked the tone of others and said it in a rough voice, looking rather comical.

Su Zimo smiled.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Right then, a series of knocks rang from the entrance.

Su Zimo exchanged glances with Nian Qi, both confused.

It was already in the middle of the month now. If anyone wanted to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons, they would have to wait for the following month – why would anyone turn up now?

Nian Qi dashed over and opened the door.

Two cultivators stood at the entrance. One of them was a middle-aged man in yellow robes. He had a wide forehead, a deep gaze and an extraordinary aura.

The other person was more scholarly, standing behind the first person as his white clothes fluttered in the wind.

Nian Qi frowned.

She could not detect the cultivation realms of the two of them using her Spirit Peering Art!

There were only two possibilities.

First, the two people in front of her had cultivated some sort of a cultivation realm concealment technique.

Second, the cultivation of the two people had already surpassed Golden Core and were at Nascent Soul realm!

Instantly, Nian Qi eliminated the second scenario.

As Nascent Souls, there was no reason for them to be here.

While Su Zimo could refine supreme-grade spirit weapons, he would not attract the attention of Nascent Souls.

“Fellow Daoists, what brings you here today?” Nian Qi stood at the entrance and asked the both of them, blocking their way.

The yellow-robed man smiled and said, “Young lady, that’s not the right way to treat guests, right? To speak to us while blocking us from entering?”

“What do you have to say that you can’t say from out there?” Nian Qi tilted her head and asked in seriousness.

The two men outside exchanged glances speechlessly.

The yellow-robed man smiled. “Young lady, I came here today due to the reputation of Mr. Mo. I wish to see him and ask for a favor to refine a supreme-grade spirit weapon…”


Before the yellow-robed man could finish, he was interrupted by Nian Qi.

Nian Qi continued, “Our young master only refines a single supreme-grade spirit weapon every month and we’ll sell that offer through an auction at the start of every month. If you wish to customize a supreme-grade spirit weapon, you’ll have to come for the auction next month.”

The yellow-robed man was stunned for a moment.

For such a long time, there had been no one dared to interrupt him or turn him away.

The scholarly man behind him showed a look of anger. Frowning slightly, he said in a seemingly reprimanding tone, “Girl, you…”


The yellow-robed man glanced sideways slightly and stopped the scholarly man.

Turning back, the yellow-robed man smiled. “Young lady, tell me. What’s the highest bid for a supreme-grade spirit weapon at this month’s auction?”

Without thinking, Nian Qi blurted out, “1,200,000 superior-grade spirit stones.”


The yellow-robed man nodded. “I’ll offer twice that amount for Mr. Mo to help me refine a supreme-grade spirit weapon personally!”


Nian Qi was shocked.

That was a frightening amount and most Golden Cores would not be able to produce it.

Unable to make up her mind, Nian Qi turned back to Su Zimo who was in the courtyard instinctively.

Su Zimo had a calm expression as he sipped his tea slowly. Placing the teacup down, he nodded. “Let them in.”

Nian Qi gave way and the two of them entered Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

The moment they entered, the yellow-robed man’s gaze landed on Su Zimo with a look of interest as he nodded in acknowledgment.


Su Zimo did not stand up and pointed to the stone bench opposite him with that single comment.

The yellow-robed man sat down while the scholarly man stood at the side, surveying the surroundings. His gaze lingered on Night Spirit for a brief moment and lit up.

Su Zimo looked at the yellow-robed man and asked in a seemingly casual manner, “How may I address you, fellow Daoist?”

“My surname is Zhou,” The yellow-robed man’s expression did not change.

Su Zimo nodded, not saying anything.

With a faint smile, the yellow-robed man asked, “I’ve heard a lot about Mr. Mo. I wonder what sect you’re from and who your master is for your splendid weapon refinement skills.”

Raising his head, Su Zimo played with the teacup in his hands and looked at the yellow-robed man with a fake smile, asking instead, “Weren’t you here to refine weapons, fellow Daoist? What’s your motive for checking up on my background now?”

“You’re overthinking it, Mr. Mo. I was merely curious and asked out of instinct,” The yellow-robed man’s expression was the same, as if he had truly asked it casually.

He nodded to the scholarly man beside him.

Instantly, the scholarly man retrieved 30 sets of materials from his storage bag and 2,400,000 spirit stones. He put them all into a storage bag and placed it in front of Su Zimo.




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