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Chapter 238: Big Trouble

“Night Spirit, you…”

Su Zimo was speechless.

Even though Night Spirit had not been born for long, it was extremely intelligent and sharp.

Whether it was the stunning display of killing a Golden Core spirit demon back in Dongling Valley or its various actions upon entering the primordial ruin, it was clear that Night Spirit was extraordinary.

But this time, Su Zimo realized that Night Spirit had gotten into trouble.

Furthermore… it was a trouble that could get them killed!

The egg in front of them had clearly just been born.

This also meant that the unknown primordial life form that laid this egg could possibly be nearby.

Even though he had not witnessed the terror of that primordial life form personally, he could understand everything through the forest and sea of bones outside.

A single finger of that terrifying life form should be enough to crush them into a pulp!


Night Spirit cried out softly, as if it wanted Su Zimo to hug it.

Su Zimo’s mind was in a mess as he carried Night Spirit by instinct.

Stretching its neck, Night Spirit only relented its claws when it got closer to the gigantic egg.

A tiny hole appeared on the surface of the egg, leaking out with a golden juice that was shining with a bedazzling, crystalline glow.

Instantly, Night Spirit opened its mouth and sucked at the hole.

Gulp! Gulp!

Night Spirit swallowed heavily.

“I-It’s eating?”

Su Zimo watched everything in disbelief with widened eyes.

Instinctively, he wanted to yank Night Spirit away.

However, on second thought, even if he were to carry Night Spirit away right now, they’ve already caused the trouble.

It was clear that the egg was not going to survive.

Furthermore, ever since Night Spirit was born, despite Su Zimo, monkey, spirit tiger and little crane’s immense efforts to prepare various sources of food for it, it was mostly disinterested.

Night Spirit did not touch the flesh of wild beasts, ordinary spirit beasts and spirit demons at all.

It would only have a slight taste when it came to the flesh of ancient remnant beasts.

During this period of time, Night Spirit’s body had barely grown as well. It merely gained a little bit of weight with some coarseness to its skin where faint patterns had started to appear.

It was rare to see Night Spirit so fond of this egg juice. It had an intoxicated expression as it devoured with a slight hint of greediness.

Su Zimo’s heart softened as he lamented to himself, “Forget it. Let it have it’s fill then.”

The egg juice entered Night Spirit’s stomach continuously and the eggshell became a little transparent – it was clear to tell the speed in which Night Spirit was devouring the egg juice.

Under Su Zimo’s gaze, Night Spirit consumed a full half of the egg juice before coming to a stop!

The demon beast egg was as tall as a person.

And… how old was Night Spirit?

If he had not witnessed it personally, Su Zimo would not have been able to imagine how Night Spirit could have taken in that much egg juice with its tiny little body.

Night Spirit’s belly was rotund and was almost like an airbag; a gentle shake could echo with the sound of water flowing within.

It looked at the egg in front of it, still unsatisfied. Sticking out its tongue, its eye lit up and it licked its lips.

“Aren’t you afraid of dying from overeating?”

Su Zimo shook his head and chided in laughter.

However, it made sense.

Such an opportunity might never happen again – it was no wonder why Night Spirit was so greedy.

“Since you’re done eating, let’s quickly retreat and see if we can escape.”

Su Zimo had a feeling that the shattering of that egg might have already alarmed the frightening existence in the primordial ruin!


Night Spirit called out.

The moment it opened its mouth, it spat out a cluster of shiny and bedazzling rays.

In that glow, there was an extremely rich and pure life essence. Su Zimo’s body shuddered as his flesh was being nourished by that glow – he could sense the various magical changes that were happening within his body.

Shutting its mouth, Night Spirit gestured and pointed to the demon beast egg in front of it.

“You want me to eat the rest?”

Su Zimo understood what Night Spirit meant and was shocked.

It nodded immediately, indicating that the egg juice was the most delicious thing ever and urged Su Zimo to consume it quickly.

Su Zimo was a little hesitant.

Night Spirit started gesturing once more, telling him that it could no longer eat anymore and that it would be a waste to leave the remaining egg juice here.

Gritting his teeth, Su Zimo’s heart hardened.

Since they were already in big trouble, what was he still worrying about?

Placing Night Spirit into his robes, Su Zimo walked up and lifted the gigantic demon beast egg with both hands before gulping down in mouthfuls from that small little hole.

“The taste is a little strong, not entirely delicious.”

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

The refreshing and smooth juice flowed down his throat into his stomach.


In that instant, Su Zimo felt like his body was about to explode!

The energy contained in that juice was much more than Su Zimo had imagined.

The moment it entered his stomach, the energy burst out into streams of divine lights that ran wildly in Su Zimo’s body, flowing through all limbs.

It was nourishing his skin, flesh, tendons, bones, marrow and five organs.

At that moment, Su Zimo realized that the juice in that egg was a great tonic for him!

It was even better than any demon beast Inner Cores or whatnot!

If he could digest all the energy of that juice, he might even be able to attain greater mastery of the Organs Refinement section!


This was an unimaginable opportunity for him!

Of course, the prerequisite was for him to be able to escape that place.

Su Zimo swallowed heavily.

He finally understood the feeling of why Night Spirit was still longing for it even after it finished eating.

There was probably nothing in this world that could be purer than the energy of that juice!

That power was way too strong!

It barged wildly through Su Zimo’s body, spilling with brilliant rays of light through his pores.

A bedazzling light surrounded Su Zimo and shrouded all around. In that luminescence, he vaguely resembled a god!

Su Zimo knew that the energy contained by that juice was extremely rare.

With a deep breath, he quickly closed his pores shut to seal the essence qi within his body.

However, the energy was way too massive and thick – it was difficult to contain everything in a short while given Su Zimo’s physique.

His eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth began to emit rays of light, surging with vitality in a frightening manner.

Under the rush of that power, a faint, green glint appeared in Su Zimo’s eyes!

Before long, the evil power that was hidden in Su Zimo’s eyes was purged by the pure power of the egg juice.

That evil power was none other than the one left behind in Su Zimo’s body by the blood-robed youth’s Blood Slave Art.

Two green droplets of water trickled from the corner of Su Zimo’s eyes down onto the ground, condensed without dissipating and emitting a ghastly light!

Su Zimo was elated.

He never expected that he would be able to get rid of the latent danger within his body after consuming the egg juice!

This meant that as long as Su Zimo escaped from this place, his pursuers could no longer track him using any secret skills!




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