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Chapter 226: Nowhere to Run

Su Zimo fell to the ground, his bones and tendons feeling as though they were about to split. Enduring the pain, he took Night Spirit out of his robes carefully and hugged it in his embrace.

He was worried about Night Spirit.

Even though Yu Fei’s lifeblood was greatly drained because of that swipe to his throat, he was still a Golden Core spirit demon after all. That counterattack before his death was extremely terrifying!

Even if Su Zimo was the one in Night Spirit’s situation, he could not guarantee that he could survive.

However, Su Zimo was stunned when he took Night Spirit out.

Back in Dongling Valley, he saw with his own eyes how Night Spirit’s waist was caved in through Yu Fei’s punch. It clearly suffered serious injuries to its organs and was coughing out blood, as if it could die at any time.

But now, Night Spirit’s body had returned to normal.

Curled up in Su Zimo’s embrace, Night Spirit was no longer bleeding from its mouth, breathing slowly and steadily.

When it sensed Su Zimo’s gaze, Night Spirit suddenly raised its head and blinked its tiny eyes. Pitch black like gemstones, they looked at Su Zimo filled with life.

The man and beast looked at one another.


When he saw that Night Spirit was fine, Su Zimo was delighted and could not help but laugh out loud.


As if sensing Su Zimo’s joy, Night Spirit opened its mouth slightly and cried in response.

Su Zimo carried Night Spirit up and examined it carefully.

He was shocked to discover that Night Spirit had an extremely strong self-regeneration ability!

Even though it was not fully recovered, the wounds on its internal organs were already beginning to heal and its broken bones were reconnected.

From their escape from Dongling Valley till now, Night Spirit had not consumed any elixirs and was completely reliant on its own body’s ability to repair and adjust.

It was less than a month since Night Spirit had been born…

Of course, the greater Night Spirit’s potential was, the more stringent the conditions were for it to grow!

If it was a ferocious beast cub, its parents would naturally be pure-blooded ferocious beasts as well. Extremely powerful, they could provide sufficient food and resources for the ferocious beast cubs.

However, Su Zimo was merely a mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator right now and honestly could not provide much for Night Spirit.

He took out Yu Fei’s Inner Core from his storage bag and placed it under Night Spirit’s nose, wanting to feed it.

If not for Night Spirit’s assassination, Su Zimo would have been reduced to a blood slave of the blood-robed youth by now.

Therefore, he did not hesitate nor feel pained in the slightest bit feeding Night Spirit the Inner Core.

Twitching its nose slightly, Night Spirit sneezed and turned its head away, pouting its lips with disdain in its eyes…

“Burp… ”

When he saw that, Su Zimo was speechless.

That Inner Core could be considered the most precious thing he had.

He did not expect that Night Spirit would look down on it!

“You must be crazy, letting up on such a good thing.”

Having narrowly escaped death along with the fact that Night Spirit survived, Su Zimo was in a great mood and could not help but chide jokingly. He put away the Inner Core casually, prepared to consume it himself later.

“I’ll put you down first. Let me go set up some array formations and we’ll hide here for a couple of days.”

Su Zimo told Night Spirit.

Unexpectedly, Night Spirit arched its body and tried to burrow into Su Zimo’s embrace repeatedly, as if it was most comfortable there.

Unable to reject, Su Zimo stuffed it inside his robes again and came to the entrance of the cave to begin setting up array formations.

After burning a third of his blood, Su Zimo was extremely weak by now.

However, he did not dare to rest.

He had to make every second count and lay out a couple of array formations before he could set himself at ease.

Su Zimo had just drawn a couple of formation patterns when he came to a sudden stop. An extremely strange feeling surged in his heart… as if he had been targeted!

There was no danger or warning signs.

However, Su Zimo felt that something was amiss.

It seemed like there was a pair of eyes hidden somewhere staring at him!

He remained expressionless and continued to draw his formation patterns. However, most of his attention and gaze were constantly scanning the surroundings, trying to find the origin of that unpleasant feeling.

After a while, Su Zimo found nothing.

“Did I imagine it?”

His eyes flickered and he frowned in deep thought.

It would be best if he had imagined it. Otherwise…

Right then, Night Spirit popped its head out from Su Zimo’s chest.


Night Spirit called out.

Su Zimo was in deep thought and did not pay attention to Night Spirit’s cries.

“Heeya! Heeya!”

After a while, Night Spirit cried out two more times seeing that Su Zimo was ignoring him. It used its paws to scratch on Su Zimo’s chest gently but it did not extend its claws.

“What’s wrong?”

Coming to his senses, Su Zimo lowered his head and asked.

Night Spirit’s head was raised as it looked in the direction of the sky with an icy gaze. There was a tiny speck reflected in its pitch black pupils.


Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he raised his head suddenly.

Up above in the skies, there was a black dot hidden within the clouds, faintly discernible.

Given that distance, if it was any normal Foundation Establishment Cultivator, their eyesight would not be enough to make out what that figure dancing in the skies was.

However, Su Zimo’s eyesight was extremely powerful and he recognized that the black dot was a blood-eyed crow!

Not only that, there were even more black dots gathering towards that area in the clouds!

With the blood-eyed crows giving directions, it won’t be long before a Golden Core finds his way there!

Suddenly, Su Zimo felt a chill run down his spine.

He had not managed to shake off his pursuers at all!

If he had not sensed that something was amiss and Night Spirit discovered the source of his feelings, he might have been surrounded and killed here without even knowing why!


Su Zimo’s first reaction was to continue escaping

However, the world was so huge. Where could he escape to?

There were too many blood-eyed crows. In addition, they were fast and had a keen sense of smell – no matter where Su Zimo escaped, it was inevitable that he would be caught.

The blood-eyed crows were the eyes of his enemies and they were everywhere.

This meant that Su Zimo would always be under the enemy’s surveillance!

There was nowhere to run!

Furthermore, he was in an extremely bad condition. The blood that he had burnt earlier had not recovered and he no longer had any energy left.

What should he do?

Su Zimo closed his eyes and tried his best to compose himself, thinking hard of a way to break out of this situation.

He believed that there must be a way for him to escape from the surveillance of the blood-eyed crows!

After a while, Su Zimo suddenly opened his eyes – he had an idea.

He took out the demon beast Inner Core from his storage bag and swallowed it whole.

Su Zimo was prepared to use Blood Escape once more!

Making use of Blood Escape two times in a row meant that he would have to burn up two thirds of his blood and there was a high chance he could die.

However, he had no other choice.

He could only consume the Inner Core in advance to prevent and mishaps.

Right now, Su Zimo was at his weakest. If he did not make use of Blood Escape, he would not be able to escape far and would definitely be caught by the Golden Cores behind.

Taking out a map from his storage bag, Su Zimo took a good look at it.

Soon, he put away the map and channeled Blood Escape. His body turned into a sanguine light as he made a slight change of direction and dashed for it!



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