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Chapter 187: Reunion

King of Yan’s chamber.

The King of Yan, Su Hong, had a solemn expression. He was playing chess against Uncle Zheng and it was at a particularly intense situation.

The guards Liu Yu and Yuchi Huo stood at the side, standing watch over the both of them with sharp gazes.

Uncle Zheng, Liu Yu and Yuchi Huo were the oldest and most loyal three in the Su family. They never left even when the Su family was at its lowest and was almost annihilated.

“Young Master, you aren’t young anymore. Are you really planning to continue wasting your time like this and not get married?” After four years, Uncle Zheng looked much older. However, his eyes were still clear and exuded the glint of wisdom.

In private, everyone addressed each other no differently from before.

Su Hong remained silent.

“Young Master, the bloodline of the Su family has to continue,” Uncle Zheng persuaded again.

With a sharp slap, Su Hong put down a chess piece and pointed to the chessboard with a smile. “Uncle Zheng, if you get distracted again, you’re going to lose.”

Seeing that Su Hong clearly did not wish to talk about it, Uncle Zheng gave a bitter smile and sighed. “I’m not as energetic as before. I’m old now.”

Right then, a burst of laughter came out outside and Song Qi’s voice rang.

“Young Master, Mr. Zheng! Guess who’s here?”

The door to the King of Yan’s chamber was closed. Su Hong and the rest could only see vague shadows but they could not see the appearance of the visitors.

When he heard that, Su Hong shook his head and smiled. “What’s there to be mysterious about? Who could it be?”

Uncle Zheng went silent for a moment. A thought struck him as he whispered, “Could it be the second young master or miss?”

“Xiaoning wouldn’t have time to return since she’s on the path to immortality cultivation. As for Zimo…” There was a look of worry in Su Hong’s eyes. “I don’t know where that lad has gone off to. I haven’t seen him in two years.”

“Big brother, I’m back.”

One of them pushed the door open. He was dressed in green and carried a scholarly aura around him, looking refined and graceful – it was none other than Su Zimo.

“Second young master?”

“It really is the second young master!”

Liu Yu and the others revealed looks of joy as they broke into laughter.


Su Hong’s eyes sparkled. He stood up slowly and walked forward, sizing Su Zimo from head to toe. As much as he tried to control himself, he could not conceal the excitement in his heart.

While Su Hong was sizing him up, Su Zimo was looking at Su Hong as well.

After two years, Su Hong did not seem to have changed much.

Back when he had failed to assassinate the King of Yan, he was disheartened and his hair turned white overnight. At first glance, he looked like a venerable old man.

In fact, Su Hong was only 34 this year.

Stretching both hands, Su Hong gripped Su Zimo tightly on the shoulders and shook the latter vigorously. Finally, he nodded in satisfaction. “Not bad, you’re stronger than before.”

“Young Master, I’m afraid you don’t know yet, but Second Young Master Su is now a cultivator as well! Not just that, his cultivation is even much higher than mine!” Song Qi remarked at the side.

“Oh? For real?” Su Hong’s eyes lit up.

Su Zimo did not hide anything and nodded. “That’s right, brother. I joined a sect named Ethereal Peak, one of the five major sects of the Great Zhou Dynasty. It’s not weaker than Xiaoning’s Azure Frost Sect.”

“Good, good, good!” Su Hong nodded repeatedly. Liu Yu and the rest were delighted too.

At this moment, Su Hong’s gaze turned towards the girl beside Su Zimo. He could not help but be slightly stunned as a feeling of amazement surged in his heart. “This lady is…?”

Su Zimo finally remembered that Demoness Ji was still beside him. Just as he was about to introduce, he heard her voice. It was like pearls falling on a jade plate and was pleasant to one’s ears.

“Hello, big brother.”

Su Zimo frowned.

It was naturally alright for him to refer to Su Hong as big brother. But… Why was this Demoness Ji joining him?!

Su Zimo glanced sideways, wanting to remind her. However, he ended up losing his focus and was rooted on the spot as well.

Unknowingly, Demoness Ji had removed the veil on her face, revealing a peerless beauty that could captivate all life. She was flawless and unimaginably beautiful.

This time, there was no bewitching charm exuding from Demoness Ji.

On the contrary, she looked refined and elegant. Nodding slightly, her cheeks flushed red as though she was a little shy.

Su Zimo’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground.

This was Demoness Ji?

This young girl before her was completely unlike Su Zimo’s impression of her being that seductive Demoness Ji who could bewitch the entire world!

This was clearly a respectable woman, not some demoness…

Demoness Ji moved closer to Su Zimo and tugged Su Zimo’s sleeve with her petite hands. Rolling her eyes at him secretly, she looked at Su Hong and said timidly, “I’m Yan’er, Zimo’s… friend.”

Su Zimo felt goosebumps all over his body.

If they were friends, so be it. Why did she have to break a pause in the middle?!

Even though there was nothing wrong with that sentence, the way Demoness Ji said it changed the tone of it and would lead to inferences.

True enough.

Su Hong looked enlightened and nodded in delight.

Uncle Zheng and Song Qi smiled as well, looking at Demoness Ji with a hint of scrutiny, feeling more satisfied by the moment.

Liu Yu and Yuchi Huo winked at Su Zimo and secretly gave him a thumbs up.

“Demoness Ji, what are you doing?”

Su Zimo pulled Demoness Ji to a corner and whispered, frowning.

“What’s wrong?” She asked with an innocent expression.

“Who told you to remove your veil?”

“It’s rude to meet big brother with a veil.”

“That’s true…”

Su Zimo nodded instinctively, but he felt that something was amiss. On second thought, he snapped out of his stupor and glared at Demoness Ji. “Who is your big brother? He’s MY big brother!”

“Also, Demoness Ji, why are you pretending in front of my big brother? Don’t you think I know what sort of a person you are?” Su Zimo gave a cold sneer.

“Sure, let’s not pretend then! How about I jump into your embrace and we can make out right now?” Demoness Ji glanced sideways at Su Zimo, full of provocation.

Su Zimo jumped in fright and hurriedly said, “Please continue pretending…”

He knew very well that this person in front of him could truly do such a thing with no qualms.

“Zimo, what are you doing!”

Right then, Su Hong walked over with a hint of blame in his tone. “I heard you mentioning something about a demoness. How is she a demoness? Don’t spout nonsense. To think that you’ve spent more than ten years studying the texts of saints.”

Su Zimo could not really explain despite being reprimanded and could only say, “Big brother, please don’t overthink things. She’s truly just a friend of mine and is a fellow cultivator.”


Unexpectedly, Su Hong’s eyes lit up and he nodded. “That’s good. Both of you are cultivators, so it’s a perfect match.”

Demoness Ji grinned and an imperceptible smugness flashed across her eyes.

Su Zimo coughed lightly and changed the topic. “Has Xiaoning returned in two years?”


Su Hong shook his head. “You haven’t seen her either?”

“I see.”

Su Zimo said in a low voice, “But you don’t have to worry, big brother. The sect competition is about to begin. At that time, all major and minor sects within the Great Zhou Dynasty would be present and I’ll be able to see Xiaoning then.”

Naturally, Su Xiaoning was not the only one he would see at the sect competition. He might even encounter some old friends.

An image surfaced in Su Zimo’s mind – it was a gentle girl who told him heartlessly, “Our fate has come to an end. We are separated as mortals and immortals. I’m afraid… we will not see each other again.”

“It’s true our fate has come to an end. As for whether being separated as mortals and immortals as well as whether we’ll see once another again… ha.”

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with mockery.




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