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Chapter 178: Skeleton in the Stone Coffin

After the Sanguine Ape Fist Seal, Su Zimo did not pause at all and thrust forward coiled like a ball with his legs slightly bent.

Arriving in front of Pang Yue, Su Zimo’s body suddenly bounced off and he struck up with both arms, hitting Pang Yue heavily on the chin.


Pang Yue’s head was reared as blood gushed into his eyes. With loosened teeth, he staggered backwards.

Back in the Cang Lang Mountain Range, Su Zimo crushed a cultivator’s jaws and neck with this Sanguine Ape Fruit Offering.

But now, Pang Yue merely lost a couple of teeth.

Su Zimo leaned in and smashed against Pang Yue’s strength with his entire body’s might. The latter grunted and his muscular body was sent flying.

This did not cause Su Zimo to stop. With a flash of his body, he grabbed Pang Yue by the ankles and exerted strength in his arms! Exhaling deeply, Su Zimo lifted Pang Yue’s entire body and smashed it heavily into the ground!


A huge human sized crater formed on the ground as dust spread everywhere.

Many of the fiend sect cultivators were dumbfounded as their mouths twitched uncontrollably.

This was an outcome none of them had expected.

Everyone could tell that Pang Yue’s strength was far superior compared to Su Zimo. However, a single mistake caused him to lose the initiative and Su Zimo continued the combo till this eventual defeat!

Even though it was a short exchange of blows, both parties displayed extremely powerful melee combat techniques.


Yet another dull sound rang out.

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound. Gradually, their pupils constricted as their expressions froze.

In the blood pool not far away, an ancient coffin laid quietly at the bottom and was faintly discernible from the vortex. Placed in the middle, it looked as though it was one with the pool.

There were many mysterious and esoteric runic patterns etched on the surface of the stone coffin. However, due to the constant flow of blood, most of it was indiscernible and it had a dim glow.

There were also huge chains wrapped around the surface of the stone coffin. They were all covered in rust and seemed as though they had been there for a long time.

The dull sounds from before came from this stone coffin!

All of a sudden!

Another sound came from the blood pool.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The chains on the stone coffin began to crack and shattered under the watchful eyes of everyone!

With a loud boom, the lid of the coffin was lifted by a tremendous force.

The dull sound in the stone coffin became even clearer!

Dong! Dong! Dong!

It was as though someone was striking the drums of the heavens in a deep and powerful manner.

Everyone focused and gasped.

A figure was lying in the stone coffin.

To be precise, it was a skeleton.

However, there was a grisly red heart in the chest of the skeleton and it was beating with great vigor!

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The dull sounds were actually the beating of the heart!

Many of the fiend sect cultivators were so terrified that they even forgot to breathe.

Su Zimo realized this was unexpected. At the very least, the skeleton before him was definitely not within the calculations of the many fiend sect cultivators present!

He did not have time to bother about Pang Yue who was lying in the huge pit. In a flash, he appeared beside Demoness Ji and whispered, “Hurry up and leave. Something is not right!”

Demoness Ji’s face was pale as a sheet at the moment. A look of fear flickered in her eyes as she murmured, “It’s probably too late.’

Su Zimo sensed something and followed Demoness Ji’s gaze towards the blood pool once more.Read more chapter on

In just that short while, the blood in the pool was drained by more than half after gushing into the stone coffin!

As for the skeleton in the stone coffin, its body already had a layer of flesh and blood. Although it was thin and translucent, it was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze as countless thoughts flashed through his mind.


Or… was the skeleton not dead to begin with?

Who was he?

At this moment, Su Zimo suddenly realized that he could not move his feet, as if he was being restrained by an invisible force.

Sweeping his gaze, he realized that it was the same for the many fiend sect cultivators present – they were all rooted to the spot.

Suddenly, the skeleton in the stone coffin sat up. The black holes where its eyes were shone with a sinister red gleam as it opened its mouth and produced a series of tones, “Since… you are… here… don’t… leave anymore…!”

Because it had no tongue, the skeleton’s pronunciation was unclear. However, everyone could vaguely make out what it was saying.

Without any warning, the group of cultivators closest to the blood pool flew through the air towards the stone coffin in the blood pool simultaneously as though they were pulled by something. Their eyes were filled with fright.

Those people struggled furiously in midair, wanting to get away from the stone coffin, but to no avail.

Some of them had despair in their eyes as they roared and raised their weapons, stabbing at the skeleton in the stone coffin.

The long swords that stabbed the skeleton broke on the spot!

Many fiend sect cultivators were brought to the vicinity of the skeleton. It opened its mouth and sucked, causing the flesh and blood of a cultivator opposite to gush into its mouth like liquid.

In the blink of an eye, a group of fiend sect cultivators perished without a single survivor!

The empty, white skeletons that remained fell from midair and scattered beside the stone coffin.

After absorbing the fresh blood, the flesh on the skeleton became more abundant. Although it was far from the level of a normal person, its face could already be vaguely made out.

Standing up from the stone coffin, the skeleton walked out and surveyed the surroundings with a pair of bloody red holes.

It seemed to be able to see everything around it!

The skeleton took another breath and the flesh on its face squirmed, as if it was in enjoyment.

“Such fresh… blood… click… click clack…!”

At some point in time, Pang Yue had crawled up from the ground. Coughing blood, it was obvious that Su Zimo had slammed him hard.

Pang Yue cursed, “Fu*k! I thought that this was an inheritance ground. Turns out there’s an old demon buried here!”


The skeleton waved.

Another group of cultivators flew towards it. Even though the bodies were theirs, they could not control it at all – it was an unstoppable power!

Before long, that group of cultivators perished once again, leaving behind a pile of bones as their flesh were all absorbed by the skeleton.

Dong dong! Dong dong dong!

The beating of the skeleton’s heart grew louder and stronger.

“What should we do?”

Demoness Ji’s petite body trembled as she asked softly.

She naturally knew that given the situation before them, only fate could decide their lives. Both she and Su Zimo were powerless to resist.

However, she merely wanted to talk to someone out of the fear in her heart.

Su Zimo was expressionless as he glared at the skeleton coldly.

They stood no chance at all.

The skeleton was indeed extremely strong. So strong that it was hard to imagine.

However, it had clearly been trapped in the stone coffin for a long time and had just escaped. Although it was recovering its strength, now was also its weakest moment!

As long as he could find its weakness, they might be able to obtain a sliver of life!

At this moment, the skeleton waved again.

About ten cultivators flew towards the skeleton.

Su Zimo and Demoness Ji were among the group!




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