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Chapter 124: Array Peak Face-off
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Su Zimo had not left far from Elixir Peak on his flying sword when he caught sight of a person who seemed to have been waiting for him for a long time.

“Su Zimo, I didn’t think much of you at first. But, I have to admit that the surprises you’ve given me weren’t too small,” Feng Haoyu said with a fake smile.

Su Zimo paused for a moment and ignored him, wanting to leave on his flying sword.

Feng Haoyu continued, “Oh yes, there’s something I need to remind you about.”

“Oh?” Su Zimo remarked softly without turning back.

“From now on, you’d better keep your distance from Leng Rou. Or else…” Even though Feng Haoyu did not continue, there was a chilling coldness in his tone.

Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed.

He and Leng Rou were merely acquaintances. However, Feng Haoyu’s threatening tone disgusted him.

Su Zimo asked indifferently, “Or else, what?”

“Or else, you will die!”

Since there was no one else around them, Feng Haoyu had no qualms and did not conceal his killing intent.

With his back facing Feng Haoyu, Su Zimo’s gaze narrowed.

He had indeed sensed Feng Haoyu’s killing intent at that very instant!

Su Zimo’s expression remained unchanged as he laughed. “Ethereal Peak forbids internal killing of disciples. You are no exception to that rule, Feng Haoyu.”

“Fufu, it’s fine.”

Feng Haoyu replied coolly, “As long as you’re in the sect, I’ll play with you till you die!”

Su Zimo turned around slowly and looked at Feng Haoyu silently. He said expressionlessly, “Do you believe that I’ll kill you right now?”

For some reason, Feng Haoyu felt a chill run down his spine as Su Zimo stared at him.

That feeling was as though he was being targeted by a ferocious ancient demon beast that could tear him apart at any moment!

Frowning, Feng Haoyu dispelled the weird sensation within him.

After all, Su Zimo was only at Level 8 Qi Condensation and was no threat to him.

When he saw that Feng Haoyu did not reply, Su Zimo turned around to leave and before long, he disappeared from the former’s vision.

When Su Zimo returned to his cave abode, he stopped in his tracks. His eyes flickered as he pondered deeply.

He gradually noticed that something was amiss.

Previously, Feng Haoyu was indeed extremely hostile towards him.

However, after the Weapon and Elixir Peak face-offs, that hostility had gradually transformed into killing intent!

Even though it seemed normal, there was something ridiculous about it.

There was no deep hatred between fellow disciples. Even if there was competition, there was no need for Feng Haoyu to want to kill him.

Earlier, Feng Haoyu asked him to keep his distance from Leng Rou.

Right after that, he revealed his killing intent. Although it seemed logical, it felt like he was trying to hide something.

If neither Leng Rou nor the two face-offs were the reason for Feng Haoyu to want to kill him, what was?

Was Feng Haoyu hiding something?

Or perhaps, was he worrying too much? Was Feng Haoyu merely a narrow-minded person who was blunt?

Su Zimo shook his head.

He had a feeling that Feng Haoyu was not that simple.

After pondering for a while more without any clues, Su Zimo entered his cultivate and continued with his seclusion cultivation.

The Array Peak face-off was tomorrow.

The location of the face-off was at the Ten Formations Pagoda where the challenge would be on who could clear the most levels the fastest.

Su Zimo had no intention of taking part in it.

First, he did not have much time and he had to focus on raising his cultivation.

Second, even though clearing the Ten Formations Pagoda would not expend too much spirit qi, it would take a toll on his mental health and energy. It would take him more than two days to recover from it.

He had to do his best to prepare for the battle against Feng Haoyu two days later!

On the other side, Feng Haoyu had just returned to his cave abode when a hoarse voice suddenly sounded in his ears. It was hard to tell if it was a male or female.

“Feng Haoyu, you said too much to that lad!”

The voice sounded deep and sinister, making one’s hair stand on end.

Feng Haoyu spun around suddenly but there was no trace of anyone.

“You don’t have to doubt me. If I’m here to look for you, I naturally know of your identity. I’m just in time to remind you to be careful and not expose yourself. Also, don’t forget about your mission!”

The voice sounded once more erratically.

Feng Haoyu was finally relieved upon hearing that. Letting out a long breath of air, he laughed. “You’re worrying too much, senior. I intentionally requested for him to keep his distance from Leng Rou. That Su Zimo must definitely think that she is the reason for my killing intent.”

“Don’t underestimate anyone!”

“Understood,” Feng Haoyu nodded his head obediently.

“That Su Zimo is a hidden danger. We cannot keep him alive!”

Feng Haoyu lowered his head and replied in a low voice, “Don’t worry, senior. Leave it to me.”

“Senior, may I know who you are in Ethereal Peak?” After pausing for a moment, Feng Haoyu asked.

“That’s not for you to know now. If need be, I will tell you.”


After a moment, that voice no longer sounded and Feng Haoyu knew that the other party had left.

Arranging his attire, he looked around before entering his cave abode.

Fourth day, Array Peak face-off.

Each year, there were not many disciples spectating Array Peak’s face-off.

After all, the challenge was to clear the Ten Formations Pagoda. Prior to this, there was already a record on the Ten Formations Stele and everyone already knew who the number one would be.

But it was different this year.

Just three months ago, a mysterious challenger had appeared and destroyed every single record in the Ten Formations Stele’s history.

“Cleared Level 10, 7 days 18 hours!”

That row of words was still at the first row of the Ten Formations Stele. It was eye-catching but its name was completely blank.

Out of curiosity, everyone wanted to know the identity of that mysterious challenger.

To many disciples, they felt that the reason why that person had kept his identity hidden was because he wanted to shock everyone during the Array Peak face-off.

As such, many trial disciples had already gathered on Array Peak early in the morning because they wanted to see his true identity.

The five peak masters had arrived early on as well. Seated in a row, they conversed idly.

“Xuan Yi, you’re still unwilling to tell us even now?” Wen Xuan laughed and asked.

The brown haired youth urged as well, “That’s right. Since we’re going to find out today, we’ll at least be prepared if you tell us beforehand!”

Xuan Yi’s gaze swept through the crowd but he did not see Su Zimo. After pondering for a while, he shook his head. “Forget it, you guys can see for yourself.”

Since Su Zimo did not choose to announce it, Xuan Yi had no intention to reveal it either.

Zhong Wen of Array Peak came before the Ten Formations Stele and looked at the first row of words with a complicated expression.

“Are you finally going to show yourself today?”

He murmured softly, “Let me see who you are so that I can accept my defeat thoroughly.”

Before long, the Array Peak face-off began.

Doves of disciples challenging the Ten Formations Pagoda entered it together.

Everyone outside was waiting for that one person to walk to the Ten Formations Stele and tap his sect badge.

As long as that person appeared, there would be no need to take part in the Array Peak face-off and he would also be the true number one of Array Peak!

At that moment, Su Zimo was in seclusion within his cave abode, attempting to reach Level 9 Qi Condensation…

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