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Chapter 1165: Bow in Defeat

“Sure, we can stop,”

Su Zimo nodded and replied.

Although the Ten Thousand Demon Army had just been released and had yet to fight to their heart’s content, none of the demons stood out to object.

Su Zimo had absolute prestige in Howling Moon Mountain!

Dao Lord Bai Ling and the others heaved a sigh of relief when they heard that.

If Su Zimo persisted, none of them could guarantee that they would be able to leave Qian Heaven City alive!

The black-robed fiend demon with a cold expression was way too terrifying.

Up till this point of the battle, no one could escape as long as he got close to them!


Su Zimo changed the topic and swept his gaze across the faces of Dao Lord Bai Ling and the others, saying slowly, “There has to be an explanation for this battle!”

“What do you want?”

Dao Lord Bai Ling asked with a frown.

“It’s not what I want, it’s what you should do.”

Su Zimo replied coldly, “I’ve never violated the rules of the North Region Dao Meet ever since I arrived.”

The crowd was silent.

That was the irrefutable truth.

Initially, when cultivators provoked Su Zimo, the latter merely suppressed them without killing them.

If Dao Lord Bai Ling and the others had not ordered the paragons of the sect to surround Su Zimo and the others, this battle would not have happened!

Dao Lord Bai Ling and the others were largely responsible for why some of the cultivators were dead!

“I don’t have any grudges with most of you cultivators and I don’t want to kill all of you either.”

Su Zimo said.

He swept his gaze across the crowd and could clearly see the panic, confusion, fear and helplessness on the faces of many cultivators.

Many of them were innocent to begin with.

After a slight pause, Su Zimo looked at Dao Lord Bai Ling and the others and said indifferently, “However, you guys have to give me an explanation.”

Dao Lord Bai Ling and the others had ugly expressions.

Indeed, their judgment was wrong in this battle.

They had underestimated the strength of Desolate Martial and the others – they had not expected Desolate Martial to have such a powerful trump card that could summon an army of demons!

After a long silence, Dao Lord Bai Ling stood out and cupped his fists. Lowering his head, he said softly, “Desolate Martial, I was in the wrong for this matter!”

The cultivators were shocked.

What sort of a figure was Dao Lord Bai Ling?

As the leader of the Ouyang aristocratic family who was here to take part in the North Region Dao Meet, he was also one of the hosts of this Dao Meet. But now, he was bowing down to a Void Reversion!

Even in the entire North Region, Dao Lord Bai Ling was famous, let alone within the Ouyang aristocratic family.

But now, he lowered his head towards Dao Being Desolate Martial.

When the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the other upper sects and aristocratic families saw this, they shook their heads and sighed. They stood out and bowed their heads one after another.

Su Zimo remained silent with a calm expression and did not leave.

The demons behind him were motionless and silent!

His figure was a little frail and he seemed like he could not withstand the wind. However, when he stood in front of the army of demons, he exuded an aura that no one else could match and was intimidating!

There was silence in Qian Heaven City.

Dao Lord Bai Ling’s expression changed repeatedly as he looked at the green-robed man. In the end, a vicious glint flashed through his eyes as though he had made a decision.

Suddenly, he retrieved a flying sword from his storage bag.

The sword released five Dharmic patterns that were cold and sharp!

When he took out the flying sword, Dao Lord Bai Ling did not attack Su Zimo. Instead, he turned the sword and spun it in his palm!


A flash of blood appeared!

Dao Lord Bai Ling had actually cut off a pinky from his left hand!

The crowd fell into an uproar.

“Dao Lord! Why are you doing this?!”

A few cultivators of the Ouyang aristocratic family surged over with shocked expressions. “At most, we’ll fight to the death with them!”

Dao Lord Bai Ling had a tragic expression as he shook his head. “Forget it, it’s my fault for being foolish. Even if I sever a finger, it won’t be enough to redeem the lost lives of my clansmen. Once this is over, I’ll definitely return to the clan to receive my punishment!”

Su Zimo’s gaze shifted to the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the other upper sects and aristocratic families.

Some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were decisive and imitated Dao Lord Bai Ling to sever a finger.

Some of them hesitated for a long time before enduring the pain and severing their fingers.

Actually, losing a finger was already the lightest punishment.

For Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords, it would not affect their combat strength at all.

Furthermore, if they could cultivate to the Conjoint Body realm, their severed fingers could be regrown!

However, some of the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords truly felt guilty while others cursed internally with resentment.

In the crowd, You Lan had a complicated expression when she saw that.

She vaguely understood why Su Zimo did not kill them.

That was because even if they were killed, there might be other princesses and princes that would stand out.

However, if they were to see this, they would never have the thought of restoring their dynasties for the rest of their lives.

Not only that, after they returned, they would not let anyone else attempt to restore their dynasties and fight against the green-robed man!

Even a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of the North Region might not be able to make Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of upper sects and aristocratic families bow down and admit their mistakes with severed fingers!

They could not restore their dynasties as long as Desolate Martial was alive!

This was not a joke.

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he waved his hand. “Let’s go.”

The spirit tiger summoned the Demon Sealing Diagram once more.

The incomplete beast hide floated in midair and exuded a strange demonic aura. Many fiend demons that were initially scattered in the city soared into the air.

The demons shrank continuously and turned into a light spot, disappearing into the beast hide.

In the blink of an eye, monkey, the spirit tiger, Night Spirit, the Golden Lion, Ke Ke and Nian Qi were the only ones left behind.

Monkey looked at the many cultivators opposite him and spat before turning to leave with a disdainful expression.

Su Zimo and the others left as well.

After taking a few steps, Su Zimo stopped in his tracks. Frowning slightly, he murmured, “I almost forgot that there’s something I haven’t settled yet.”

Many cultivators who were relieved felt tense once again when they heard that statement!

Turning around, Su Zimo swept his gaze across the crowd and found his target very quickly. “Windflame, come on out.”

Dao Being Wind Flame of Glass Palace!

“Desolate Martial, what do you want?”

Dao Being Wind Flame had a fearless expression as he said coldly, “I’m a disciple of Glass Palace. It’s impossible if you want me to bow down in defeat!”

Glass Palace was one of the nine immortal sects and the only immortal sect in the North Region – it had its own pride.

“So what if it’s Glass Palace?”

Su Zimo nodded and laughed.

Before he could finish laughing, Su Zimo’s figure suddenly darted forward. In a flash of lightning, he had already arrived before Dao Being Wind Flame!


Dao Being Wind Flame’s eyes shone brightly and he was fearless as he released his blood qi. Raising both fists, he smashed towards Su Zimo’s head!


A green shadow flashed and Su Zimo’s figure vanished.

At the same time that he dodged Dao Being Wind Flame’s fists, Su Zimo’s body went limp and he circled behind Dao Being Wind Flame like a python, locking his arms around the latter’s throat!

Anaconda Coil!

Although his Green Lotus True Body could not unleash the essence of this technique, it was still a killing move of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

“Arr… arr… arr!”

Dao Being Wind Flame’s blood qi was blocked and his face was purplish green. He could not say anything and a strange sound came from the depths of his throat.

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