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Chapter 116: What Is He Refining?
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Despite the ridicules of the crowd, Su Zimo remained expressionless. As if he had not heard anything, he walked straight to the Weapon Refinement Hall.

As he had spent three months on Array Peak and placed much effort into learning about sword formations, Su Zimo’s cultivation had not reached his expected Level 9 Qi Condensation.

But of course, there were still a couple more days before his final battle with Feng Haoyu.

If Su Zimo were to seize the chance to cultivate during the few days, he would have a chance to reach Level 9 Qi Condensation.

“Bro, good luck!”

Little fatty’s voice rang out from the crowd as he thumped his fist towards Su Zimo.

Smiling, Su Zimo nodded his head and entered the Weapon Refinement Hall.

Within the hall, Xue Yi and the others nodded their heads to greet Su Zimo.

“Junior Brother Su, don’t let those nasty remarks distract you. Calm yourself and you’ll definitely win!” Xue Yi whispered when Su Zimo walked by him.

“Yes. You too, Senior Brother Xue.”

Su Zimo replied with a smile.

“Don’t worry. I’ve managed to cultivate a Level 2 Spirit Fire by now. I might not lose to Feng Haoyu too,” Xue Yi’s eyes flashed with confidence.

It was not easy for someone in their Qi Condensation realm to cultivate a Level 2 Spirit Fire as well.

This time round, Su Zimo did not stand at the back of the hall. Instead, he walked right to the front and stood in the same row as Feng Haoyu.

A tense aura gradually spread through the hall.

“Junior Brother Su, I haven’t seen you for half a year. Even though your cultivation hasn’t increased much, you seem to have gotten much more daring,” Feng Haoyu glanced at Su Zimo and remarked blandly.

“I’ve always been daring,” Su Zimo’s tone was indifferent as he did not even look over.

Feng Haoyu continued, “If you beg for mercy and admit defeat now, I’ll give you some face after the Spirit Peak face-off and let you suffer a less shameful defeat.”

“Is that so?”

Su Zimo smiled calmly.

Of course, Feng Haoyu did not simply want to bicker with Su Zimo. His main goal was to disrupt Su Zimo’s mind.

Be it weapon or elixir refinement, any bit of distraction could result in a failure.

Unfortunately, Feng Haoyu did not manage his goal. His two punches seemed as though they were hitting cotton and harmless.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you something.”

Feng Haoyu’s lips curled as he extended his palm. With a swoosh, a flame rose in it.

Dark red color… it was a Level 2 Spirit Fire!

Immediately after, Feng Haoyu’s palm stirred as a spirit wind was injected into the Level 2 Spirit Fire.


The flames grew in size and the color intensified, transforming into scarlet in the blink of an eye.

Level 3 Spirit Fire!

Immediately, Feng Haoyu’s voice rang out. “I’ve also managed to cultivate a Level 3 Spirit Fire. In front of me, your greatest support is nothing at all.”

It was clear that Feng Haoyu was trying to apply more pressure to Su Zimo!

The more pressure Su Zimo was under, the more nervous he would be and the easier he would commit mistakes!

A roar of surprise overtook the crowd outside when they saw the Level 3 Spirit Fire in Feng Haoyu’s palms.

“At first, I thought that this first match might be very intense. Now, it seems as though Su Zimo does not have much of a chance at winning.”

“That’s right. With the same level of spirit fire, how can Su Zimo’s weapon refinement techniques match against Senior Brother Feng?”

Xue Yi’s eyes darkened.

He had given it his all to cultivate a Level 2 Spirit Fire. He had thought that he could compete with Feng Haoyu, but he was still a little too weak.

The other disciples participating in the face-off looked grim and nervous.

Within the hall, Su Zimo was the only one who was calm as ever. He only glanced at it briefly before turning back.

All five peak masters could not help but praise internally when they saw what happened.

No matter what, Su Zimo’s calm and composed attitude was enough to stand above the entire crowd.

The disheveled old man stood up and gestured for silence with both hands as the crowd gradually quietened down.

“All disciples participating in the Weapon Peak face-off can come forth and select spirit materials. It is up to you what sort of weapon you want to create. Once the refinement is over, the victor will be judged after the weapons are submitted.”

Once the disheveled old man said that, the disciples in the hall went forth and chose the spirit components they wanted.

There were more than 10 types of spirit components displayed with the majority comprising of pure gold ores, the main material required for refining flying swords. There were comparatively less of other spirit components.

The first step of weapon refinement, material selection, required some know-hows as well.

If one were to refine a flying sword, other than pure gold ore, they merely needed two or three other supplementary spirit components.

If they were to add in too many, there would be too much impurities which would result in a difficult refinement with a longer time required.

During each Weapon Peak face-off, there were no disciples who could refine an inferior-grade spirit weapon.

Everyone refined pseudo spirit weapons. Because of that, they were judged based on quality and the time taken to complete.

Before long, many disciples were done with material selection.

Su Zimo was the only one still hovering around the spirit components thinking about something.

Now that he already had six flying swords, it would seem excessive to refine another one.

After much thought, he took a little of the different spirit components and headed back.

That action of his attracted the ridicule of many.

The more types of spirit components there were, the heavier the weapon created. If he was refining a flying sword, it would lose its advantage of being agile and it wouldn’t be worth it.”

“Is that Su Zimo stupid or what? Don’t tell me he’s trying to refine a huge hammer, right? Haha!”

“From the looks of it, it’s possible.”

“Don’t laugh. Who knows, he might be trying to refine a gigantic flying sword that would scare the hell out of you!”

There was a commotion outside the hall.

Even the disheveled old man frowned confusedly at what Su Zimo was doing.

The disciples headed back to their respective positions and took out their Weapon Tripods – they were all prepared.

With a wave of his hand, the disheveled old man said darkly, “Let the Weapon Peak face-off commence!”

The moment he said that, the hall was filled with flames.

Balls of spirit fire danced in the palms of many disciples, illuminating the hall in red. The crowd outside had quietened down too.

Among them, Feng Haoyu and Su Zimo’s Level 3 Spirit Fires were the most eye-catching.

Right after them was Xue Yi’s Level 2 Spirit Fire.

Second step of weapon refinement, tripod warming.

Almost at the same time, Feng Haoyu and Su Zimo were the first to be done with the tripod warming and insert their spirit components.

Both of their movements were extremely fluid – it was clear they had put in a lot of effort.

The five peak masters nodded approvingly.

The scarlet flames burned under their Weapon Tripods as the temperature within rose. Before long, the spirit components showed signs of melting.

Because Su Zimo had a wider mix of spirit components, his speed of smelting was evidently slower.

Even with a Level 3 Spirit Fire, Su Zimo had already fallen behind most of the disciples for this step.

After an hour, the liquid within Feng Haoyu’s tripod no longer reduced and he was done with the first smelting.

Within Su Zimo’s Weapon Tripod, the spirit components had only just started to melt. Burning scarlet red, they bubbled and impurities continued to be purged away.

Right then, Feng Haoyu’s advantage was obvious as he was far ahead of Su Zimo.

However, Su Zimo was in no rush. Unhurriedly, he looked at the spirit components within his tripod and constantly increased the temperature of his flames to purge as much impurities as possible.

By the time Feng Haoyu was done with forging and had started on tempering, Su Zimo was only just done with smelting – he was a full two steps behind!

The amount of spirit component liquid left in Su Zimo’s Weapon Tripod was significant. It was more than enough to refine a couple of flying swords, much less one.

Just what sort of a spirit weapon was he refining?

That question crossed everyone’s mind.

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