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Chapter 113: How Sinful!
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After three days, Su Zimo finally refined a cauldron of Spirit Gathering Elixirs with a perfect elixir!

He placed that perfect elixir carefully into a jade bottle and kept it in his storage bag.

Little crane was trapped by the Smoke Gathering Formation for the past three days and was unable to escape. It was also hoarse after crying for three days and nights. By now, it was sprawled on the ground in a despondent manner, looking at Su Zimo pitifully.

Su Zimo came before the Smoke Gathering Formation and looked at little crane with a fake smile. “Stupid bird, you know how strong I am now?”

Little crane nodded hurriedly and let out a look of awe.

Su Zimo was unmoved.

This stupid bird had a high status and had never suffered before in the sect – there was no way it was going to give in so easily.

If Su Zimo let it go, it might even come back and cause a greater ruckus!

“Stay here for three months. I’ll let you off after the five peaks face-off,” Su Zimo remarked casually.

“Caw, caw!”

Instantly, little crane’s expression changed as it yelled at Su Zimo as though threatening him.

Scoffing coldly, Su Zimo pretended as though he saw nothing and left his cave abode, riding his flying sword towards Elixir Peak.

Knowing how to refine Spirit Gathering Elixirs was not enough for him to be the number one of Elixir Peak.

The greatest difficulty of weapon refinement lies in spirit gathering.

As for elixir refinement, the difficulty lies in the deep knowledge that was required of all the various types of spirit herbs.

An Elementary Elixir Refinement Master would be able to differentiate between the spirit herbs for Grade 1 elixirs as well as their attributes and the temperature they could endure.

Someone who was unfamiliar with those things would be put in a spot if someone were to give them a recipe and they did not know of the spirit herbs listed. If so, how could they refine any elixirs?

Incredible Elixir Refinement Masters would be able to understand the recipe’s description based on their imaginations and creativity. From there, they could refine new elixirs using their own ratios.

But of course, Su Zimo was still far from that.

Su Zimo’s motive for heading to Elixir Peak was to exchange for a record of Grade 1 spirit herbs so that he could memorize them. Thereafter, he would exchange for some recipes and spirit herbs to continue practicing on refinement.

Before long, Su Zimo returned to his cave abode.

For the next few days, he worked on raising his cultivation and elixir refinement.

Trapped in the formation, little crane had nothing to eat and had lost weight, looking even more pitiful.

The spirit tiger could not bear to see it suffer and hence, when it hunted for food outside, it would bring some back for little crane as well, chatting with it every now and then.

During this period, the relationship between the tiger and crane had improved quite a bit.

Only, the way little crane looked at Su Zimo was still filled with resentment and pride.

Su Zimo could not be bothered.

This day, he refined another cauldron of elixirs with four supreme-grade and the rest being superior-grades.

Just as Su Zimo was about to keep the elixirs, he had an idea.

Even though he was not going to consume those elixirs, they still contained the essence of spirit herbs. He wondered if they would work to help spirit beasts raise their cultivation faster too.

At that thought, Su Zimo walked towards the spirit tiger with the fragrant smelling elixirs.

Right as he was about to ask, the spirit tiger wagged its tail with a pandering look. Its mouth was gaping and saliva was almost drooling…

Alright, that saved him the question.

“Look at your worthless expression!”

Su Zimo scolded jokingly before tossing some of the freshly refined elixirs over.

The spirit tiger leapt into the air and opened its mouth, catching an elixir and chewing in satisfaction.

When little crane who was trapped in the formation saw that, it was stunned.

“That works too?”

It was completely stupefied.

It had taken elixirs in the past before. However, even if its mother was the Mystical Guardian Beast, the elixirs given to her were middle-grade at best.

Little crane had never seen someone like Su Zimo who would feed a dog superior-grade elixirs!

To little crane, the way the spirit tiger fawned with a wagging tail earlier on was no different from a dog.

Little crane had a clear view of everything – there were even supreme-grade elixirs!

How extravagant!

How wasteful!

How exciting!

How sinful!

“But, I like it!”

Little crane jumped on the ground excitedly and winked at spirit tiger, trying to signal to it.

There were many cultivators who reared spirit beasts in the cultivation world. However, only few of them would be willing to feed their spirit beasts with elixirs, much less superior or supreme-grade elixirs.

Cultivators would not even bear to eat those elixirs, much less feed their spirit beasts.

Little crane felt that it was getting along quite well with the spirit tiger these days and it was implying for the latter to share some elixirs with it.

The spirit tiger glanced at little crane and hesitated for a long time. Finally, it picked up an elixir of the worst quality from the ground and tossed it into the Smoke Gathering Formation.

Little crane was enraged but it couldn’t do anything at all.

Twerking its butt, the spirit tiger ran back and clawed a circle on the ground, protecting the rest of the elixirs in front of it.

It looked like it was ready to fight anyone to the death if they dared touch those pills!

Su Zimo shook his head and smiled. Retrieving a couple of jade bottles from his storage bag, he poured all the elixirs within in front of the spirit tiger.

Most of them were superior-grade elixirs with some supreme-grade ones; even the lowest quality was at middle-grade!

He remarked, “It’s all for you. Hurry and raise your cultivation.”

The spirit tiger was bedazzled.

“This happiness came too suddenly! Joy has finally come to me!” The spirit tiger dove head first into the pile of elixirs and nearly fainted from the fragrance of it all.

Little crane was getting more and more anxious as it watched, crying repeatedly but her voice could not be heard at all.

“How can you finish so many elixirs? Share some with me!”

After a moment, the spirit tiger regained its senses and swallowed another few elixirs. It then sprawled on the ground and began snoring.

Every spirit beast knew how to cultivate innately. However, certain spirit beasts with powerful bloodlines would contain a memory heritage that would make their cultivation techniques even stronger.

The spirit tiger merely had an ordinary bloodline and its cultivation technique would never be able to match the Marrow Cleansing section, let alone The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

The thought of imparting the Marrow Cleansing section to the spirit tiger so that it could turn stronger had crossed Su Zimo’s mind as well.

However, Die Yue had once warned him not to impart the skill to anyone else and as such, Su Zimo could only abandon that thought.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to it, little crane felt extremely aggrieved. Left with no choice, it picked an elixir left behind by the spirit tiger earlier and began cultivating.

Within a couple of days, the tiger and crane finished all the elixirs.

Even though little crane’s cultivation rose, it wasn’t obvious because it was a spirit demon and did not consume much elixirs to begin with.

However, the spirit tiger’s aura was clearly much more ferocious. Its gaze had turned more sinister and its fur was now golden, standing erect like shimmering needles.

If it continued cultivating as such, it wouldn’t be long before the spirit tiger became a Foundation Establishment realm spirit demon!

After the elixirs were consumed, both the spirit tiger and little crane were yearning for more as they looked at Su Zimo wistfully, waiting for him to refine.

By now, the spirit herbs that Su Zimo had exchanged for were used up entirely.

Because he no longer had any contribution points, he would have to use spirit stones if he wanted to exchange for spirit herbs at Elixir Peak.

However, Su Zimo required spirit stones to raise his cultivation.

Meeting the anticipating gazes of the two spirit beasts, Su Zimo merely shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “I can’t refine any more elixirs. I’m out of spirit herbs.”

It was like thunder striking!

The news was a huge blow to the tiger and crane!

Both of them were addicted and had yet to enjoy to their hearts’ contentment. However, he was going to stop…


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