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Chapter 1079: Hidden Dragon Ranking

“Long Qiu was defeated by that newcomer!”

“This Long Mo has some tricks up his sleeves. It’s said that Long Qiu went against the clan rules and transformed into his complete dragon form. However, he was still suppressed by a single move!”

“I don’t believe it. How capable can an outsider with an impure bloodline and hasn’t cultivated here be?”

At that moment, every young Illumination Dragon in the Illumination Dragon habitat was discussing this matter.

Most of the Void Reversion realm Illumination Dragons were eager to give it a shot!

They had fought against one another countless times and were long sick of it. Now that an outsider had finally arrived, every single Illumination Dragon wanted to fight Su Zimo!

“I heard that even Long Ye has been alerted and is out of seclusion!”

“Brother Ye is out of seclusion?”

An Illumination Dragon exclaimed, “Before Brother Ye entered seclusion, he was already ranked fifth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking. Now that he’s out, it looks like he has a chance to advance to the next rank!”

“This Long Mo is pretty decent to be able to attract the attention of a dragon on the Hidden Dragon Ranking,”

Another Illumination Dragon suddenly said mysteriously, “I heard that not only Brother Ye, there’s also a dragon on the Hidden Dragon Ranking who’s prepared to cause trouble for Long Mo!”


Many Illumination Dragons came over and asked curiously.


The Illumination Dragon let out a strange laugh and said in a low voice, “The only female dragon on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!”


Upon hearing that, the surrounding Illumination Dragons gasped and their expressions changed!

“That Tyrant Dragon?”

“Given the temper of that Tyrant Dragon, even if Long Mo doesn’t die, he’s bound to lose a layer of skin!”

“Shh! Keep it down. If she hears us calling her the Tyrant Dragon, she’ll definitely come looking for trouble with us.”

“Say, Long Xi is so beautiful, but why is her temper worse than us Illumination Dragons? I really wonder which dragon will be able to tame her.”

“I heard that the number one of the Hidden Dragon Ranking is pursuing her?”

“You mean to say…”

Many Illumination Dragons exchanged glances with odd expressions.

Right then, a commotion broke out in the distance and many Illumination Dragons headed over with unfriendly expressions.

“Long Mo is back!”

Someone said.

Along the way, Su Zimo pondered about his future plans in the Dragon race.

When he arrived at the Illumination Dragon habitat and saw the Illumination Dragons who were eager to fight, he realized that the battle earlier on was far from enough for him to secure a foothold in the Dragon Bone Valley!

Rather, in the Dragon race, one required thunderous methods that could subdue the group of dragons.

Otherwise, there would be no decrease in such fights!

On both sides of the road stood many Illumination Dragons. Every single one of them looked at Su Zimo with hostility and provocation.

Su Zimo continued forward calmly.

“That’s the outsider? He doesn’t look anything special.”

“Fufu, he has delicate features and a frail body. I can suppress him with a single finger!”

More and more Illumination Dragons gathered here.

Before long, Su Zimo realized that he had entered the primordial divine spring the moment he arrived. He did not know the layout of the Illumination Dragon’s habitat nor did he know where his lair was.

“Excuse me, where is my lair?”

Su Zimo came before an Illumination Dragon and asked with a friendly smile.

Although the Illumination Dragon was only at the Nascent Soul realm, he was not afraid of Su Zimo at all. He merely sneered and rolled his eyes, ignoring the latter completely.

Su Zimo was not annoyed. After taking a few steps, he came before another Illumination Dragon and asked with a smile, “May I know where my lair is?”

This Illumination Dragon was at the Void Reversion realm.

This meant that the two of them had a chance of fighting!

“Do you want to know?”

The Illumination Dragon smirked and pointed at his nose, saying coldly, “Get past me first!”

The two of them were extremely close to one another.

Su Zimo looked at the young Illumination Dragon before him quietly and shook his head gently with a soft sigh. “You’re too weak.”

The moment he said that, Su Zimo suddenly reached out!

His movement was as fast as lightning without any warning.

The Illumination Dragon had not expected Su Zimo to be so decisive and attack first despite being surrounded by a group of dragons.

While he was in a daze, Su Zimo’s palm had already landed on the top of his head and rubbed it gently!

A tremendous amount of energy surged into his consciousness and the Illumination Dragon’s eyes rolled back. His body went limp and he fainted on the spot, falling in Su Zimo’s footsteps.


“Long Mo, how dare you!”

A roar sounded from the dragons.

“You’re not convinced?”

Su Zimo swept his gaze at him.

The Void Reversion Illumination Dragon was not afraid at all. He leaped into the air and transformed into a half dragon with sharp claws and fangs!

In a fight between dragons, very few would take on their half dragon form right away.

This also meant that the Illumination Dragon was wary and was prepared to unleash his full strength!


Stomping down, Su Zimo rose from the ground and threw a punch at the Illumination Dragon in midair!

The Illumination Dragon’s gaze was ferocious as he grabbed towards Su Zimo’s fist with one hand while his other dragon claw swiped towards Su Zimo’s head!

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with mockery and he did not dodge at all.


Fist and palm collided!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Immediately after, the sound of bones cracking could be heard in midair!

The Illumination Dragon revealed a pained expression as he felt an incomparably terrifying power surge into his body. The first things to relent were his wrist and arm!

Even with the protection of his dragon scales, the bones inside were already broken!

Before his other dragon claw could touch Su Zimo’s head, his entire body was sent flying by Su Zimo’s punch!

Even in midair, he spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, screaming.

This time round, the dragons were stunned!

Among them, some were strong while others were weak in combat. However, even the strongest expert would find it difficult to release such strength that could defeat an Illumination Dragon in his half dragon form with a single punch!

“With that strength, he should have a chance to challenge the Hidden Dragon Ranking, right?”

A weak voice sounded from the crowd.

Hidden Dragon Ranking?

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

The name sounded familiar, as though he had seen it somewhere before.

After pondering for a moment, a thought flashed through his mind.

On the central square of the Dragon Bone Valley, he seemed to have seen two gigantic ranking lists on his way to the mixed dragon habitat after coming out of the primordial divine spring!

One of them was the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

There were ten names of the Dragon race written on it and they belonged to different lineages.

Even without anyone’s introduction, he could roughly guess that the dragons on the Hidden Dragon Ranking were definitely the strongest and youngest ones from the five lineages!

In reality, Su Zimo’s guess was not wrong.

The ten spots on the Hidden Dragon Ranking were the ten strongest dragons at the Void Reversion realm!

The other ranking was the Heavenly Dragon Ranking, corresponding to the ten strongest Dragon race beings at the Dharma Characteristic realm!

The two ranking lists were extremely valuable.

The rankings would change at any moment as well.

As long as someone could defeat the dragons above, they would replace them!

Unsurprisingly, the young master of the five lineages would be the number one of the Heavenly Dragon Ranking!

Su Zimo glanced at it once and his deepest impression was that there were five dragons on the Hidden Dragon Ranking that came from the Blue Dragon lineage!

Furthermore, the number one of the Hidden Dragon Ranking and Heavenly Dragon Ranking were both Blue Dragons!

This also confirmed what Long Yan had told him before – the Blue Dragon was the leader among the five lineages!

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