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Chapter 1065: Rebirth

Although the woman had already left, Su Zimo still stood on the spot, lost in his thoughts for a long time.

Why was Little Fox the first person this woman asked after waking up?

What was her relationship with Little Fox?

Or rather, what was her relationship with Little Fox’s mother, the fire fox who died here?

Suddenly, Su Zimo recalled something.

Back when he carried Little Fox and leaped into the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, the first time he met Monk Yuan Bei, the latter said something to him.

“That Little Fox… take good care of her. Don’t let her suffer…”

At that time, Su Zimo could tell that the old monk hesitated, as though he had something to say.

However, when he wanted to ask, the old monk had already changed the topic and the matter was carried over.

Now that he thought about it, the old monk should know about the relationship between this woman and the Little Fox. There was a high chance that what he did not say back then was related to this woman!

The reason why this woman saved him was most likely because of Little Fox.

If she saw that Little Fox had suffered or was living a bad life, this woman might really come back to settle things with him.

Su Zimo shook his head and put those thoughts aside for the time being, continuing to temper his bones.

Without the power imprint of the remnant consciousness, the Chaos Essence Bell gradually melted under the heat of the golden lava and fused with the solution of the other connate Dharmic weapons.

Su Zimo applied the solution to the jade green skeleton at the side bit by bit.

The skeleton gradually gained a layer of dark gold color and a metallic texture appeared, making it even more indestructible!

After three days, Su Zimo’s many connate Dharmic weapons had already fused with the green lotus skeleton!

He melted the lotus leaves once more and enveloped the green lotus skeleton, forming a layer of skin!


Although he had yet to nurture his bloodline and organs, Su Zimo could already sense a mysterious connection between him and the skeleton before him!

Su Zimo brought the skeleton with him and returned above. He poured all the spirit herbs and elixirs in his storage bag into the spirit pool.

Instantly, rich lifeforce burst forth from the spirit pool and many spirit materials rose and fell within, turning into surging lifeforce that fused into the water.

Without any hesitation, Su Zimo placed the green lotus skeleton within. The black-haired Essence Spirit entered its glabella and took over the consciousness, sinking into the bottom of the spirit pool.

An endless stream of lifeforce surged into the green lotus skeleton.

At the same time, Su Zimo channeled Dharmic powers with his Essence Spirit and the skeleton vibrated continuously.

Initially, it was only the sound of bones shuddering.

However, as time passed by, the sound of water flowing could be heard from within the skeleton!


His marrow flowed and blood was swapped!

Gradually, pink membranes that were as thin as cicada wings appeared on the green-gold skeleton.

Time passed by slowly and flesh began to grow on the membrane, gradually filling up!

The outline of Su Zimo’s face gradually became clearer.

The embryonic form of his organs had already been formed within his body!

At the bottom of the spirit pool, a green-gold skeleton laid motionlessly. However, the lifeforce within the skeleton was getting stronger!

The entire spirit pool almost formed a vortex!

The skeleton was like a black hole that devoured all vitality!

At that moment, no one in the cultivation world knew that beneath the ruins of Tianhuang Mainland’s North Region, the number one monster incarnate that had caused countless paragons to tremble in fear was experiencing a rebirth!

Both true bodies were undergoing a rebirth!

A month later.

Under the cover of the Great Qian Ruins, there were no ripples in the spirit pool and it was filled with withered leaves and spirit herbs.

The spirit pool had not dried up for 10,000 years and was filled with spirit qi.

However, after just a month, there was no longer any spirit qi in the spirit pool and it was a dead cesspool.

All of a sudden!

Ripples appeared on the initially calm water surface.

A figure rose slowly and became clearer!


The sound of water echoed as a figure broke out of the water and stood in midair.

It was a perfect body with a slender, streamlined figure. Its skin was tender like a newborn baby.

The man’s black hair hung down and he had a clean, fair face. He had delicate features and his eyes were deep and bright – it was Su Zimo who was reborn!

Su Zimo lowered his head and looked at his body with a hint of joy in his eyes.

Although the bloodline and strength of his Green Lotus True Body was far inferior to his Dragon True Body, it was sufficiently tough and unshakable!

A Grade 6 Creation Green Lotus could fight against a connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon!

Right now, the skeleton formed from the lotus stem and many connate Dharmic weapons was almost equivalent to a connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon!

Furthermore, his skin was created with the leaves of the Creation Green Lotus.

Even if he stood motionlessly on the spot, a Void Reversion Dharmic weapon would not be able to penetrate his body!

It was even more impossible to injure his tendons and bones!

Su Zimo put on his green robes once more and tore through the ruins towards Dragon Burial Valley.

He intended to enter seclusion at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for a period of time.

He had almost no rest after the consecutive battles; it was time for him to stop fighting and let things settle down.

Now that he was at the Void Reversion realm, he had fused his immortal cultivation techniques, the Purple Thunder Manual and Green Thunder Manual, obtaining the complete Great Void Spirit Refinement section.

After cultivating this immortal cultivation technique, his combat strength would increase once more!

After browsing through the Void Reversion sutras of Daming Monastery and Fahua Monastery at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, his combat strength would increase further!

There were also top-tier Dharmic arts like the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

There were many things he had to cultivate in this seclusion.

In the entire cultivation world, almost everyone thought that Su Zimo, who had lost his body, the Creation Green Lotus and Divine Phoenix Bone, would definitely fall from grace and lose his glory.

He might not even be a match for ordinary paragons of the Void Reversion realm, let alone titular disciples.

However, no one knew that the day Su Zimo came out of seclusion would be the day the number one monster incarnate of history returned!

Even if he were to face many more titular disciples, he was still strong enough to suppress all of them!

Arriving at the edge of Dragon Burial Valley, Su Zimo leaped down.

This ravine was filled with many terrifying powers.

However, this time round, Su Zimo did not circulate any Dharmic weapons and allowed the mixed powers to surge through his body. The Green Lotus True Body was completely unharmed!


In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had already fallen to the bottom.

He was about to return to the ancient temple when he paused and frowned.

There were many legends about the Dragon Burial Valley.

The most terrifying thing was that a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure entered and did not manage to come out alive!

Initially, Su Zimo thought that those cultivators were killed by the terrifying and chaotic energy field of power above.

But now, he gradually realized that something was amiss.

The power above could not even rattle his Green Lotus True Body – how could it kill a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure?

Who killed the fallen Conjoint Body Mighty Figure in the legends?

Who killed the cultivators who fell in the Dragon Burial Valley in the legends?

Was it Monk Yuan Bei or the red-headed ghost?

Although the two of them did have the ability, it seemed like they had no reason to kill anyone.

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