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"Third chief, third chief!"

In another spacious cavern, a voice travelled in from the outside.

"Do you want to die? Who is that?"

This was a cavern room, the floor of the room was laid with demonic beast pelts. Currently, an obese figure was pressed onto a buff man who couldn't stop struggling. Now that he heard a voice from the outside, he started to shout for help.

"Third chief, we captured a handsome youth and sent him as a gift to you." The subordinate spoke with a flattering tone.

"Handsome youth?"

The obese figure lifted its head, it was a woman whose face was as ugly and as fat as a pig. Both her eyes shined with light as she salivated.

"What's the point in having you around."

With a single palm strike, she killed the man she was on top of. She stood up and walked towards the entrance of the cavern room.

Outside of the cavern, a skinny man was detaining Li Fuchen while waiting.

"Third chief." Seeing the ugly woman, the skinny man became slightly nervous.

The third chief's name was Zhang Siniang, she was at the fifth level of the Origin Realm. She cultivated a unique technique called Silky Soft Technique.

The Silky Soft Technique cultivated both qi and body refinement at the same time.

With more fatty flesh on the body, the stronger the ability.

If an average fifth level Origin Realm martial artist did not use weapons, they would never be able to break the defenses of Zhang Siniang, as her fatty flesh would negate the attacks.

Zhang Siniang was as perverted as one could get. Within the Black Wind Bandit Band, as long as the man had certain looks, they were violated by Zhang Siniang, the skinny man was of no exception.

It was fortunate that the Black Wind Chief restricted her, if not, no one would remain in the Black Wind Bandit Band.

"This is the handsome youth you are speaking of?" The ugly woman salivated as she stared at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen was already originally good looking, with a pair of sword-like eyebrows, star-like eyes, a high bridged nose, and sharp facial features.

Other than that, the valiant physique of Li Fuchen's emitted an indescribable charm even though it wasn't buffed. The ugly woman was unable to control her lust and wanted to get laid with him right at this moment.

"Yes, third chief." The skinny man gave a pleased look.

"Well done, you did a great job. This bottle of hundred-year milk stone is for you." Zhang Siniang tossed a jade bottle to the skinny man.

"Thanks, Third Chief." The skinny man gave a wide smile.

The hundred-year milk stone's medicinal effects was equivalent to a yellow class, mid-tier pill. This bottle's worth was close to a yellow class, high-tier pill.

Keeping aside the jade bottle, the skinny man was tactful enough to leave quickly. Walking in a light and satisfied manner.

"Young man, you need not worry, I will treat you well. Come in with me!" Zhang Siniang grabbed Li Fuchen by the rope and went deep into the cavern.

Coming into the cavern room, Zhang Siniang kicked away the corpse of the buff man and put down Li Fuchen, "Young man, you don't look strong but weigh quite a bit. You don't look like someone who is impressive but is useless."

"This is the lair of the Black Wind Bandit Band?"

Li Fuchen flexed his muscles and snapped the rope instantly as an intimidating presence was emitted from his body.

"Who are you!?" Exclamined Zhang Siniang was caught in a surprise.

"Who I am isn't important. The important thing is that from now on, there shall no longer be a Black Wind Bandit Band."

"You're seek death!"

Zhang Siniang launched a palm strike at Li Fuchen, the formidable palm force shuttered the air of the entire cavern room.


Li Fuchen matched her palm with his own.

One was a fifth level Origin Realm martial artist, while the other was a second level Origin Realm martial artist. Logically, the former should be oppressing the latter.

But Li Fuchen wasn't any average second level Origin Realm martial artist.

He who attained the tenth rank of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique had a more solid and pure qi that any average fifth level Origin Realm martial artists, they couldn't compare.

Complimented by his dominant physique.

A single palm strike was enough to wither trees and melt gold.


Zhang Siniang gave out a loud cry as she was sent crashing violently into the cavern walls.

Her right hand and arm were charred to ashes, the smell of barbequed meat permeated the air.

Zhang Siniang had good reactions, even after sustaining such a serious injury, she got more aggressive and started shouting to warn the others.

Like a spirit, Li Fuchen flashed towards Zhang Siniang and penetrated his finger right into the middle of her forehead.

Head tilted, Zhang Siniang went silent and lost all presence.

The tunnels led to everywhere and with every cavern room Li Fuchen went to, he would swiftly eliminate all bandits within.

Using the silence of the Wind Shadow Steps, no one realized something was amiss.

Li Fuchen stopped suddenly when he arrived at a spacious and luxurious cavern room. Li Fuchen drew his black iron sword.

In the room were five men sitting around a gambling table, with gold coins stacked all over the table.

Based on their qi presences, there was one fifth level Origin Realm, two third level Origin Realm. and two second level Origin Realm martial artists.

The one who was at the fifth level of the Origin Realm was a bald and huge man. His back had a tattoo of a vicious black tiger that seemed so realistic. He must be one of the three chiefs of the Black Wind Bandit Band, the Second Chief, Li Heihu who has the same surname as Li Fuchen.

The other four should be the sub-leaders of the Black Wind Bandit Band.

The five of them were gambling enthusiastically and weren't on guard at all.

What's more, the five of them didn't think that there would be an enemy who can conceal their presence and enter the lair.

By the time Li Heihu detected there was something amiss, it was already too late.

Like a phantom, the cold and sharp blade formed one single trajectory.

Pfff pfff pfff…

All five of them held onto their neck and couldn't believe what had transpired.

They never would have thought that they would be killed within their own lair.

Nor did they ever think, the intruder would be someone who had such superior sword skills. To instantly slash at five of their throats.

"That was a rather close call."

Li Fuchen didn't want to alert anyone unless it was his last resort.

The reason why he could eliminate all of five of them instantly wasn't due to Li Fuchen having a stronger ability than them, but mainly due to the element of surprise.

Had the five of them been wary, Li Fuchen would have only been able to kill two and that didn't include the Second Chief of the Black Wind Bandit Band, Li Heihu.

For him to kill three of them at the same time would have been nearly impossible.

But, if it had been any other Cang Lan inner sect disciple, even if they had the element of surprise, they wouldn't have been able to kill five at one go.

The requirement for one's sword skills and body control skills to kill five instantly, was extremely demanding.

If one's body control skills weren't fast enough, the target would be able to react.

If one's sword skills weren't fast enough, killing five in a short amount of time wouldn't be possible.

"Luckily I cultivated the Wind Shadow Steps."

Revolving the Wind Shadow Steps may not provide as high as an attack power as the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, but it specialized in speed and allowed the body to move like a phantom.

Moreover, with his ability, he didn't lack attack strength at all.

Even if the attack power was slightly weaker, it instead added another level of speed, proving it to be more terrifying as it was harder to defend against.

"After I slay the main target, I will come over to pick up all these treasures."

Li Fuchen didn't bother about the gold coins on the table and instead with a flash, exited the cavern room.

There was this majestic karst cave hall with four entrances. Each entrance was guarded by two bandits.

Boom boom!

Two scorched corpses shot into the karst cave hall and startled the Black Wind Chief and masked man.

"Who goes there?" The Black Wind Chief gave a unsightly look.

After establishing the Black Wind Bandit Band since a year ago, this was the first time an enemy actually barged into their lair. This made him lose all his dignity.

Sitting upright on the stone char, the masked man continue to caress the naked woman in his hands and spoke calmly, "Black Wind Chief, it seems your lair isn't safe at all, huh!"

Black Wind Chief spoke with a deep voice, "Don't worry Lu bro, I will settle this guy very quickly."

As he spoke, he pushed away the naked woman on him and stood up. He cold eyes gazed at the entrance where the scorched bodies came from.

Pitter platter!

Footsteps sounded as a grey clothed youth entered.

"So you are the Black Wind Bandit Band's Chief?"

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