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"Second level of the Origin Realm?" The hope that was reflected in the eyes of Sixth bro was instantly extinguished, leaving an ashened face.

A Cang Lan Sect inner disciple who was at the second level of the Origin Realm may be able to go even with a fourth level Origin Realm martial artist, but to kill one would be a gargantuan task.

Don't even hope for him to win against a fifth level Origin Realm martial artist.

Unless the disciple was a 3 star or 4 star bone frame prodigy.


Jiang Dahai used his qi to vacuum the snow steel sword into his hands.

Revolving his qi, Jiang Dahai then tossed the snow steel sword out.


The snow steel sword left a trail of cold light as it flew at Li Fuchen. On the surface of the snow steel sword was a layer of pale black qi.

Jiang Dahai had an extremely cunning and ruthless personality. Even if he knew that Li Fuchen wasn't his rival, he would still grab the opportunity for a surprise attack.

The snow steel sword was lightning fast, had it been any other second level Origin Realm martial artist, they could only wait to be killed.


Jiang Dahai found the wrong target.

Using his left index and middle finger, Li Fuchen subtlety clamp onto the snow steel sword tip.

The snow steel sword which travelled at such speed, came to a sudden stop between Li Fuchen's fingers.

The qi that covered the sword was eliminated too.

"How could this be possible?" Jiang Dahai's mouth went wide.

Sixth bro looked dumbstruck.
"You can have it back."

With a shutter of his left hand, the snow steel sword changed direction and flew at an even faster speed at Jiang Dahai.


The sword went right into the chest of Jiang Dahai, causing him to spit out a large mouth of blood.


Jiang Dahai was in fear. He didn't bother with the fact that any excessive movement would worsen the injury, and instead frantically tried to escape.

How can he not flee?

The opposition was definitely a monster class.

The sword that he threw with his full force was actually caught by two fingers.

How fearsome must one's ability be in order to do that?

"Can you escape?"

With a flash like an apparition, Li Fuchen appeared in front of Jiang Dahai, obstructing his path.

"You shall die!"

Jiang Dahai's eyes were crimson red. He was revolving his inner qi at a high speed, coupled with his already injured body. It forced his body to the limits, causing blood to flow from all seven apertures, like a vengeful spirit. The fresh blood that flowed from his chest, dyed half of his body red.

A sharp pitch screech through the air as Jiang Dahai slash at Li Fuchen's head.

A head flew high into the air.

Against this sword strike that Jiang Dahai pledged his life on, Li Fuchen replied with a swift blade.

The indescribable speed of this blade was as though a gentle breeze. Jiang Dahai's head was taken off cleanly.

"Too weak."

Li Fuchen shook his head. A fifth level Origin Realm martial artist was much weaker than he had imagined.

Had anyone that knew Li Fuchen been here to hear this comment, they would definitely have rolled their eyes at him.

Jiang Dahai wasn't weak, but it is you that is just too strong.

Jiang Dahai only cultivated a yellow class, high-tier technique. At most he would only be at the fourth rank of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, which was sixth ranks apart from Li Fuchen. How was this even a match?

Apart from that, how many individuals could refined so many yellow class sword arts to the trance stage.

Take for example Jiang Dahai who practiced the yellow class, peak-tier Heavy Peak Sword Style for many years, but could only achieve the completion stage. There is still three stages before reaching the trance stage.

'Perhaps is it is me who is too strong?'

Completing the challenge class low-tier sect mission with ease, caused Li Fuchen some disappointment.

But after sorting out his thoughts, he felt it was logical too. Afterall he wasn't any average inner sect disciple.

Generally, Cang Lan Sect's 3rd grade inner sect disciples who are at the second level of the Origin Realm will only be able to cultivate a yellow class, peak-tier technique to the highest rank and a yellow class, peak-tier sword art at best. Even if they redeemed a mystic class, low-tier sword art, they can only achieve the novice stage and would not be able to utilize its full strength.

To let a second level Origin Realm martial artist go against a fourth level Origin Realm martial artist, would be a struggle and at best go even. When going against a fifth level Origin Realm martial artist, they can only escape.

"Thank you young hero for saving my life."

Sixth bro who escaped death was grateful and full of admiration at the same time.

From his view, Li Fuchen who could instantly kill Jiang Dahai in a single blade, must be a prodigy of the Cang Lan Sect. And a prodigy of his ability should have a status that is not any inferior to the Heishi city lord.

"No need for the gratitude, I am just completing a sect mission."

Li Fuchen quickly searched Jiang Dahai's body. Soon enough, he found two gold cards that were worth 10,000 gold coins.

Regardless of the Cang Lan region or other regions, there was only a single gold bank. This gold bank was called the Wantong Gold Bank. With a gold card, anyone could conveniently head to any Wantong Gold Bank branches to exchange for gold coins.

"Young hero, Merchant Wang is offering a reward of 50,000 gold coins for capturing Jiang Dahai. Since you killed him, you may want to redeem the reward of 50,000 gold from Merchant Wang in Heishi City."

It wasn't that Sixth bro didn't want to gobble up this 50,000 gold coins. But without the head of Jiang Dahai, Merchant Wang would not pay out the reward. So he might as well use this as a chance to return a favour.

"Oh? Is that so?"

Li Fuchen raised his brows and let out a grin.

Wanted criminals normally had a bounty, but the bounty was normally miserable unless there were additional rewards.

Obviously, Jiang Dahai offended this Merchant Wang and hence the reward for capturing him.

Carrying the seriously injured constable, Sixth bro took a glance at the corpses and thought to himself, "Brothers, I have no other choice."

He wasn't able to carry all the corpses out and could only let them get eaten up by the insects.

"Let me bring them out of the Forest of No Return!" Li Fuchen was returning the favour, had Sixth bro not notified him, he would have missed out on the 50,000 gold coins.

Together with Jiang Dahai's corpse, the six corpses weighed less than 1000 kg which was a measly task for Li Fuchen. Placing all the bodies in a huge rucksack, Li Fuchen easily carried the rucksack.

Ss ss ss…

On the way back, a giant centipede obstructed their path.

This was a class 2 low-tier demonic beast, Vicious Poison Centipede.

The Vicious Poison Centipede had a potent poison that could easily kill an Origin Realm martial artist. Its body was covered in hard shells that could deflect attacks from low level Origin Realm martial artists.

The Vicious Poison Centipede was at least 3 meters tall. With its head held high, it spat a massive amount of poisonous gas at Li Fuchen and Sixth bro.

Within the radius of 7 or 8 meters, all the leaves and vegetation withered away.


With a flash of a blade, Li Fuchen simply cut down the head of the Vicious Poison Centipede.

"Let's continue on our way!"

Li Fuchen couldn't be bothered with the materials from the Vicious Poison Centipede. Even if he sold the whole centipede, it would only be worth a few hundred gold coins.

Sixth bro felt dispirited, he would have never let the materials of the Vicious Poison Centipede go to waste like this.

Leaving the Forest of No Return, Li Fuchen and Sixth bro arrived at Heishi City.

With his status as the Cang Lan Sect's inner sect disciple, Li Fuchen successfully obtained the reward of 50,000 gold coins from Merchant Wang.

Under the request of Merchant Wang, Li Fuchen gave the corpse of Jiang Dahai to him. Li Fuchen didn't think much about what kind of gruesome treatment the corpse would be facing.

Heishi city lord actually offered Li Fuchen to stay for the day, but he was rejected by Li Fuchen.

"70,000 gold coins just like that."

Li Fuchen begun to take a liking for sect missions. Not only could he temper himself, he could still gain contribution points and gold coins. It all seemed so simple.

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