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From 1 piece a day, to 2 pieces a day, to finally 3 pieces a day.

The speed at which Li Fuchen went through ores became faster and faster. The good thing, was that Li Fuchen would always borrow ten raw iron ores at the same time, saving a lot of time and trouble.

"Raw iron ores seem to be too fragile now. Seems like it is time to borrow yellow class, mid-tier fine iron ores now."

Li Fuchen got dozens of odd job disciples to help him carry the shattered raw iron ores to the resource hall. Then he borrowed two fine iron ores.

Fine iron ores were worth 6 points per kilo. These two pieces of 10,000 kg fine iron ores would be at least 100,000 contribution points.

Leaving down a borrowing slip, Li Fuchen left the resource hall.


As a shooting star flashed by and landed onto the fine iron ore, sparks flew instantly. A massive amount of ore sand overflowed and was scattered all over the floor.

As the shooting star disappeared, Li Fuchen returned his sword into the sheathe.

"It seems I will have to pay at least a thousand contribution points this time."

Previously when Li Fuchen returned the raw iron ores, for every 10,000 kg, there would be 100 kg missing. That was because, during his sword art practice, plenty of the ore would been damaged and was unable to be reused.

As the Meteor Sword Style progressed each day, Li Fuchen's sword presence would get stronger as well.

For the first half of the year, much of Li Fuchen's effort was spent on cultivating the Wind Shadow Steps and he only achieved sub-completion for the sword move, Meteor Fall. For the past few days, the sword move had great advances, now it was already at the sub-perfection stage.

Noon was the best time for Li Fuchen to cultivate his qi.

Just like before, Li Fuchen would be seated on the monolith, with his palms facing the sky.

Looking at his own soul spirit…

The originally green soul spirit, had 20% of it turn into a pale blue. Li Fuchen recalled that when he was at the peak of the ninth level of the Qi Realm, it was only at 5%.

"It seems the higher my cultivation realm, the faster the soul spirit evolves. This sure is good news."

With a smile, Li Fuchen began to revolve the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique and absorb the heaven and earth energy to strengthen his qi.

Yu Wen Tian spent 5 months to reach the second level of the Origin Realm, while Li Fuchen spent 6 months.

In regards to cultivation talent, Li Fuchen was indeed slightly inferior to Yu Wen Tian.

In the Qi Realm, it wasn't that obvious yet. But now at the Origin Realm, the difference in cultivation talent started to show.

It would become even more prominent during the Earth Realm

Of course when compared to Yu Wen Tian, Li Fuchen may be inferior. But when compared to a 4 star bone frame, he wasn't losing out at all.

With his Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique at the tenth rank, Li Fuchen's cultivation speed was even faster than 4 star bone frame disciples.


Today, Li Fuchen arrived at the food hall for a meal.

The inner sect's food hall's prices were 10 times more expensive than the outer sect's food hall.

A normal meal required 1 silver coin, a nutrition meal required 1 gold coin, and a high class meal cost 10 gold coins.

If one had high class meals every day, that would cost about 10,000+ gold coins annually.

That wasn't a small sum.

After ordering a high class meal set, Li Fuchen found a place to sit.

"Did you guys hear? Fang Liehai got taught a lesson by a shixiong."

"You are talking about that Fang Liehai shidi right?! Serves him right! He still thinks this is the outer sect? This is the inner sect!"

"That's right! In the outer sect, Fang Liehai's group only has about ten, 4 star bone frames. But the inner sect has no lack of 4 star bone frames, perhaps even have dozens more than the outer sect. Fang Liehai is no one special in the inner sect."

Hearing the conversation contents from the other table, Li Fuchen chuckled inside his heart.

Seems like Fang Liehai finally got a taste of his own medicine.

In the outer sect, Fang Liehai was a prodigy, but in the inner sect, there were too many prodigies. These prodigies have cultivated for years and how could Fang Liehai even be compared to them.

Don't even talk about Fang Liehai, even if Yu Wen Tian got too arrogant, he would too get taught a hard lesson.

Even though 5 star bone frames had higher chances at reaching the Reincarnation Realm and attaining notable statuses, but it was just a probability.

What's more, even 4 star bone frames had the possibility to break through to the Reincarnation Realm too.

The differences were the larger and smaller probability.

In short, when in the inner sect, not only was your bone frame important, so was your ability.

Topics about the future weren't firm yet so no one bothered about it.

At the eight month, Li Fuchen's Wind Shadow Steps and Meteor Sword Style had yet to reach completion.

He realized that, persistent cultivation may no longer work.

Live combat was required.

Only with live combat, can he truly absorb the essence of the martial arts.

Without actual combat, one would never know the flaws of their own martial arts.

"Time to take up a sect mission!"

Li Fuchen spoke to himself.

The next day…

Li Fuchen arrived at the mission hall.

The grand mission hall took up a massive area of space. There were plenty of people in it already. When Li Fuchen reached there, there were already dozens of people picking their missions.

Inner sect disciples' missions were split into 4 classes and each class was further separated into 3 difficulties.

The 4 classes were: low-tier, mid-tier, high-tier, and peak-tier missions.

They were seperated for low-tier Origin Realm, mid-tier Origin Realm, high-tier Origin Realm, and peak-tier Origin Realm martial artists

Each class had normal, elite, and challenge difficulties.

The first mission for every disciple can only be low-tier missions. But there would be no restriction from the second mission onwards.

Li Fuchen took a glance at the normal difficulty low-tier missions, the rewards were at measly a 300 to 500 points.

Elite difficulty missions were awarded 600 to 1000 points.

Challenge difficulty missions offered 1000 to 2000 points.

They weren't exactly massive in amounts.

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen picked a mission from the challenge difficulty low-tier missions.

The mission task was to hunt down the serial criminal Jiang Dahai. Bringing back his head would mean 1800 contribution points.

Li Fuchen initially thought the target would be between the first level to third level of the Origin Realm. He couldn't have guessed that Jiang Dahai was actually at the fourth level of the Origin Realm.

But thinking it through, it felt logical as well

Outside world martial artists may have high cultivation levels, but their techniques and martial arts were far inferior compared to the sect's disciples.

Picking the mission, Li Fuchen immediately set off from the Cang Lan Sect and headed towards Heishi city.

On the way, Li Fuchen used the Wind Shadow Steps for travelling.

Expending half his qi, Li Fuchen would sit down and meditate to replenish his qi.

The Wind Shadow Steps was indeed a light body technique with high mobility.

Everytime he revolved the Wind Shadow Steps, Li Fuchen felt that the restrains on him by the earth was reduced drastically.

Each time his toes touched the ground, he was like an arrow, piercing through for a long distance.

Even a class 1 demonic blood horse's speed couldn't be compared toh Li Fuchen's speed.

One week later, Li Fuchen arrived at the Heishi City region.

"According to the information, Jiang Dahai is wanted by the city due to his crimes and is being chased after by the city's constables. He broke out of the encirclement and escaped into the deep woods."

Li Fuchen began to imagine as he read the information about Jiang Dahai.

A fourth level Origin Realm martial artist is considered an expert in a small scale city. Now that he escaped into the woods, it would be even harder to catch him.

Sect missions weren't just a test of ability, but was also a good place to gain experience and exposure.

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