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The best 3 has been decided, now came the most crucial time.

There is a saying, 'In the literal arts, there can never be a best. But in martial arts, the best can be decided with punches and kicks.'

The prestige of being an outer sect top 10 disciple would never be able to outshine the honour of being the outer sect top disciple.

Every top disciple of the outer sect would be recorded by having their name carved on the surface of a mountain. It represented the symbol of glory and also the symbol of ability which no one could ever take away.

For this round of drawing lots, it was Li Fuchen's turn to skip a match.

"Yu Wen Tian, I will not let you obtain number 1 so easily."

Shang Guan Hong took a deep breath, firmed up his limbs, and contracted his muscles. In the next moment, a gush of fearsome and domineering qi presence exploded. The wooden sword in his hand was suddenly covered in a layer of thick pale purple qi that stretched all the way from his forearms to the tip of his sword.

When looking from afar, it seemed like Shang Guan Hong was wielding a pale purple sword of mist.

"Yu Wen Tian, prepare yourself."

Shang Guan Hong's footwork was extremely quick, in just a few blinks of the eye, he arrived within a few meters of Yu Wen Tian. With a wave of his pale purple mist blade, a fan like sword light ignited, putting on a dazzling and resplendent display.

Eighth rank, Purple Extreme Mystic Technique.

Low-tier, mystic class sword art - Radiance Sword Style.

No one expected that Shang Guan Hong had too practiced an advancement technique and a low-tier, mystic class sword art.

But it was obvious, Shang Guan Hong's sword skills exceeded Zhao Mingyue by quite a bit.

Zhao Mingyue's low-tier, mystic class sword art wasn't even at the sub-completion stage, but Shang Guan Hong's was already of the sub-completion stage.

Other than that, Shang Guan Hong's physical strength was equally formidable too. Before the start of the tournament, there were rumors that his physical strength had surpassed 7000 kg but now, it seemed to be beyond that.

Shang Guan Hong who had an amazing foundation ability, used his full power to cleave at Yu Wen Tian.

Just as people started to become worried for Yu Wen Tian, he reacted.

His right sleeve was ripped apart, revealing an imposing and muscular arm. With a swing, a domineering sword presence rushed to the sky, along with a grand sword brilliance.


Shang Guan Hong's dazzling sword light was crushed in an instant. What followed right after, was his wooden sword cracking apart inch by inch, with shards flying all over.

Shang Guan Hong was stunned, unable to utter a single.word.

The entire arena went silent, everyone stared at Yu Wen Tian in a daze.


Terrifyingly formidable.

Abnormally formidable.

Even the previous outer sect top disciple Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang, had some change in his expressions and narrowed his eyes. Who knew what was in his mind.

"The ability to dominate, this is a true prodigy."

"The next match doesn't need to go on anymore. No matter how good Li Fuchen is, he isn't Yu Wen Tian's rival."

"So this is Yu Wen Tian's ability. From what I see, even average first level Origin Realm inner sect disciples aren't even his adversary."

"In the outside world, even third level Origin Realm fighters will result in being defeated when facing off against Yu Wen Tian."

Endless praises and admiration came out from the mouth of the audience, as for Shang Guan Hong who was still on stage, he had long been forgotten.

Yu Wen Tian smirked, as he loved the feeling of being admired and respected.

Among all the stars in the sky, he wanted to be that only Sun that outshined every other star and be the only one glowing.

"Li Fuchen, come up!"

Yu Wen Tian looked at Li Fuchen and shouted.

Li Fuchen gave a light smile and took his steps towards the stage, stopping ten steps away from Yu Wen Tian.

"Make your move! I shall allow you a chance to do so."

Yu Wen Tian stood tall and firm, with his sword tip on the ground.

"What a shame, Li Fuchen perhaps wouldn't even be able to withstand a single blow." Outside of the stage was Fang Liehai mocking, as though he saw Li Fuchen's dazed look.

Guan Xue stared at Li Fuchen, trying to analyse his facial expression. But she wasn't able to make out anything.

If Yu Wen Tian was the one who was filled to the brim with confidence like the radiant sun in the sky, then Li Fuchen would be the vast ocean, enigmatic and unfathomable.

"Once I make my move, you would definitely have to use your full strength."

As he was speaking, Li Fuchen drew his wooden sword and in a flash, brandished it at Yu Wen Tian.

"In your dreams!"

Yu Wen Tian used the same move earlier and swung his sword. With the domineering sword presence piercing the sky, he wanted to casually shatter Li Fuchen's wooden sword.


A ripple like qi force exploded, as both their hair and sleeves was violently blown around. And as the dust on the stage was blown up by the wind, it formed a small dust tornado.

Yu Wen Tian didn't back off a single step and neither did Li Fuchen.

"The wooden sword didn't shatter?"

"It really didn't!"

Cheers went out without a sequence, lifting a commotion among the audience. They would like to see how long Li Fuchen could last before falling to Yu Wen Tian.

"Interesting. Fine by me, let me play along with you."

Yu Wen Tian made his move. As he twirled and twisted the wooden sword in his hand, a sword presence the shape of a golden snake slithered. It had variations of forms, looked precise, vicious, and also had this domineering aura oozing out.

Peak-tier, yellow class - Golden Snake Sword Style.

The Yang Clan had a high-tier sword art named Silver Snake Sword Style. But it was much more inferior when compared to the Golden Snake Sword Style, in quality and also in terms of dominance.


Yu Wen Tian saw glimpses of an immense fire globe expanding, dissolving his sword presence in an instant.

The same peak-tier, yellow class sword arts. His Golden Snake Sword Style was only at the perfection stage, whereas Li Fuchen's Scarlet Fire Sword Style was at the trance stage.

It is said that the Scarlet Fire Sword Style's firepower was much higher than what Yu Wen Tian imagined, compared to previously when he was standing by the side of the stage.

"If this is the case, don't blame me."

A surge of forceful qi presence exploded from within Yu Wen Tian.

Vajra Mystic Technique, eighth rank.

If Zhao Mingyue and Shang Guan Hong cultivated advancement techniques, Yu Wen Tian naturally did too.

The former two relied on technique pills to reach the eighth rank, but Yu Wen Tian relied on his natural ability.

Technique pills may help to save time, but in order to fully adapt to the sudden increase in technique rank required time.

Ranking up with the body's natural ability would cause less trouble and one could immediately utilize 100% of the new found power.

Revolving the eighth rank Vajra Mystic Technique, Yu Wen Tian's physical strength got amplified too. Throughout his whole body, a valiant, iron-blooded qi presence leaked out, revealing his true physical strength.

"Take your defeat!"

Yu Wen Tian gave a loud roar, the pale golden qi covering his wooden sword expanded as he cleaved at Li Fuchen.

With this cleave, he wanted to force Li Fuchen off the stage, not leaving anything to chance.

"Just what I wanted."

At the same moment Yu Wen Tian made the cleave, Li Fuchen's qi presence shot through the roof too.

Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, eighth rank.

At this juncture, Li Fuchen's slightly lean body, suddenly buffed up and with his left foot stepped out, he engaged Yu Wen Tian's cleave with his sword.


This exchange was like the thunder roaring against a fire explosion.

The wooden swords in both their hands couldn't withstand the enormous force and got shattered. Resulting in numerous hidden weapons shooting out in all directions.

"What is this!?"

The strikes from the two startled everyone.

Especially Li Fuchen's outstanding performance, it was totally out of expectations.


The outer sect grand elder's eye gleamed while giving praise.

In the eyes of the superiors of the sect, a solo display would never be as exciting as a fight between two tigers. Who would complain about having more prodigies within their own sect.

Yu Wen Tian was furious, "How dare you hide your true strength in front of me."

Li Fuchen calmly replied, "It seems you are no better of."

"Catch this!"

Xiao Changfeng suddenly swung two steel swords out of nowhere, like two beams of light, they shot towards Li Fuchen and Yu Wen Tian.

"Don't think about receiving the sword."

Yu Wen Tian aggressively attacked Li Fuchen with his bare hands, not giving Li Fuchen any chance to grab the sword, but set himself up for an easy catch instead.

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