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Chapter 661
ER – Chapter 661: Yan Qingwu

After repelling the Anger Ax Martial Emperor, Li Fuchen continued to wander in the core area . His objective was to find the Seven Stars Life-Changing Herb .

At this juncture, regular Rootless Flowers were unable to strengthen his dantian anymore . Therefore, he planned to find an alternative and search for herbs to upgrade his bone frame . Once the bone frame was upgraded, the dantian would also be upgraded at the same time, as the two factors were directly related .

Of course, if he could find a bone frame herb that was better than the Seven Stars Life-Changing Herb, it would be even better .

“You should feel blessed for my Blue Sun Empire’s emperor to fancy you . Not only did you not cherish it, you even severely injured the Clear River Martial Emperor . You have to be punished!”

Deep inside the core area of the Anger Ax Abyss, there was a great battle in progress .

It was a battle between a black-clothed young lady who was remarkably beautiful and three Law Phase Realm emperors .

The weakest among the emperors was also at the 3rd level of Law Phase Realm, while the strongest was at the 6th level of Law Phase Realm . The one speaking was the 3rd level emperor .

If Li Fuchen was here, he would surely recognize the black-clothed young lady, who was Yan Qingwu .

As compared to before, the current Yan Qingwu looked slightly more matured . Her facial features were more exquisite and harmonious . She was truly overwhelmingly beautiful and her aura also had a huge change . She emitted a mysterious yet cold and tyrannical qi presence .

Actually, Yan Qingwu had never met with the Blue Sun Emperor . It was unknown how the Blue Sun Emperor found out about her existence and sent the Clear River Martial Emperor to bring her back to the Blue Sun Empire’s imperial capital . Yan Qingwu naturally didn’t agree and had severely injured the Clear River Martial Emperor . For this period of time, she had been constantly fleeing .

She escaped to the Anger Ax Abyss because she wanted to find a heaven class high-tier bone frame herb . As long as she could upgrade her bone frame to 8-star, she would have the hopes of progressing to the Law Phase Realm within a short period of time . Otherwise, even if she was a great emperor in the previous life, it still wouldn’t be possible for her to progress to the Law Phase Realm within the next decade .

When Yan Qingwu brandished the black saber, the three emperors from the Blue Sun Empire were astonished .

Yan Qingwu was only at the peak level of Primary Sea Realm, but her strength was stronger than any of them . Especially her saber art which was overbearing, sharp, and unstoppable . Apart from great emperors and those elite high-level emperors, they had never witnessed such formidable saber art .

“Red Fire Law Phase!”

“Blue Thunder Law Phase!”

“Wind Shadow Law Phase!”

The trio didn’t plan to waste time and immediately activated their law phases .

The 3rd level emperor was called the Red Fire Martial Emperor . His law phase was a giant that was formed with red molten lava . The size was much smaller than the Anger Ax Martial Emperor’s Anger Ax Law Phase and was roughly 6000 feet in height .

Next was the 4th level emperor, the Blue Thunder Martial Emperor . His law phase was a blue giant that was wrapped in thunderbolts . The size was around 8000 feet .

The 6th level emperor was called the Wind Emperor . His law phase was a formless shadow and was around 11,000 feet . It was almost invisible and it was extremely fearsome .

The trio fused into their law phases and charged at Yan Qingwu .

“Black Saber – Twist of Fate!”

Yan Qingwu revolved her body and burst out with black saber light .

Crackle, crackle…

The ground cracked open and split towards the three law phases .

Yan Qingwu’s saber art moved seamlessly and pinpointed all the weak spots of the law phases .

However, the law phases weren’t bodies of flesh and blood . Even if it was destroyed, it would only gather and form back again . The law phases gathered again and the trio were planning to exhaust Yan Qingwu’s qi before capturing her .

How could Yan Qingwu not know of the trio’s plan? Once she executed a saber move, she immediately flashed and vanished without a trace .

Instant shift!

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Yan Qingwu obviously knew how to use instant shift .


At almost the same time, Yan Qingwu was forced out from the void .

The Blue Thunder Martial Emperor sneered and said, “In the fact of the Yin Yang Heaven Seal Board, it doesn’t matter even if you can instant shift!”

It was no longer a secret that Yan Qingwu could instant shift . Therefore, he especially requested to bring along the heaven class cardinal artifact, the Yin Yang Heaven Seal Board .

This cardinal artifact was great because when it was activated, it would produce an extremely powerful boundary in the vicinity . It would cut off all connections with the outside .

The instant shifting techniques required the use of a medium . When the medium was cut off, it was naturally hard to instant shift outside .

“Yin Yang Heaven Seal Board huh?”

Yan Qingwu had heard of the Yin Yang Heaven Seal Board and it was one of the Blue Sun Emperor’s famous cardinal artifacts .

“Since that is the case, fight then!”

The black saber in Yan Qingwu’s hand revolved . The saber light was like a black lightning bolt that was moving rapidly in the boundary .

Pff Tss!

The Red Fire Martial Emperor’s Red Fire Law Phase was split open and it nearly slashed on the Red Fire Martial Emperor inside .

“Thunder Air Fist!”

From above, the Blue Thunder Law Phase covered the sun and blasted down at Yan Qingwu with a fist filled with countless thunder arcs .

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Yan Qingwu’s body flashed and she appeared behind the Blue Thunder Law Phase before stabbing her saber in .

Had the Blue Thunder Emperor not switch places at the crucial moment, he would have been injured .

Yan Qingwu who could use instant shift seemed like she could overwhelm the trio even if she didn’t escape .


Right at this moment, the Wind Emperor had taken out a cardinal artifact .

It was a blue-colored pearl and when it appeared, there was a burst of blue radiance that pervaded the void .

Subsequently, Yan Qingwu realized she could no longer use instant shifting techniques .

“You are incredible, but it is a pity that we are already prepared . ”

The Wind Emperor was very impressed by Yan Qingwu . In his opinion, when the Soul Emperor was at her age, his strength wouldn’t be this incredible .

In the Emperor Sky Continent, apart from Yan Qingwu, there was probably no other Primary Sea Realm monarch as formidable as her .

Without the ability to instant shift, Yan Qingwu’s heart sank . With her current strength, it wasn’t a problem to eliminate one of the trio . However, to deal with all three, it was rather impossible, as the qi capacity was the greatest problem .

Unless she was able to deal a fatal damage in a single saber .

It was a pity that all three were hiding in the law phases and she couldn’t know of their exact positions . She could only rely on her instincts to attack and it was hard to deal a fatal damage .

“Wind Divine Barrage!”

While controlling the Wind Shadow Law Phase, the Wind Emperor charged at Yan Qingwu and frenziedly exhausted her qi .

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As time passed by, Yan Qingwu’s qi was already 90% exhausted .


After consuming a qi replenishment elixir, Yan Qingwu continued fighting .

She was once a great emperor, how could she allow herself to be captured so easily?

Unknowingly, one entire day had elapsed .

Yan Qingwu’s qi started to become disordered .

She had consumed countless numbers of elixirs through this entire day and it was starting to affect her qi quality .

“Stop struggling, why do you need to be so miserable? If His Majesty wishes to have a woman, no one is able to refuse . You are not an exception either . ”

The Wind Emperor’s voice was illusory and faint . If it was anyone else who heard these words, their battle intent would have been shattered .

“In your dreams!”

Yan Qingwu let out a delicate shout and split the Blue Thunder Law Phase apart . She managed to hit the Blue Thunder Martial Emperor’s body and made him vomit blood .

Had it not been for the law phase and the heaven class armor reducing the power of the saber light, this saber move would have killed him .

“Haha, you got tricked . ”

Above Yan Qingwu, the Red Fire Law Phase swung the hand and released a dazzling net .

Just as Yan Qingwu was going to be enveloped, a figure suddenly appeared beside Yan Qingwu . The figure reached out the right hand and a giant hand rushed into the sky . It grasped the dazzling net and crushed it along with the Red Fire Law Phase .

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