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Chapter 537
ER – Chapter 537: No . 1 Under the Great Masters
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The Fire Feather Wolf’s demonic beast spirit has been destroyed . ” Lu Wan and Gao Hang felt the chill in their hearts .

If Li Fuchen was able to destroy the Fire Feather Wolf’s demonic beast spirit, then it meant that he could also destroy their true spirits . Although the human’s true spirit was much more profound and stable than the demonic beast spirit, they were still essentially the same .

To a certain extent, it was fine to treat Li Fuchen as a great master .

They wouldn’t be able to put up any resistance against great masters and it was the same if they dealt with Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen might not be able to destroy their true spirits but he could influence their condition before killing them with a single slash .

After all, their physical defense and vitality wasn’t as tough as the Fire Feather Wolf .

“Senior Gao, you bet, you pay . You aren’t going to regret it, right?” Lu Wan looked at Gao Hang .

Gao Hang’s face twitched a little . “It is just 100,000 contribution coins and 2000 mid-grade spirit stones . Take them . ”

Gao Hang tossed a storage back to Lu Wan before leaving with a gloomy expression .

After Gao Hang left, Lu Wan tossed the storage bag to Li Fuchen and said, “Junior Fuchen, these are for you . ”

Li Fuchen waved his hand and the storage bag was sent flying back with an invisible force . “Senior Lu, he is the one who bet with you . I am not going to get a reward that I don’t deserve . ”

“Alright, I shall accept it shamelessly . ”

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Lu Wan knew that absolute prodigies like Li Fuchen were extremely prideful and wouldn’t want to take advantage of others . Let alone 100,000 contribution coins and 2000 mid-grade spirit stones, they wouldn’t waver even if it was 1 million contribution coins and 20,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

If they wanted contribution coins and mid-grade spirit stones, they could simply earn it themselves .

After extracting the Fire Feather Wolf’s demonic core, Li Fuchen carried the giant Fire Feather Wolf’s corpse and rushed back to the Red Rainbow City .

Lu Wan flew along with Li Fuchen .

“Junior Fuchen, among our Red Rainbow Sect’s disciples, in terms of spiritual awareness attack, if you are not ranked no . 1, you will at least be ranked no . 2 . ” Lu Wan stated .

Li Fuchen asked in return, “Oh, who is the other person?”

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was already comparable with elite Primary Sea Realm monarchs . The spiritual awareness control might be inferior to Primary Sea Realm monarchs, but in terms of power, it was already at the Primary Sea Realm .

Lu Wan said, “Our Red Rainbow Sect has two emperor-class disciples and one of them is Senior Brother Bai Qiuming . Just like Junior Fuchen, Senior Bai Qiuming is also proficient in spiritual awareness and illusion art attacks . ”

Bai Qiuming, 8-star spiritual eye bone frame, 7th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

“Senior Bai Qiuming huh?”

The information of the two emperor-class disciples was extremely scarce, therefore, Li Fuchen didn’t really understand much about Bai Qiuming .

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In just a short moment, the duo arrived at the Red Rainbow City .

The Fire Feather Wolf was a demonic beast at the pinnacle master level and its body contained very concentrated Sky Fire Wolf bloodline . Just the corpse was already sold for 800,000 low-grade spirit stones and it was a rather generous sum for Li Fuchen .

In just a few days, the news of Li Fuchen killing the Fire Feather Wolf alone had spread throughout the Red Rainbow Sect’s inner sect .

Everyone knew clearly about the strength of the Fire Feather Wolf . Without three to five pinnacle masters, it was impossible to deal with it . Even one of the top five pinnacle masters, Gao Hang had suffered severe injuries when dealing with the Fire Feather Wolf . It was imaginable how powerful the Fire Feather Wolf was .

If Li Fuchen could kill the Fire Feather Wolf, it proved that Li Fuchen’s strength was at least top five among the pinnacle masters . Furthermore, by using some logical thinking, it was clear that Li Fuchen’s strength wasn’t just the 4th of 5th rank . After all, the 4th and 5th ranked pinnacle master wouldn’t be able to suppress Gao Hang and if they couldn’t defeat Gao Hang, then it was impossible for them to defeat the Fire Feather Wolf .

There were many who guessed that Li Fuchen’s strength should be top three and it was possible that he was ranked no . 1

It was unknown if someone had intentionally spread the rumor that Li Fuchen was no . 1 under the great masters .

“Hur, no . 1 under the great masters . Isn’t he afraid he might sprain his tongue . ”

On the steep peak in the monarch district, a young lady curled her lips and sneered .

Beside her was a youth with a lean body and stern presence . “I reckon that someone is intentionally spreading the rumor . Furthermore, it is just a false reputation and he isn’t going to become a great master . So what if he is the no . 1 under the great masters?”

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The young lady said, “Senior Wang, with your current strength, you are merely a little inferior as compared to the great masters . I believe that in another half a year, you will definitely become a great master . ”

The stern youth shook his head and said, “All of my attributes might have reached the peak, I already have no more room for improvement in the Battle Spirit Realm . The gap between me and the great masters isn’t as short as you think . Once Senior Lei and the others burst out with their divine abilities, I will not be able to block a single move . ”

Without the use of the divine abilities, the three direct monarch-class disciples were slightly superior to him . But after bursting out with the divine abilities, the trio’s strength would reach the Primary Sea Realm and they could simply crush him .

“Hey! Senior Lei and the others have insane bone frames . Apart from emperor-class disciples, no one else can riva them . ”

The young lady naturally knew the incredible strength of the three direct monarch-class disciples .

Senior Brother Yuan Long had the 7-star arhat bone frame and he was well-known among the body refinement martial artists . He had extremely fearsome close combat power .

Senior Brother Lei Donghai had the 7-star thunder hammer bone frame, giving him unmatched attack power .

Senior Sister Gu Jiuye had the 7-star brightness bone frame, allowing her to have incomparable attack speed . This young lady had once witnessed Senior Gu Jiuye making a move and the speed was so fast that she couldn’t even react .

The pinnacle masters and great masters might only have a difference of one level, but when they truly fought, no matter how formidable a pinnacle master was, it was impossible to withstand a single all-out attack from a great master . The gap was so immense that it was enough to cause despair .

The stern youth took a deep breath and said slowly, “If I wish to defeat Senior Lei and the others, I have to cultivate a heaven class martial art . Right now, I am still lacking contribution coins, but there will be a chance . ”

As the no . 1 pinnacle master in the Red Rainbow Sect, the stern youth naturally had the heart of an expert .

If he was able to cultivate a heaven class martial art, he believed that he would have the chance to become a great master and be on par with the three direct monarch-class disciples .

Li Fuchen’s fame was already at a certain level, after completing the Fire Feather Wolf mission, his fame had flourished and was just inferior to the three direct monarch-class disciples . He was comparable to the current no . 1 pinnacle master, Wang Zongchao .

Everyone was enthusiastically discussing Li Fuchen’s age .

Li Fuchen was only 30 and already had such strength . In the entire Red Rainbow Sect, only the emperor-class disciples were slightly better .

But too much fame would sometimes bring trouble .

The no . 1 pinnacle master, Wang Zongchao didn’t come looking for trouble, but the no . 2 pinnacle master, Huo Tiancheng was rather unhappy .

“Junior Fuchen, this is the challenge notice from Senior Brother Huo . Come to the martial contest stage at the monarch district tomorrow, I hope you will not shirk from the challenge . ”

On this day, an inner sect disciple came to issue the challenge notice .

“Is it Senior Brother Huo Tiancheng?” Li Fuchen accepted the challenge notice .

“It is . ” The inner sect disciple left with a haughty expression .

“Interesting . Alright then . A demonic beast is just a beast . I will only be able to know the effects of the spiritual awareness attack and illusion art attacks in a battle with a pinnacle master . ”

Li Fuchen naturally wasn’t going to shirk from the challenge as he was looking forward to it .

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