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Published at 25th of June 2020 11:46:06 AM
Chapter 536
ER – Chapter 536: Extinguishing the Demonic Spirit
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After burning the Sky Fire Wolf’s bloodline, the Fire Feather Wolf no longer tried to escape . He turned around and blasted a fire pillar at Li Fuchen .

This fire pillar was too intense . It started off with a thickness of a few meters and had expanded to a few hundred meters in just a blink of the eye . When the dazzling fire pillar appeared, all moisture within the radius of a few dozen miles had been evaporated . The ground turned into desert instantly and mountains were eroded . Let alone Li Fuchen, even Lu Wan and Gao Hang were experiencing an extreme threat .

Gao Hang scoffed .

Back then, he was injured by this move .

The demonic beast king’s bloodline was too valiant and once it was burned, the burst of power was enough for the Fire Feather Wolf’s attack power to reach the great master level for a short period of time . It was fortunate that the Fire Feather Wolf didn’t have full control of the burst of power, otherwise, all individuals under the great master level would be instantly killed, leaving no survivors .

“Not good . ” Li Fuchen’s expression changed greatly .

How could he not see that the Fire Feather Wolf’s attack already had the power that reached the fourth floor of the Master Tower and was much more profound too .

If it wasn’t profound enough, the power would dissipate .

“Sword Qi Revolution!”

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen burst out with the Sky Ring Sword Art’s signature defensive move .

Layers of sword lights revolved in front of Li Fuchen and produced a sword ring that was a few meters in radius . The sword ring revolved and gave off a seamless and indestructible feeling .


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In an instant, the fire pillar drowned the sword ring and Li Fuchen .

During this period of time, Lu Wan released the nine-headed dragon spirit while trying to block the fire pillar for Li Fuchen . But the fire pillar was too powerful and the nine-headed dragon spirit was instantly disintegrated and had only dispelled around 20% of the fire pillar’s power .

“I can only do so much . ” Lu Wan watched with concern as Li Fuchen was devoured by the fire pillar .

“Too powerful . ”

Li Fuchen’s sword ring didn’t even last for a blink of the eye as a crack appeared and the sword ring instantly exploded . Immediately after, his bronze sword qi protection was destroyed . The fire pillar’s power blasted on the Silver Scale Armor and also his body which emitted a branding sound .


The fresh blood instantly evaporated after it sprayed out . Li Fuchen’s entire body was sent flying and his body was charred .

“Hehe, do you think I will really escape?” The Fire Feather Wolf gave a sinister grin .

The fearful expression that he revealed earlier was half false and half true . He was indeed apprehensive of Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack and ocular technique attack, but he still had the trump card to burn his bloodline . He wasn’t going to escape pathetically .

“After killing him, the two of you will be next . ”

The Fire Feather Wolf turned around to look at Lu Wan and Gao Hang .

The burning of the Sky Fire Wolf’s bloodline was a huge loss for the Fire Feather Wolf . He had to consume more formidable humans to replenish his vital energy .

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“Lu Wan, you better work together with me . Otherwise, I might be severely injured, but you will definitely die . ” Gao Hang stated .

Lu Wan’s face turned gloomy as the situation changed too quickly . Just a moment ago, Li Fuchen was still pursuing the Fire Feather Wolf, right now, it was unknown if Li Fuchen was dead or alive . It didn’t matter if she lost the bet, she just felt that it was a pity for Li Fuchen .

“This move is rather incredible . It is a pity that it isn’t enough to kill me . ”

From far away, Li Fuchen lifted his charred left hand and the healing ring emitted an intense green halo . A layer of charred substance had fallen off and Li Fuchen’s injuries were recovered in an instant .

The Fire Feather Wolf’s fire pillar was extremely powerful and Li Fuchen suffered severe injuries in an instant . Without the healing ring, it would be good enough for him to have 30% or 40% of his combat strength left .

Before coming here, Li Fuchen had already thought about all sorts of circumstances and it was impossible that he didn’t come prepared .

This healing ring was able to heal Zhao Wujin’s dantian, therefore, its healing ability was naturally competent .

“Impossible . ” The Fire Feather Wolf’s eyes were wide open .

His fire pillar contained the bloodline power of the Sky Fire Wolf and the firepower was increased by at least two times . Even if it wasn’t able to kill Li Fuchen, it should still be able to eliminate all of Li Fuchen’s combat strength and render Li Fuchen helpless .

“That ring?”

Gao Hang and Lu Wan could see that the ring on Li Fuchen’s left hand was extremely unusual and it was probably a rare healing artifact .


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Li Fuchen’s eyes turned stern as his spiritual awareness surged and shot out the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness thrice and buried them into the Fire Feather Wolf’s skull .

Normally, the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness could only be released one at a time . Only Li Fuchen was able to release three shots at once, but it was very exhaustive to his mind and must not be done frequently . Li Fuchen was only at the Battle Spirit Realm and could only utilize his spiritual awareness for simple functions . He wasn’t able to control his spiritual awareness delicately like the Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

A single Thorn of Spiritual Awareness was able to make the Fire Feather Wolf’s demonic beast spirit suffer damage . When receiving attacks from three Thorns of Spiritual Awareness, the Fire Feather Wolf felt that his demonic beast spirit was almost going to be penetrated . The intense pain caused his mind to go blank .

“Meteor Fall . ”

The Flaming Snake Sword was brandished and a stream of light was shot at the previously injured area on the Fire Feather Wolf with extreme speed . The charred hole’s depth was extended by two times and reached the lungs of the Fire Feather Wolf .


The Fire Feather Wolf’s qi presence went rampant as the demonic beast qi burst out with restraint .

The demonic beast spirit was severely damaged and he was already unable to control his demonic beast qi .

Li Fuchen didn’t reserve anything and shot out his Thorn of Spiritual Awareness again .

The Fire Feather Wolf’s body was pierced into a hornet’s nest and it felt as though there was a volcanic eruption of demonic beast qi . They were pouring out violently and it seemed like the qi prowess was bursting into the sky, but this also meant that the Fire Feather Wolf’s energy was rapidly leaking .

One, two, three…

Li Fuchen launched the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness consecutively and he swore that he was going to destroy the Fire Feather Wolf’s demonic beast spirit . He could see that the Fire Feather Wolf’s physical defenses were too tough and his size was too massive . It was nearly impossible to kill the Fire Feather Wolf within a short period of time with sword moves .

Furthermore, the intense pain on the physical body might stimulate the Fire Feather Wolf to concentrate forcefully and burn the Sky Fire Wolf’s bloodline again to launch a desperate attack .

Li Fuchen didn’t plan on making the same mistakes .

Seeing how Li Fuchen launched the spiritual awareness attacks consecutively, Lu Wan and Gao Hang were gasping .  

Especially Gao Hang as he knew clearly that his spiritual awareness was only able to launch three to four attacks within a short period of time . Any more attacks would affect his condition .

After all, spiritual awareness attack wasn’t the same as spiritual awareness scouting .

Spiritual awareness scouting was to dilute the spiritual awareness and spread it out or to pull it back .

Spiritual awareness attack was to condense a large amount of spiritual awareness and once it was released, it wasn’t going to return . Every spiritual awareness attack would represent the loss of a portion of one’s spiritual awareness . When the loss of spiritual awareness was more than 50%, one’s body would be affected greatly . When the loss of spiritual awareness was more than 90%, the true spirit would be damaged and one would need to spend ten times or a hundred times more effort to repair it . If the loss was at 100%, the true spirit would instantly collapse . The lucky ones would be in a vegetative state, the unlucky ones would have their bodies and souls extinguished .

Gao Hang was naturally shocked to see that Li Fuchen was able to release his spiritual awareness attacks without restraint . How powerful must the spiritual awareness be to be able to launch attacks like this?


There was an invisible wave that scattered out as the Fire Feather Wolf’s demonic beast spirit had completely collapsed as he fell from the sky .

The demonic beast spirit had been forcefully shattered by Li Fuchen .

Once the demonic beast spirit was destroyed, then it naturally meant death .

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