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Published at 22nd of June 2020 10:59:14 AM
Chapter 533
ER – Chapter 533: Six Peak-Tier Sword Arts
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On the second floor of the Master Tower…

“Flowing Flame Edge!”

The extremely nimble blazing sword light flashed across the illusory swordsman’s body and the illusory swordsman had instantly exploded .

“I only used 50% of my strength to defeat the second floor’s illusory swordsman . I might be able to pass the third floor this time . ”

Earlier on, Li Fuchen didn’t activate the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi and Bronze Sword Essence, he didn’t even use the blazing flame power either . He merely used his cultivation technique and sword arts to defeat the second floor’s illusory swordsman . As compared to the previous attempt at the Master Tower, his improved to nearly twice as strong .

Li Fuchen was able to improve so much because his cultivation was now at the 3rd level of Battle Spirit Realm and his cultivation technique had already broken through to the 32nd rank and was just one rank before reaching the highest rank . His sword art might still be at the trance stage, but it was more exquisite and profound . It was already at the limit of the sword art and if it improved further, it would be a quasi-heaven class sword art .

Ordinary people were independent after thirty, while Li Fuchen was considered to have a small accomplishment at thirty .

After arriving at the third floor, Li Fuchen instantly activated the Perfect Circle Dipper Qi and the Bronze Sword Essence, and poured out his blazing flame power before fusing it into the bronze sword qi .

Right at this moment, an illusory swordsman appeared and slashed at Li Fuchen .

“Just in time . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes burst with radiance as he brandished his sword .


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There was a burst of sparks as both Li Fuchen and the illusory swordsman took over a dozen steps back .

The duo clashed and were considered to be evenly matched .

“As expected, my attack power isn’t inferior to the illusory swordsman . ” Li Fuchen thought silently .

Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang…

The illusory swordsman’s movement and sword speeds were extremely fast . A single breath was enough for the swordsman to execute dozens of sword slashes . Each slash would be attacking from a crafty angle and would be extremely smooth . The proficiency of sword skills could be said as flawless at the Battle Spirit Realm .

In terms of sword skill proficiency, Li Fuchen believed that he wasn’t inferior to anyone .

With the spiritual awareness of elite Primary Sea Realm monarchs, Li Fuchen couldn’t tolerate any flaw in his sword skills . A trace of flaw would be enlarged under his spiritual awareness and it would become utterly hideous .

It was just like germs that were invisible, but if people could see them, they probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate having so many germs on their body .

No one would be able to resolve the problem with germs, but Li Fuchen was able to resolve the flaws of his sword skills .

No matter how fast the illusory swordsman’s sword was slashing or how precise the attack trajectory was, it wasn’t possible to break Li Fuchen’s sword defense .

At this moment, the duo were unable to execute any sword art kill move .

After all, the execution of kill moves would require time to accumulate .

During the accumulation period, it was likely that they would be hit .

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“My attack power is on par with him, even if I win, I will only be barely at the pinnacle master level . If my strength is higher, I will be able to repel this swordsman with a single sword before using sword art kill moves to suppress and kill . ”

When attack power were equivalent, sword skill would be compared . If the swordsman’s sword skill was slightly inferior, Li Fuchen would be able to find an opportunity to execute a kill move . But it was a pity that the swordsman’s sword skill proficiency was very competent and Li Fuchen wasn’t able to find any opportunities for now .

100 moves, 200 moves .

This battle was even more intense and ferocious than the battle Li Fuchen had against the Silver Sword Guild’s emperor-class disciple, Xun Tianyi . For each clash, Li Fuchen would need to make hundreds of judgments, to determine what angle the enemy would attack from, to determine if it was a fake move or a real move . A single careless move might put him in a disadvantage .

This satisfying and contenting battle allowed Li Fuchen’s spirit and concentration to reach an unprecedented level . During the fight, his sword speed and force constantly got faster and stronger with each strike .

This was the difference between actual life and the array ‘life’ . Actual life could exhibit innate qualities in special circumstances while the array ‘life’ was fixed . Its strength would be maintained at a certain level without much variation and it was impossible for it to exhibit innate qualities, of course, it was also impossible for it to perform badly .

Li Fuchen used his sword to repel the longsword in the illusory swordsman’s hand as he yelled out softly, “Flowing Flame Edge . ”

The sword was like water and fire as it ‘flowed’ along the illusory swordsman’s body at rapid speed .


The illusory swordsman collapsed .

“I finally won . ”

Li Fuchen exhaled a turbid breath . After a long and arduous cultivation, his strength had finally reached the pinnacle master level .

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The difference between an elite master and a pinnacle master must not be underestimated .

Normally, a pinnacle master was already at the pinnacle point of the Battle Spirit Realm .

The so-called great master and monarch-class master were special existences that were unrelated to innate potential .

In the eyes of most people, pinnacle masters were the symbol of strength . If there were no Primary Sea Realm monarchs, the pinnacle masters were able to do anything as they pleased .

“I have already cultivated four earth class peak-tier sword arts . Let me cultivate one more . ”

There was a long road ahead . Li Fuchen exchanged for two more earth class peak-tier swords arts and had also cultivated them to the trance stage .
(TL note: It was exchanged during the small time skip)

At the current stage, apart from heaven class sword arts, there was no other sword arts that could increase Li Fuchen’s sword dao strength, but it could increase Li Fuchen’s sword dao foundation .

With a stronger sword dao foundation, when Li Fuchen encountered a heaven class sword art in the future, it would definitely be much easier to cultivate .

For the fifth earth class peak-tier sword art, Li Fuchen picked the Grand Wind Sword Art .

This sword art was a wind dao sword art and it wasn’t just powerful, it had a fast speed too .

Furthermore, it wouldn’t contradict Li Fuchen’s flame dao qi .

With the accumulated experiences from the first four earth class peak-tier sword arts, Li Fuchen’s cultivation speed for the Grand Wind Sword Art was astounding . In just over one month, Li Fuchen had comprehended the Grand Wind Sword Art to the trance stage . When Li Fuchen brandished his sword, the sword light, sword qi, sword field, and sword intent were like the wind . Anywhere the wind was, the sword qi would also exist . The cold and grand sword qi was just like the descent of the divine wind and the sword prowess was overwhelming .

Li Fuchen was rather surprised about something . With the stimulation from the five earth class peak-tier sword intents, Li Fuchen’s Meteor Sword Intent had also been pushed to the earth class peak-tier .

Furthermore, when it was promoted, it was beyond the five earth class peak-tier sword intents .

The initial grade of the Meteor Sword Art was merely a mystic class low-tier sword art and it was just like Li Fuchen who rose from the dust .


There was a stream of light that flashed by and charged straight at the clouds . The extremely concentrated sword intent was able to waver a person’s mind and soul . It felt as though this sword was able to pierce anything and no one was able to dodge this sword .

When the sword was brandished, the sword intent had already pierced out .

“The Meteor Sword Art is truly incredible!”

Li Fuchen reckoned that the Meteor Sword Art that only had a single move could provide additional strength to him, unlike the other sword arts .

“I have already cultivated the sword arts that are suitable for me . The rest of the sword arts aren’t suitable for me . ”

The Red Rainbow Sect might be a monarch-class faction but they only had slightly more then ten earth class peak-tier sword arts . Many of them had attributes that weren’t suitable for him, like the water dao sword art, thunder dao sword art . Li Fuchen had only picked the flame dao sword arts, wind dao sword arts or sword arts with neutral attributes .

“I can go and take up a pinnacle master mission now . ”

On this day, it was the second time Li Fuchen visited the inner sect mission hall .

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