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Chapter 526
ER – Chapter 526: Master Levels
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After progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, the sect would give out a one-time reward of 100,000 contribution coins, 10 Perception Dao Elixirs, 10 Red Rainbow Elixirs, and one earth class peak-tier martial arts .

Li Fuchen saved up the contribution coins and picked one earth class peak-tier light body technique .

Previously, Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength was always stronger and his qi cultivation strength was weaker . Therefore, light body techniques were basically useless . Now that his qi cultivation had reached the Battle Spirit Realm, an incredible light body technique would allow Li Fuchen’s speed to increase significantly and he would no longer have any shortcomings .

“Let me go test my strength first, otherwise, it will be hard to accept a mission . ”

On this day, Li Fuchen arrived at the Master Tower .

The Master Tower had five floors and it was specially used to test a Battle Spirit Realm master’s strength .

In the Red Rainbow Sect, the Battle Spirit Realm masters were separated into five levels, normal master, elite master, pinnacle master, great master, and monarch-class master .

It was basically unreliable to judge Battle Spirit Realm masters using their cultivation levels .

There were some formidable low-level masters that could defeat mid-level masters .

However, normal masters would never be able to defeat elite masters .

Also, the inner sect’s missions were segregated into the master levels . Normal masters could only accept normal master missions, while elite masters could accept normal master and elite master missions .  

Different levels of missions would have a great difference in the contribution coins reward . Li Fuchen might have plenty of contribution coins but 1 . 2 million contribution coins could only redeem an inferior 7-star secret technique and it was impossible for him to spend without earning more .

There were quite a lot of people at the Master Tower as there were at least 20 people in the queue .

When Li Fuchen arrived, the Master Tower’s third floor suddenly released a radiance .

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“Senior Sheng is truly incredible and has reached the pinnacle master level so quickly . ”

“Tsk Tsk, pinnacle master… Even the strongest master in the seven kingdoms’ Master Rankings is only at the level of an elite master . ”

“Pinnacle master missions’ rewards are at least 30,000 contribution coins . ”

Everyone had expressions of envy and admiration .

“Pinnacle master? I reckon that I am quite far from that level . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t know about his exact level too, therefore, he was here at the Master Tower for a test .

Li Fuchen found out previously that monarch-class disciples would generally be able to pass the first floor of the Master Tower at the 1st level of Battle Spirit Realm . Regular inner sect disciples would need to be at least at the 3rd level of Battle Spirit Realm in order to pass the first floor .

As for the second floor of the Master Tower, monarch-class disciples would need to be at the 3rd level of the Battle Spirit Realm while regular inner sect disciples would need to be at the 6th or 7th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

Therefore, pinnacle masters were rather incredible and they would be considered invincible masters in the outside world .

The queue for the test was very fast . In less than one hour, it was almost Li Fuchen’s turn .

“Apart from Senior Sheng, the rest of the disciples are ordinary masters or elite masters . It seems like it is rather difficult to become pinnacle masters . ” Li Fuchen thought in his heart .

If someone could hear Li Fuchen what was in Li Fuchen’s mind, they would definitely be speechless .

It wasn’t just difficult to become a pinnacle master, it was extremely difficult .

Even monarch-class disciples would need to reach the higher levels of Battle Spirit Realm to make it as a pinnacle master . As for regular inner sect disciples, even if they reached the peak level of Battle Spirit Realm, they might not be able to become a pinnacle master .

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As for the great master level, apart from monarch-class disciples, the others could basically give up .

Great masters were comparable with weaker low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

The Red Rainbow Sect’s top three direct monarch-class disciples were all at the great master level .

As for the monarch-class master that was superior to the great master level, they were actually treated as Primary Sea Realm monarchs as their various attributes were already comparable with low-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

“Who is this person, I don’t think I have seen him before . ”

“You don’t even know Junior Fuchen? It seems like you aren’t receiving timely information . ”

“Why? Is this Junior Fuchen very famous?”

“He isn’t just famous . During the battle with the sea beasts, he is ranked no . 1 on the Minor Beast Slaying Rankings . In the White Scale Continent, he used his individual martial strength to seize two major regions . ”

“Is he that incredible?” Some of the people weren’t convinced .

“We will know later on . He has just progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm and if he immediately displays the strength of an elite master, it means that everything is true . ”

“Then I shall wait and see . ”

There were some inner sect disciples that were originally planning to leave, but they chose to stay behind and would occasionally look at Li Fuchen .

Soon enough, it was Li Fuchen’s turn .

Li Fuchen took out 10,000 low-grade spirit stones from the storage back and tossed it into the stone lion’s mouth at the entrance of the Master Tower . Subsequently, the Master Tower’s gates opened and Li Fuchen walked inside .

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As soon as he walked inside, the first floor’s array lit up .

In the center of the array, there was an illusory swordsman that appeared .

“The array actually formed a swordsman?” Li Fuchen raised his brows .

Originally, he thought it would be an energy demonic beast .

The battle started .


The illusory swordsman rushed in front of Li Fuchen and was immediately severed into two halves by Li Fuchen’s slash that was fast like a spark .

“Too weak, even before I broke through, I can also easily defeat it . ” Li Fuchen felt rather confident .

The sword entered the sheath before he walked to the second floor .

The second floor’s illusory swordsman was extremely powerful . Before Li Fuchen broke through, he would only be able to receive three sword attacks and would be killed afterwards .

Cling Cling Clang Clang .

The energy produced a longsword that was firm like fine steel and Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword couldn’t sever the sword .

“Interesting, the sword art actually contains sword intent . ”

Li Fuchen’s eyes burst out with radiance as he attacked the illusory swordsman repeatedly .

10 moves, 50 moves, 100 moves .

After 100 moves, Li Fuchen was still unable to defeat the illusory swordsman .

The swordsman’s sword art didn’t just contain sword intent, the sword skills were extremely proficient and the moves were simply the standard . It felt as though they were measured with a ruler . The attack trajectory didn’t deviate and would always attack through the best trajectory . Li Fuchen had nothing but praises for the level of accuracy .

Without a choice, Li Fuchen could only transmute the perfect circle dipper qi into the bronze sword qi . In an instant, his slashing power rose drastically and was able to sever the illusory swordsman’s sword .

But at the next moment, the illusory swordsman’s left hand appeared with another sword to block Li Fuchen’s slash .

“Thousand Incineration!”

Li Fuchen’s reaction speed was extremely fast as he pulled back his sword a little and thrust with a larger force .

There was a blossom of dazzling radiance as the illusory swordsman was enveloped inside the scarlet red qi sphere .

When the qi sphere was destroyed, the illusory swordsman had also scattered .

“I need to use at least 90% of my strength to defeat it . ”

Apart from the execution of the Flowing Flame Sword Art, Li Fuchen had already exerted his full power and had even utilized a little of the blazing flame power .

“I wonder how much more powerful is the third floor’s illusory swordsman . ”

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen walked towards the third floor .

The third floor’s illusory swordsman was much more materialized . Even with the restraints of the array, the energy didn’t leak at all and Li Fuchen could feel a trace of horrific prowess .

A regular martial artist was made up of flesh and bones, but this illusory swordsman was compressed and formed by the array power and in terms of qi density, not even ten Li Fuchen would be a match .

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