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Chapter 513
ER – Chapter 513: Emperor-Class Disciple
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In the sky above the Red Rainbow Mountains, there was a flash of blazing flame while a red rainbow was shot out . The speed was comparable to regular low-level Battle Spirit Realm masters .

The red rainbow scattered and Li Fuchen’s figure floated in midair .

“The Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique has broken through to the 29th rank . The shortcoming of my speed is slowly getting compensated . ”

Even though earth class peak-tier cultivation techniques were very hard to break through, with Li Fuchen’s perception, he had still made another breakthrough in rank within a short period of time .

The Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique was a flame dao technique with very violent burst power .

The burst power was aggressive, the speed was naturally fast, otherwise, it would be called the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

After the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique reached the 29th rank, Li Fuchen’s cultivation had smoothly stepped into the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm . Currently, Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation level had a gap from his body refinement level, but it wasn’t considered a huge gap .

In terms of speed, Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation was far ahead of his body refinement .

Speed was always the weakness for body refinement martial artists .

Even if the enemies couldn’t defeat the body refinement martial artist, it wasn’t a problem to escape from the body refinement martial artist .

The prerequisite was not to enter the body refinement martial artist’s attack range . Once an enemy entered the attack range, it would be hard to escape .

Apart from speed, qi cultivation martial artists would have a far longer sustainability in combat as compared to body refinement martial artists

If the qi of a qi cultivation martial artist was referring to a lake, then the qi power of a body refinement martial artist was only a pond . There wasn’t even a need for a comparison .

Finally, when comparing with body refinement martial artists, the qi cultivation martial artists had an important advantage . It was the qi field .

The qi field was similar to the qi spirit but they were different products .

The qi spirit could be used for both offense and defense, and could be considered an extension of the body refinement martial artists .

With qi spirit, the body refinement martial artist’s attack range and distance would be greatly increased . The defense would also increase significantly and it was the same as putting wings to a tiger .

The quality of a qi field might not be comparable with qi spirit, but in terms of range, it was far superior to the qi spirit . Also, the qi field could develop a resonance with heaven and earth laws and could use heaven and earth power to restraint the enemies . The further into the cultivation levels, the stronger the resonance . After all, individual strength had a limit while heaven and earth power didn’t have any limits . If Li Fuchen cultivated the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique to the highest rank or close to the highest rank, the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Field might be able to instantly suppress a body refinement martial artist who had similar strength to the current im .

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The qi field was like one’s own home ground and when fighting in your home ground, the enemies would have to exhaust a lot of energy in order to do anything, while you simply had to spend 10% of your energy to achieve the effect of 100% .

This was a mid-tier continent that wasn’t much smaller than the Seven Color Continent . At the northwest parts of the continent, there was a pitch black mountain range .

This was a mountain range called the Tyrant Saber Mountains and it was where the Tyrant Saber Sect was situated in .

The Tyrant Saber Sect was one of the five major factions on this continent .

Above the Tyrant Saber Mountains, Qin Ming was flying along with a green-clothed youth to the teleportation plaza .

“Emperor-class disciple, only our emperor-class disciple can defeat another emperor-class disciple . It isn’t considered embarrassing for you to be defeated by that person . ” The green-clothed youth’s face flashed with a trace of battle intent as he spoke .

“Senior Peng is right . It is why I invited Senior Peng . ”

The Tyrant Saber Sect originally occupied 18 mountain ranges on the White Scale Continent and their monthly harvest of White Scale Herbs was at an astounding amount . Now that 18 mountain ranges turned into 1 mountain range, Qin Ming wasn’t able to offer any explanation to the sect, therefore, he invited the emperor-class disciple, Senior Peng .

The Senior Peng that was mentioned was called Peng Le and he had the 8-star greenwood bone frame . He was only 27 years old and had already reached the peak level of Reincarnation Realm . His strength was enough to contest with a regular mid-level Battle Spirit Realm master .

As for Li Fuchen, he had already been recognized as an emperor-class disciple by Qin Ming .

Apart from emperor-class disciples, there were only a rare few individuals with such overwhelming strength .

After arriving at the teleportation platform, there was a flash and the duo vanished without a trace .

On the White Scale Continent’s Tyrant Saber Mountains, two individuals appeared on the teleportation platform .

“Let’s go and meet him now . I am unable to wait!”

As an emperor-class disciple, Peng Le was very lonely sometimes .

Within the same cultivation realm, he basically couldn’t find an opponent . The rest of the emperor-class disciples on the continent had naturally progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm or the Primary Sea Realm . He naturally couldn’t spar with those people .

It was hard for him to encounter an emperor-class disciple that was in the Reincarnation Realm . Peng Le naturally wanted to test how good he was as compared to other emperor-class disciples in the same cultivation realm .

The duo flew very quickly and arrived at the Red Rainbow Mountains within a few hours .

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“Such massive and abstruse qi presence . ”

After sensing an awareness extending over, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness immediately engulfed it .

Within the detection of his spiritual awareness, Qin Ming and a green-clothed youth appeared at the outer borders of the Red Rainbow Mountains .

This green-clothed youth was only at the peak level of Reincarnation Realm but the strength of his qi presence was something Li Fuchen had never encountered before .

“His cultivation technique is at least at the 30th rank . Could he be an emperor-class disciple?”

Li Fuchen wasn’t surprised that a Reincarnation Realm expert was able to reach the 30th rank of an earth class peak-tier cultivation technique earlier than him .

Emperor-class disciples normally entered the sect at a young age and would be able to cultivate cultivation techniques of higher class .

As for Li Fuchen, he had only entered the Red Rainbow Sect for slightly more than a year .

Circulating his Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique, Li Fuchen skimmed towards the opposition like a red rainbow .

“Dual cultivation . He is truly incredible . ”

Peng Le had sharp eyes and could immediately see that Li Fuchen had already cultivated his earth class peak-tier cultivation technique to a very high rank and was only slightly inferior to Peng Le . After hearing the information from Qin Ming, Peng Le knew that Li Fuchen’s body refinement level was even more incredible and had already reached the extremity of the Reincarnation Realm .

Of course, the stronger the opponent, the more excited Peng Le was .

Since the day he started cultivating on the martial dao, he had never lost to anyone of the same realm . There were many occasions when he surpassed cultivation realms in combat . This time, it was a battle that he looked forward to and had the most battle intent .

“Peng Le!’

Peng Le circulated the 31st rank of the Eight Desolation Divine Wood Technique . There was a surging qi prowess that was like the vitality of all living beings . Within the range of a few dozen miles, the plants had instantly withered at a speed that was visible to the naked eye . Large amount of plant power was drawn by Peng Le while the entire area was dyed into dark green .  

The 31st rank of the Eight Desolation Divine Wood Technique was extremely powerful and contained the Eight Desolation Divine Wood Technique Intent . It was able to affect the circulation of heaven and earth laws . Within the range of the qi field, Peng Le could decide if he wanted the plants to thrive or to wither . Everything could be done with a single thought . Behind Peng Le, there was a massive tree shadow that had roots that was rooted into the void and extracting the vitality from the void .

With a burst of cultivation technique, Peng Le had exhibited the difference between emperor-class disciples and monarch-class disciples .

“Li Fuchen . ”

When suppressed by Peng Le’s qi field, Li Fuchen’s Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter had automatically circulated . The golden giant elephant spirit soared and trumpeted towards the sky .

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Boom Boom Boom!

The duo didn’t make any moves . Just the clash of their qi field and qi spirit had already stirred up the heaven and earth qi would a few dozen miles .

Qin Ming’s heart was appalled as he retreated with haste .

The qi prowess from the duo was too powerful and he couldn’t even be near to the duo . It was hard to imagine what kind of scenery would there be when the duo exchanged moves .

“Good, no wonder he is an emperor-class disciple!” Peng Le laughed heartily while his battle intent burst into the clouds .

“Emperor-class disciple?”  Li Fuchen frowned and immediately realized that he had been mistaken as an emperor-class disciple .  

It was true, regular monarch-class disciples wouldn’t have strength like him . It was normal for Li Fuchen to be assumed as an emperor-class disciple .


With a long and narrow battle saber, Peng Le yelled out, “Receive a saber slash from me first . ”

The green battle saber brandished gently and countless green saber shadows burst out from the ground like grass during spring . The burst of vitality was both deathly qi and saber qi .

Earth class peak-tier saber art, Plant Wither Thrive Saber Art .


A nine-headed dragon spirit surged into the clouds . The nine dragon heads were like sharp hoes that plowed at the countless green saber shadows .

Boom Bang!

The saber shadows were ripped apart while the nine-headed dragon spirit had also scattered .

This was the first time Li Fuchen’s nine-headed dragon spirit was scattered .

Peng Le’s combat strength was already beyond Li Fuchen’s expectation . He reckoned that Peng Le’s cultivation technique was at the 31st rank and was two ranks superior to his Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique . Furthermore, Peng Le’s green battle saber obviously wasn’t an ordinary battle saber and should be at the earth class high-tier .

Peng Le was at the pinnacle of every aspect and was far beyond monarch-class disciples .

“Haha, very good, receive another blade from me . ”

Peng Le cleaved at Li Fuchen again and again . Each cleave would release an anomaly and it was the saber field that caused the heaven and earth anomaly .

“This is a true battle!” Similar to Peng Le, Li Fuchen’s blood was boiling along with his battle intent .

The nine-headed dragon spirit was formed again and Li Fuchen was locked in an intense battle with Peng Le .

Boom  Boom Boom…

It was like thunder and like an earthquake . Wherever the duo went by, the mountains would collapse and the earth would crumble, sand and rocks would be flying . There would be a storm surging within a hundred miles of where the duo clashes .

When the duo fought, there would be qi domain . The regular monarch-class disciples weren’t even able to interfere as they would be turned into a blood mist by the saber qi and the qi spirit as soon as they entered the qi domain .

After exchanging a hundred moves, Peng Le suddenly surged with dark green radiance .

He activated the greenwood power .

With the support of the greenwood power, Peng Le’s saber prowess was even more intense and scattered throughout the wilderness . The entire place was filled with plant shadow that would start to suppress Li Fuchen’s qi spirit in a frenzy and to seize any space .

“Good timing . ”

The qi spirit vanished and Li Fuchen’s body blossomed with red light and eliminated the plant shadows . Immediately after, Li Fuchen executed a fist that blazed with red light and shattered Peng Le’s saber shadows .

The Nine Dragons Claw was merely at the completion stage but the Mortal Calamity had been cultivated to the perfection stage . A single fist of mortal calamity power was enough to destroy everything .

“What body refinement fist art is this?!” Peng Le was shocked and burst out with more saber prowess .

It was a pity that in the face of the Mortal Calamity, everything was transient and unimportant . Peng Le’s battle saber nearly flew out after Li Fuchen’s fist smashed on the battle saber .

An indescribable energy transferred from the saber to Peng Le’s body and caused him to vomit a mouthful of fresh blood and suffered serious injuries .

The injuries recovered rapidly as Peng Le possessed the 8-star greenwood bone frame . The recovery rate of the injuries was at an unimaginable rate .

“Senior Peng is getting suppressed?” Qin Ming’s eyes widened as he couldn’t believe what he saw .

“Heaven Wood Divine Dipper!” Taking a deep breath, Peng Le activated the 6-star secret technique .

The eight desolation divine wood qi was instantly transmuted into heaven wood divine dipper qi . When Peng Le cleaved, the plant shadow was like a phantom sharp saber that looked like it could make contact and killed a person’s vitality .

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