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Chapter 503
ER – Chapter 503: Black Flood Dragon’s Demonic Spirit
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“An array targeting the spirit soul?”

Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was extremely formidable, hence, the pain was within an acceptable range . After hearing Elder Wan saying it was an array targeting the spirit soul, he was rather astonished . What kind of array would be able to take effect on his spirit soul?

Li Fuchen believed that in terms of spirit soul toughness, he shouldn’t be inferior to a Primary Sea Realm monarch, he might not even be inferior to a Law Phase Realm emperor .

Grey, green, blue, purple .

His spirit soul had evolved three times and reached the pale purple grade . His overwhelming perception allowed him to have a spirit soul comparable to Primary Sea Realm monarchs when he was still at the Reincarnation Realm . Purely in terms of perception, Li Fuchen didn’t think he would lose out to a Primary Sea Realm monarch .

If Li Fuchen’s perception was already comparable to Primary Sea Realm monarchs when he was only at the Reincarnation Realm, it was imaginable how superior Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was .

Despite the case, Li Fuchen’s head was still experiencing intense pain . It was hard to imagine how dreadful this array was .

In fact, Li Fuchen didn’t know that the array was just targeting spirit souls, it was targeting true spirits and demonic spirits .

True spirits were born from spirit souls and were much more compact, like the armor for the spirit soul .

If Li Fuchen progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm and developed the true spirit, perhaps this array wouldn’t be effective against him . But now, he only had the spirit soul and would still experience the intense pain, but he could still endure it .

Li Fuchen might be able to endure, but the others couldn’t .

The outer sect disciples were the first to have their spirit souls collapsing . Subsequently, the inner sect disciples had also collapsed .

Afterwards, it was Elder Wan and finally the inner sect monarch-class disciple, Xu Heng .

When everyone collapsed, their faces were distorted and were no longer breathing .

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen silently lamented at the cruelty on the path of martial dao .

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If Li Fuchen didn’t have a powerful enough spirit soul, he would be no different from these people .

At the same time, he was lamenting at how weak he was .

In such sudden dangers, he couldn’t do anything and could only follow the crowd while relying on fate .

The temporary owner of the battleship, Xu Heng was dead . Without a choice, Li Fuchen had to personally control the battleship and press on .

Large quantities of low-grade spirit stones were consumed  but the speed of the battleship was so slow that it was annoying . It basically didn’t move like a mosquito inside an amber and had been frozen by the blood light .

Gritting his teeth, Li Fuchen took out mid-grade spirit stones and tossed it into the battleship’s energy pool .


The battleship shook before its speed was doubled .

But it was only the difference between the speed of a snail and the speed of a tortoise .

Li Fuchen didn’t continue wasting mid-grade spirit stones . He took a deep breath and sat cross-legged on the deck .

He didn’t believe that the array would be in activation forever . If he didn’t guess it wrongly, the array would appear because of the previous three battles . Once the array vanished, he would have chances to escape .

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t have a choice either . If he had a choice, he would definitely do something else .

The blood light was extremely tyrannical and had ignored the array on the battleship before invading Li Fuchen’s mind .

Tss Tss!

Li Fuchen felt that his spirit soul was getting evaporated little by little .

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It was fortunate that the evaporation speed was very slow and almost like a pot of water getting evaporated from a large river with each breath .

Li Fuchen believed that it was impossible to scatter his spirit soul even after a few years .

The worst thing was just the pain .

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen’s expression changed as the blood light’s intensity increased . The battleship seemed to be getting pulled backwards by an invisible force .

When looking down from high altitudes, one would see that the battleship was shifting from the border of the blood-colored array, towards the inner region and it was at a rather fast speed .

Three days later, the battleship was forcefully pulled to the core region of the blood-colored array .

The blood light here was extremely condensed and there were sounds of chains that could be heard .


The battleship crashed into an enormous peak . The array instantly crumbled and the battleship split into two .

“This isn’t a mountain peak!”

Li Fuchen sized up the giant peak that thrust into the sky and felt tension in his heart .

This wasn’t a giant peak, it was obviously a horn with spiraling patterns . It was an absolutely gigantic horn .

The battleship was flying at the altitude of a few thousand meters, meaning that this horn was a few thousand meters long . It was simply horrifying .

In order to prove his conjecture, Li Fuchen stood at the side of the battleship and looked down .

Within the concentrated blood light, a sharp horn pierced straight through the clouds . At the bottom of the horn was a massive black head . Right now, the two eyes on the head were closed and there was an agonizing expression on the face .

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As for the body of the head, it was impossible to see the entire body with a single glance .

“The body was at least one hundred miles or a few hundred miles long . Could this be a demonic emperor?”

Even with Li Fuchen’s courage, he couldn’t help but feel difficulty in breathing .

Two piercing rays of light pierced through the blood light as the eyes opened .

Each of the eyes were a few hundred meters in size and they were simply like two small lakes .

The eyes were cold and indifferent, emitting a willpower that looked down on the world disdainfully . If it wasn’t for Li Fuchen’s tough spirit soul, just a mere glance would have caused his spirit soul to collapse .

But Li Fuchen noticed that the eyes didn’t just contain powerful willpower, it also contained fear and unwillingness .

“Human, are you able to unseal me?”

The voice transmitted directly into Li Fuchen’s mind .

Li Fuchen held his breath and shook his head, “I am just a weak martial artist . I do not have any method to unseal you . ”

It turned out that the massive sea beast was sealed .

The blood-colored array that enveloped the boundless sea region was actually to seal this demonic emperor . Li Fuchen’s mind was currently a little sluggish .

“You can’t huh?”

The demonic emperor closed its eyes and didn’t bother about Li Fuchen again .

“This should be a matured pure-blooded Black Flood Dragon . I wonder which invincible martial artist had sealed it here . Could the Red Flood Dragon King have started the war to unseal the demonic emperor? Or does he have other ideas?”

Li Fuchen’s mind was having mixed thoughts and it was hard to calm down .

Li Fuchen couldn’t be blamed as the blood light at the core region of the array was too tyrannical . If a pot of the spirit soul evaporated with each breath earlier, right now, each breath would evaporate a large urn of the spirit soul .

As the spirit soul was getting evaporated at a faster speed, the pain that Li Fuchen was experiencing was also increasing . It was basically hard to calm down and think .

As days passed, the blood light got even more concentrated . Li Fuchen’s heart had constantly sunk in response .

He could imagine that only a class 8 array could seal a demonic emperor .

The class 8 array might not be targeting Li Fuchen, but just the residual effects were already giving him a hard time .


Within the blood light, there were countless blood-colored chains that were shaking and pulling deep into the void . It seemed like there was a hand pulling the chains into the depths of the void .

On this day, a roar that couldn’t be suppressed anymore had echoed . The remaining battleship under Li Fuchen’s feet had instantly crumbled . Li Fuchen was bleeding in all seven apertures while he felt as though his head was smashed ruthlessly by a hammer . The pain in the depths of the spirit soul was something that was impossible to describe .

While floating in the air, Li Fuchen looked down and saw the countless blood-colored chains pulling an illusory Black Flood Dragon from the actual body .

“A demonic emperor’s demonic spirit?” Li Fuchen murmured .

Another day had passed and the Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit had finally been pulled out from the body .


The countless blood-colored chains were like a cocoon and had wrapped around the Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit tightly and didn’t leave a single gap . It then tightened like the constrictions from a giant python, no, it was 10,000 times or 100,000 times more horrifying than the giant python’s constriction . There was a terrifying law of the great dao that was refining the Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit .

When the blood-colored chains tightened to the limits, the Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit finally crumbled . A formless roar echoed through the blood-colored chains and nearly caused Li Fuchen to faint .

Right at this moment, an extremely miniature Black Flood Dragon’s demonic spirit escaped through the blood-colored chains and dove into Li Fuchen’s mind

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